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TMZ Live -- Mel Gibson's Plea Deal

3/9/2011 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

What's the REAL reason Mel Gibson is copping a plea in his criminal case? And, what is Oksana Grigorieva saying about it? We answer these and 29 other questions -- and get a visit from Kody Brown and the "Sister Wives" -- on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) We broke the story -- Mel Gibson is copping a plea in his criminal case -- and Harvey has all the latest details!
(3:35) Charlie Sheen vs Chuck Lorre part one million.
(4:00) Gross if true ... 72% of shopping carts test positive for fecal matter!?!
(6:00) Harvey and Max ... the ultimate political duo.
(8:15) The jewelry store is auctioning off Lindsay's necklace ... is it so wrong?
(10:00) What's going to happen to Lindsay Lohan in court tomorrow?
(12:50) Skype question live from a wine cellar in Canada!
(15:00) Ryan has the latest on Mike Starr's death.
(21:40) Kody Brown and the "Sister Wives" ladies are in the house! So why did they move from Utah to Las Vegas? What's it like bringing a new wife into the house?
(28:00) Viewer questions for the Browns: What do they think of "Big Love?" Will they see the mormon musical from the "South Park" guys? Are there families with one wife and many husbands? And many more...
(35:00) Harvey was BRUTALLY ripped on the TV show today ... and we tell you why.


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Q:do yhu think the lesbians that look like justin bieber wld cut there hair like him?

1288 days ago


Please find out if the Sister Wife family receives financial assistance for all of these kids. There is no way the husband can support all of them. Only the husband and 1 wife are employed.

1288 days ago


This week has been a bad one for TMZ and news in general. The minute Charlie Sheen starts to overshadow Libya on most news shows, the real bottom of the garbage can has been reached just when we thought we already saw it.

This story with polygimists is very old. Have we not gone beyond this nonsense? Shame on TMZ for giving them the time of day. Why does their personal choice have to become pressing news like it is a big taboo. There is hardly a sexual taboo left, so where have you been TMZ? We have lost the barometer of what relevant news is.

1288 days ago


I think everyone needs to leave charlie Sheen alone. His a grown man and can act and say whatever he wants. I think he's pretty damn cool.

1288 days ago


Harvey, ignore the children in the room.

Singing is not easy.

All the best.

1288 days ago


Here is my take on all of today's headlines.

Man can have 4 wives, Know your limit, play within it... don't mean a thing if a man wants to swing.
Mel can beat his wife, even do it twice... but he won't be doin' time... cause he got the blood of Christ in his veins... oh... and cares about his kids. Uh huh... Uh huh...
Wife can extort, shake a baby 'til it's sort... of limp... and can't hold onto mama anymore. No time to talk... Judge about to squawk... and Mama's on a mission, she's a goin' fishin' .She's rushing for the door, and a few million more... don't get between it... she'll toss the kid and mean it... not like she need that anymore.
Though you might rant and rave, act totally'll only be labeled manic... no insane... and cause you're a man... you'll still get paid.
If you're a wWhore you get more,if you can be with Charlie...eeessshhh... though one no longer seen. Charlie eye agleamin' says didn't mean it...My bad, so sad, here's an apol from the mean, mean insane ma Sheen. Wave a machete, tell them you're ready... to sue... then fake a make on Tiger's blood, and act like you don't see it goin' wrong.... videos and tweets go viral, and jobs apps are strong... cause 'Merica is great, you get to take a break, and freak out, even shout evil hatred and self-destructive crap.... my bad... but don't hesitate... you got a point you need to make. Not your fault. Your mind is fried, cocaine don't come cheap... and now you can't control your hand and eye but hey... you are winning... what?
But no matter what, if you got yourself a tw**... you are goin' to jail, forget the chance of bail.... gonna do time, for what? Jeweler making money, claimin' time and fame and money, but not so fast... cause.... 'Merica kickin' ass... still craving blood... tiger's is too strong, Mel just can't be wrong... so Lindsay is in it.
Don't matter if you did it... you fid it... men need headlines... and you are in the way. Bye-bye Baby, Jail times awaitin'... no man's land within it.. so how we gonna fill it? Oskana got a pass, working off her a$$ with 2 kids and the American dream... so that won't work.
Someone HAS TO PAY... it's been a non-productive day. So we need to show our might.
Oh right... there's always Lindsay.
Night-night. Sleep tight... don't let the tiger bug bite... you'll go... insane.

1288 days ago


why havent you guys talked about the Galliano scandal?? or showed the video?? harvy whats your opinion about it??

1288 days ago


Let's clear this up- The Brown's are NOT Mormons! The belong to the FLDS church! Don't get us confused!@!!!!!!

1288 days ago


Charles, shopping hand baskets aren't safe from faecal matter. Someone may not have washed their hands after the toilet and then picked the basket up.
Sorry Harvey but the singing thing had me laughing hard today. Too funny!

1288 days ago

Chuck Lorre    

New Charlie Sheen Movie:

1288 days ago


Would like to understand why Hollywood has quit on Mel over this when you take the loss of his marriage, alcohol, and the emotions that go with both. Charlie Sheen has him beat, but its been acceptable. Is it that you cannot see that both concern mental and emotional illness. Get a divorce and see what I mean, even if you want it. Quit drinking see how you change or go back to drinking....... If you support one you should support both!!!!

1288 days ago

Dennis Carney    

the "I Want Jail Time For" poll should have a neither choice to be fair

1288 days ago


Most grocery stores have hand sanitizer towels at the door to wipe down the cart handles. This comes on the heels of news reports of the amount of germs on them.

1288 days ago


how could i get in contact with charlie sheen , you all think he's crazy , hell i think were twins . Everyone needs to leave the man alone

1287 days ago


If Lindsay were to go to trial, couldn’t she get one juror on her side for a mistrial – and the DA would not likely re-try the case because of the cost plus it’s not a heinous crime?

1286 days ago
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