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ABC Star -- Cops Pulled a GUN On Me!!!

3/9/2011 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Romany Malco -- from ABC's "No Ordinary Family" -- tells TMZ he had a gun drawn on him by a police officer last night ... for no apparent reason, he claims ... and he even videotaped the aftermath of the incident.

The video shows a verbal confrontation between Romany and a police officer in Hawthorne, CA  -- just outside L.A. -- moments after she pulled him over ... and approached his car with her gun drawn. Here's what Romany says went down right before he started recording the incident.

The officer pulled him over shortly after 7PM, and Romany claims she immediately began yelling, "Roll all the windows down and put your hands out the window ... everyone!!"

Romany says he grabbed his wallet and put his hands out the window -- which is when he noticed the officer had her gun drawn.

Romany says he shouted, "Since you've made the assumption that I'm a criminal ... you've got your gun drawn .. are you gonna shoot me?  I dare you, please."

He says the officer approached his car -- a white Lexus sedan -- and began to explain, "Two guys were seen ... " Romany claims the officer cut herself off when she looked into his car and saw his dog -- an American Bulldog named Doodle -- sleeping in the back seat. 

Romany says he gave her his wallet and when she walked back to the patrol car ... he began recording on his phone.

In the video ... Romany asks the officer for her name and badge number -- which she provides. Ultimately, he was not cited for anything and went home.

Hawthorne PD tells us they had just gotten a call from a nearby T-Mobile store that three black males -- suspected of casing the store -- had fled when a security guard approached them. Police say Romany drove out of the same parking lot where the suspects had fled.

Police tell us they've reviewed their in-dash camera and Romany's video and believe the incident was handled correctly.

Romany says he just wants to know why the gun was pulled. He went to Hawthorne PD this AM to discuss the incident and request records ... and says he'll only get lawyers involved if he feels he was treated unlawfully.


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Geez get over yourself. Poor baby, treated like everyone else and now you come crying to the media. STFU. I bet when you go out at night with some whore, you don't want the media around. Do you, hmmm?

Funny that the racially insensitive TMZ does NOT tell us what the race of the officer is. Hmm Hawthorne ... Black, maybe? You know if the officer was White this would have a story about the Racist mentality of Whitey, and his lawyer would have filed the papers as soon as the court opened this A.M.

Charlie Sheen just called, he and Muhummer Gawdawful want you to know that WINNERS! don't behave this way.

1290 days ago


I did not see her draw her gun, and if she did SHE HAD A GOOD REASON, he is acting like a complete FOOL////// It is people like him that give cops a hard time... STUPID ASS HOLE! BLESS the peace officers that have to deal with FOOLS like this~

1290 days ago


Same as always just another black bitch crying about **** not being fair,That's what they do when they don't get a job,a promotion,into a college or get pulled over they cry and say its cause im black.GET THE **** OVER IT!everybody gets pulled over.I'm white and i have been pulled over with guns drawn on me and pulled from my car cause it matched the description of a car used in a robbery.I got over it and didn't give them attitude.

1290 days ago

Sad sad    

Nick there are black cops too you know.

This guy is a little bitch. Who cares. Cops are doing their job. Some can be *******s but I'd rather be known as an ******* then get killed by an idiot. Too bad she didn't drag him out of the car and tazer him. Maybe in part 2?

1290 days ago

Sunset and Harper    

Who is Romany Malcom? You couldn't be that cool if you're rollin' through Hawthorne in a civic with your fisher price video camera on record to do***ent your "rise" into TV. What's wrong with the cops pulling a gun on him? It's not like he was damaged at all. Tool.

1290 days ago


The vid finally showed up, and it sure seems like the cop was being nice. Hardly seems "amped up" as he claims. You don't roll up on someone, amped up for a confrontation, and after checking the license appear as if you are talking to an old friend.

Not surprising this "star" is on Weeds. Maybe if he gets a real gig, he can move to Lennox, or Crenshaw?

Difficult to tell the cops race, but she does speak english well. Just saying.

1290 days ago

The Man    

You Americans are losers don't even know when your rights are being violated. Your country sucks and the pigs out there better be careful in the next couple years as it seems like its going to be swine hunting season very soon! The B I T C H of a cop will get her's in due time!

1290 days ago


He was guilty of DWB (that's Driving While Black for those who've never been pulled over for the same offence). The typical police response when one is pulled over for DWB is, "you fit the description."

Seems this cop followed procedure to the letter.

1290 days ago


You people are nuts an officer does not need to approach a traffic stop with a gun drawn, period! I've been pulled over 3 times in my life, once for a false report of driving erratically (heinous sister law issue) once for not having a valid inspection sticker, and once for running a yellow light that turned red as I went through the intersection. I only got a ticket for the light incident and not one of those cops approached my car with a gun drawn. I've seen cops in my town approach cars they've pulled over with their hand on the butt of their guns but NEVER pulled.

1290 days ago


IT'S CALLED RACIAL PROFILING!! Saw his car coming out of the same parking lot as where they last saw the suspects, GIVE ME A BREAK!

1290 days ago


all the folks saying he pulled his wallet out, thats why she pulled the gun...well ive been pulled over a few times while the car has smelled strongly like mary jane and have had time to search for and light a cigarette while getting pulled over and have never had a gunned pulled on me...also have had time to hide anything that would be she sounds like another typical case of bitch female officer trying to prove herself.....Cops should be required to graduate college and realize they're no better then anyone just because they inforce some made up law by people that really know/knew no better than the common retard

1290 days ago


Oh be a MAN!

1290 days ago

Sad sad    

Now I wish she pistol whipped him. I would have really enjoyed that done by a female cop.

1290 days ago


"Oh, let me grab something dark and hold it out the window..."

"Damn racist cop pulled her gun on me! Wahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Bunch of losers...throw your damn "racist crutches" away for once in your "oh, pitiful me" lives and stand on your own two feet! We don't have the strength, money or time to carry you whiners anymore!

Posted at 12:47 PM on Mar 9, 2011 by Stiletto

Well said.

1290 days ago


Cops are trained to pay attention to any motion made in a car before approach. He made the motion to get his wallet; that was his mistake. She had no idea if he was going for a weapon. But on the other end of the spectrum; non-minorities have made that same motion and did not have a gun drawn on them. Simply put; we live in a society where persons of color; when pulled over by police...will not receive the same treatment as the white counterpart...there is no level playing field for all. DON'T MAKE A MOVE! I don't care where you are in the United States. Be as still as a stiff board.

1290 days ago
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