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ABC Star -- Cops Pulled a GUN On Me!!!

3/9/2011 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Romany Malco -- from ABC's "No Ordinary Family" -- tells TMZ he had a gun drawn on him by a police officer last night ... for no apparent reason, he claims ... and he even videotaped the aftermath of the incident.

The video shows a verbal confrontation between Romany and a police officer in Hawthorne, CA  -- just outside L.A. -- moments after she pulled him over ... and approached his car with her gun drawn. Here's what Romany says went down right before he started recording the incident.

The officer pulled him over shortly after 7PM, and Romany claims she immediately began yelling, "Roll all the windows down and put your hands out the window ... everyone!!"

Romany says he grabbed his wallet and put his hands out the window -- which is when he noticed the officer had her gun drawn.

Romany says he shouted, "Since you've made the assumption that I'm a criminal ... you've got your gun drawn .. are you gonna shoot me?  I dare you, please."

He says the officer approached his car -- a white Lexus sedan -- and began to explain, "Two guys were seen ... " Romany claims the officer cut herself off when she looked into his car and saw his dog -- an American Bulldog named Doodle -- sleeping in the back seat. 

Romany says he gave her his wallet and when she walked back to the patrol car ... he began recording on his phone.

In the video ... Romany asks the officer for her name and badge number -- which she provides. Ultimately, he was not cited for anything and went home.

Hawthorne PD tells us they had just gotten a call from a nearby T-Mobile store that three black males -- suspected of casing the store -- had fled when a security guard approached them. Police say Romany drove out of the same parking lot where the suspects had fled.

Police tell us they've reviewed their in-dash camera and Romany's video and believe the incident was handled correctly.

Romany says he just wants to know why the gun was pulled. He went to Hawthorne PD this AM to discuss the incident and request records ... and says he'll only get lawyers involved if he feels he was treated unlawfully.


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Lovely Hawthorne, CA. NOT

1287 days ago


You can pretty much expect that in Los Angeles.

1287 days ago


Did they shoot him? Did she pull him out the car and rough him up? Did he get a ticket? NO! why he crying? It doesn't just happen to blacks so STFU!

1287 days ago


I would like to say unreal but I can't..No one should have to go through what he did.

1287 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Slow news day eh? Btw, why is the word 'star' in the headline?

1287 days ago


So the officer says "2 guys", the PD report says "3 guys" and am I to believe that a police officer can't tell the difference between a black man and a dog. THAT'S RACIST!

1287 days ago



Calm down...TMZ is making it out like he doesn't have a sense of humor about this. They totally cut off the part where he shows "credits" at the end. He credits himself as "George St. Cloud" the character he plays in No Ordinary Family, and the officer as Officer Lewis. He sounds shaken up in the video, but he CLEARLY has a sense of humor about it. I would be shaken up to, if you had no idea what was going on and had a gun in your face. But, it looks like he now is referencing the fact that this exact scene happened on his show and also mirrored his real life. CALM DOWN EVERYONE!!

1287 days ago


Do any of you know what a sh*t hole Hawthorne is and the riff-raff that occupies the city? I don't blame the cop. Plus Malco is an a-hole for taunting the cop to shoot. Try that in Los Angeles, and you'll die.

1287 days ago


You stupid flucken bitch, STFU
"what's your badge number again" had a hard time
remembering the 3 numbers in a row, idiot.
Hope someone puts you 6' under, soon.

1287 days ago

Cletus Van Damme    

Vic Mackey is on your show, he will set this straight!

1287 days ago


I'd be pissed too. He was pulled over because he left a parking lot where some guys with the same color skin had committed NO crime.

Could he have behaved better? Sure. But she could've as well. Are we suddenly living in a police state where every cop gets to pull a gun on innocent people simply because the cop is feeling afraid? I guess some of you want to defend those actions, but I for one would like to have a little more evidence presented before we allow the police to point deadly weapons at those who have done nothing wrong.

PS - I'm white... and I'd suggest that if you don't see the racial angle of this story, you're lying to yourself.

1287 days ago

R James    

She had her gun because out she didn't know you were reaching for your wallet silly.

1287 days ago


DWB...driving while Black..he must have fit the profile.

1287 days ago


Whenever there's a published story about a black person or organization -- even the NAACP Image Awards -- far too many white people post racist comments. It's ugly stuff. And I'm white!

DWB (Driving While Black) is a known issue for African Americans and numerous police departments who stop black drivers for no reason -- other than racism.

To all of you Limbaugh loving white folks, remember that the Confederacy lost the Civil War. If you continue on the path of culture war and it leads to Civil War, Part 2, you'll lose again. Losers lose!

1287 days ago


Hahaha, sorry but the police were right. They had the gun out because they really had reasonable suspicion that it was the same people who were at the t-mobile store. And then the guy pulled his wallet out. She did good.

1287 days ago
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