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ABC Star -- Cops Pulled a GUN On Me!!!

3/9/2011 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Romany Malco -- from ABC's "No Ordinary Family" -- tells TMZ he had a gun drawn on him by a police officer last night ... for no apparent reason, he claims ... and he even videotaped the aftermath of the incident.

The video shows a verbal confrontation between Romany and a police officer in Hawthorne, CA  -- just outside L.A. -- moments after she pulled him over ... and approached his car with her gun drawn. Here's what Romany says went down right before he started recording the incident.

The officer pulled him over shortly after 7PM, and Romany claims she immediately began yelling, "Roll all the windows down and put your hands out the window ... everyone!!"

Romany says he grabbed his wallet and put his hands out the window -- which is when he noticed the officer had her gun drawn.

Romany says he shouted, "Since you've made the assumption that I'm a criminal ... you've got your gun drawn .. are you gonna shoot me?  I dare you, please."

He says the officer approached his car -- a white Lexus sedan -- and began to explain, "Two guys were seen ... " Romany claims the officer cut herself off when she looked into his car and saw his dog -- an American Bulldog named Doodle -- sleeping in the back seat. 

Romany says he gave her his wallet and when she walked back to the patrol car ... he began recording on his phone.

In the video ... Romany asks the officer for her name and badge number -- which she provides. Ultimately, he was not cited for anything and went home.

Hawthorne PD tells us they had just gotten a call from a nearby T-Mobile store that three black males -- suspected of casing the store -- had fled when a security guard approached them. Police say Romany drove out of the same parking lot where the suspects had fled.

Police tell us they've reviewed their in-dash camera and Romany's video and believe the incident was handled correctly.

Romany says he just wants to know why the gun was pulled. He went to Hawthorne PD this AM to discuss the incident and request records ... and says he'll only get lawyers involved if he feels he was treated unlawfully.


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This guys an idiot. Must want some of the attention that other troll is getting! He went to TMZ before he went to the station to file a complaint???

1287 days ago


He doesn't know or more likely doesn't care that this year has started off as the Worst in American History, for the killing of police officers.

He's obviously not following "Chris Rock's Tips on How to Act When Pulled Over by the Police."

What a sanctimonious, insufferable tool he is.

1287 days ago


How would you feel doing a job where you walk up to a car you can't see inside of well, (most times because of tinted windows)and put your life on the line to ask a few questions? I myself would bend over backwards to help the office out. I mean what are a few questions going to hurt?

1287 days ago


The gun was pulled because he did NOT do as instructed, which was to show his hands were not holding a weapon/gun. He says he instead, reached for his wallet, (it could have been a gun he was reaching for.) Officer did the right thing.

1287 days ago

John Public    

All you ppl in here talkin' shXt... Fxxk off... It was too aggressive a move by the cop. I'm a cop...

1287 days ago

The Man    

You Americans are losers don't even know when your rights are being violated. Your country sucks and the pigs out there better be careful in the next couple years as it seems like its going to be swine hunting season very soon! The B I T C H of a cop will get her's in due time!

1287 days ago


He is a bonified idiot.

1287 days ago


I see there is still alot of southern-racist-redneck-hill-billies out there... If you ignorant white bastards read; she approached the car with the gun pointing to it .... Sad world out there; hope you Rednecks grow up

1287 days ago


This little pansy needs a beatdown! LAPD has a hard enough job....without this little arrogant prick!

1287 days ago


For those saying he deserved a gun drawn on him because he pulled out his wallet are ridiculous! You always need to get your ID ready for the cop. If this officer is genuinely doing this without just cause then she is too paranoid to be on active patrol.

NO STUPID, what's "ridiculous" is the fact that you think you know what you're talking about... When they ask you for your ID is when you give it to them. At that point, they know you will be reaching for something. If she was pulling him over b/c he fit the description of robbery suspects then guess what, she's going to be on high alert and if she tells you to put your hands up and out of the window, then your ass better do it!

1287 days ago


"Hawthorne PD tells us they had just gotten a call from a nearby T-Mobile store that three black males -- suspected of casing the store -- had fled when a security guard approached them. Police say Romany drove out of the same parking lot where the suspects had fled."

First of all "suspected of CASING the store" - so in other words they were in a T-Mobile STORE walking around and looking - when did that become a crime. They fled when a security guard approached them - why was the guard approaching them? Because they were black and walking around looking. Didn't know that was a crime either. Romany drove out of the same parking lot where no crime was committed and therefore needed to be pulled over because he fit the description of suspects that had not committed a crime. The only thing this man did drive while black.

1287 days ago


looks like him being on a t.v. show is getting to his head.

1287 days ago


oh give it a rest. how bout the cop last year in Brooklyn. he pulled over car with some black guys in it and they shot him dead. same story, different people. they brought this on themselves by proving to society that they dont know how to follow laws or how to act when they get pulled over. i am white. i get pulled over a lot at night for made up reasons. i know the cop is just trying to see if they got lucky and i am drunk. i just talk like a normal person to the cop and i am on my way. i dont start yelling, 'shoot me, i dare you' and i also dont pull out guns. solution: act like a normal person and see how fast you are back on your way with no ticket !

1287 days ago


What a whining Bitch!

1287 days ago

Shut the F$# up    

wawawawawawawawawa. I'm a victim, I'm a victim!!!! F#$@ng baby!!

1287 days ago
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