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Schwarzenegger -- Face Off with Traffic Cop

3/10/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's barely been two months since his last run-in with the law -- but unlike the cruel parking ticket he got back in January, former California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger got off this time with a warning.

Schwarzenegger Traffic Cop

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Arnold was driving around L.A. in his Porsche yesterday -- top down and everything -- and was eventually pulled over for an unknown traffic violation.

Thankfully, he's Arnold Schwarzenegger -- so he got off with a verbal warning and went happily on his way ... no citation, nothing.


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According to the article, that's the law in California. Politicians they use their status and nothing happens...

Normal people we pay full ticket.

1286 days ago


I am not an Arnold fan and I am sick of supposed stars getting away with traffic violations!!

1286 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Dude should be driving around in his H1.

1286 days ago


To #12, yep his forehead is that ENORMOUS. I has something to do with his way over inflated ego. It is bursting at the seams of his forhead.

1286 days ago


Nothing new, just a lawless OLD TROLL.

1286 days ago


How does this Troll and his wife get out of sooooooo many traffic tickets?

1286 days ago


Nothing, I mean nothing surprises me about GASHOLE. Thank gawd he is NOT the govenator any more. I actually forgot about this clown until now. TMZ, please, please, please, do not ever post another comment/picture of GAS again. Thank you.

1286 days ago


What's the point in becoming Governor if you can't get special treatment from the authorities and the government? Arnold learned that the best way to become rich and famous and Governor was by doing massive amounts of steroids and growth hormone to become a world bodybuilding champion. He's the role model for Americans for fitness. Schwarzenegger was appointed Chairman of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports in the administration of President George H. W. Bush from 1990 to 1992 because he had become the most famous bodybuilder in the world by doing steroids and growth hormone. Nice values our President had. So, if you do drugs, the President might appoint you to an important post too, and then the people might elect you to be Governor some day and you'll be able to get out of paying for parking tickets and traffic tickets. Your wife too even when she parks in handicapped zones. After all, she's not only the wife of the (ex) Governor, she's a Kennedy. And Kennedys care about not breaking the law. Especially Teddy did.

1286 days ago


Can't stand him!! So glad he is no longer the Governor!! TMZ please stop covering him!!!!! He's a muck hole.

1286 days ago


Old Has Been who left California in a shambles. Just joy riding looking for attention. Get a clue GASHOLE, no one cares or has any interest in you.

1286 days ago


Someone commented "noone can write arnold a way". Who when writing a ticket can spell his last name correctly?

1286 days ago


That is not Marie with her skinny gaunt wrinkled face in the car with the rotten ex gov ... nope ... look at the face .. younger and prettier .. cheating again maybe? Cause he always has and always can. Both he and Marie ignore all our laws in the state of California .. they are true over the hill low life s***

1286 days ago

William Sowles    

He's baaack!

1286 days ago

Charlie get HELP NOW    

Our former Gov is a crook! People don't forget how he gave his long-time buddy, Fabian Estaban son's a free pass of a Pardon for a lesser sentence.

I would never ever trust this man, don't buy any products with his name on it, he was not working for the people when it comes to criminal law and decision making on Pardons

1286 days ago

Fred Gramcko    

This Cop had no balls! Should have given the jerk a ticket just like anyone else would have received. Obviously this Cop thinks that Arnold did very good for California. yes real good, so deep in debt that our Grand kids will never recover from him.

1286 days ago
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