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ABC Star -- Cops Pulled a GUN On Me!!!

3/9/2011 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Romany Malco -- from ABC's "No Ordinary Family" -- tells TMZ he had a gun drawn on him by a police officer last night ... for no apparent reason, he claims ... and he even videotaped the aftermath of the incident.

The video shows a verbal confrontation between Romany and a police officer in Hawthorne, CA  -- just outside L.A. -- moments after she pulled him over ... and approached his car with her gun drawn. Here's what Romany says went down right before he started recording the incident.

The officer pulled him over shortly after 7PM, and Romany claims she immediately began yelling, "Roll all the windows down and put your hands out the window ... everyone!!"

Romany says he grabbed his wallet and put his hands out the window -- which is when he noticed the officer had her gun drawn.

Romany says he shouted, "Since you've made the assumption that I'm a criminal ... you've got your gun drawn .. are you gonna shoot me?  I dare you, please."

He says the officer approached his car -- a white Lexus sedan -- and began to explain, "Two guys were seen ... " Romany claims the officer cut herself off when she looked into his car and saw his dog -- an American Bulldog named Doodle -- sleeping in the back seat. 

Romany says he gave her his wallet and when she walked back to the patrol car ... he began recording on his phone.

In the video ... Romany asks the officer for her name and badge number -- which she provides. Ultimately, he was not cited for anything and went home.

Hawthorne PD tells us they had just gotten a call from a nearby T-Mobile store that three black males -- suspected of casing the store -- had fled when a security guard approached them. Police say Romany drove out of the same parking lot where the suspects had fled.

Police tell us they've reviewed their in-dash camera and Romany's video and believe the incident was handled correctly.

Romany says he just wants to know why the gun was pulled. He went to Hawthorne PD this AM to discuss the incident and request records ... and says he'll only get lawyers involved if he feels he was treated unlawfully.


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1259 days ago


#169, check the crime rates in cities, and then check the demographics of those same cities. You will notice a pattern. Oh, I forgot, you're probably uneducated and dont know what demographics means the racial make-up of the city. Its not an opinion, its not a guess, its fact. Just because the FACT doesn't sit well with some people doesn't make it racist. Sorry, but some truths in life arent pretty.

1259 days ago


I am a Black man, I am not a racist, but race must be referred to because these experiences EXACTLY like this happen regularly to people of color who are not criminals, or scofflaws, or gangsters. It's happened to Black JUDGES and city council members! It's happened to friends and family, and it's happened to ME! While in college, on the way to my job at a photo lab at Farmer's Market, in the older model Porsche I bought and paid for, I was pulled over, made to get out of the car at gunpoint in front of that roasted chestnut place, and told to get on my knees--all the while I questioned what I had done, and why I needed to get on my knees (you know, the same questions any non-criminal, educated, productive member of society would). Once they finished their America's Most Wanted Routine, and I asked for their badge numbers to report to my cousin, who was the then Assistant D.A. of Beverly Hills, they gave me two different stories, the first about Ethiopian (I'm not, btw) bank robbers in Porsches, and then minutes later turned into Ethiopian carjackers with a thing for Porsches...Anyway, Caucasians usually see the cops as heroic and benevolent, because they never experience racial profiling, but most people of color (any shade of brown or black, take you pick) have experiences similar to this, and it traumatizes you, and makes you hate and fear the very people sworn to protect you. He was right to be angry and indignant, and right to assert himself and his rights as an American, Black male being automatically treated like a criminal, most likely because he was in a car which is assumed to be too luxurious or costly for the average Black male to be driving. Respectfully, Caucasians who have never endured the terror of having a gun pointed at you for no reason, refrain from the pro-police, black-guy bashing. Or is it just anti-Semitic behavior that you are sensitive to?

1259 days ago


What a freaken loser....!!! Any way to make a buck...Talk all that ****..but when you need help...Who you going call !!!

1258 days ago


This guy has a chip on his shoulder larger than a case of Frito Lays. What an attitude. "I date you to shoot me"... what???

Idiot. You moved your hand out of site and there had been a robbery nearby moments before. The cop was doing what she's trained to do. I'm surprised this moron didn't open his car door and fall out and start screaming, "Rodney King! Rodney King!". Too bad he didn't take a swing at the cops - with a mouth like that sounds like a smack or two might do him good.

1258 days ago


Oops... type... "Dare"

1258 days ago

STFU "hommie"    

Since you're familiar with videos take a good look at some with the experiences of police. Then you'll understand why they approach a suspected individual with gun drawn. Meantime, don't be such a pathetic cry baby.

1257 days ago

jorge serrano    

the cops just was doing her jobs

1256 days ago


This made it to TMZ... I mean come on... really? 1st of all after watching this Its safe to say that FEMALE! officer was no taller then 5'2", cant weight more then 130lbs, and is HAWTHORNE P.D.!!! Hawthorne is about 6 square miles patrolled by around 100 officers and has about the same amount of officer involved shootings reported as Long Beach wich is about 56 square miles patrolled by 1000+ officers... Cops are trained think everything you say is a lie, and that every suspect they encounter is dangerous. I dont see any officer walking up to the vehicle with there weapon drawn to be police brutality or any other b.s. claim. They know nothing about the driver other then they where pulled over for a violation. Therefore I see nothing wrong with approaching the vehicle with caution considering they may be approaching the car only to have a gun drawn on them. No claims of the weapon being aimed at the suspect where made so considering the following statements/facts, STOP TRYING TO GET OUT OF A TICKET BY PLAYING THE RACE CARD!!! Seriously, Slavery ended in 1862. White people (especially white cops) get labeled as racists mainly because the slavery issue wich is IGNORANCE! Its do***ented in history that African tribes sold there prisoners of war or criminals as slaves. Google it. So stop labeling White people racist for something white people did in a different time HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO! The fact this story made it onto TMZ wich is not only a news organization, but mainly covers topics that either effect our country and should be reported or the latest celebrity drama updates. Why is everyone so dramatic making stupid claims that cant be judged as being wrong in any way. Its common sense. She didnt point it at his head and threaten or harass him. She didnt beat him or verbally attack him. He only claimed she approached his car with her weapon drawn. NO S*** SHE WALKED UP WITH HER GUN DRAWN!!! If you still want to be a dramatic dumb ass and claim shes a racist. Ask a black hathorne officer if he would do it. I HATE YOU ALL!!! and tmz ur better then this and Harvey is a intelligent man and a lawyer. you know this is b.s. so just take it down.

1251 days ago
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