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Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller

Take Drug Tests

3/11/2011 8:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen just left a drug testing facility in the San Fernando Valley, and it's part of his custody agreement with Brooke Mueller.

Part of the agreement requires Charlie to get tested.  It likewise requires Brooke to submit to drug testing, and we're told she's on the way to the facility right now for her test.

No test results yet.

UPDATE: Outside the facility, Brooke said she was confident she passed the test.



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Just me    

What?????? You thinkmhe looks like he does on TV? Give your head a shake.

This is every mans is just a dream that most of us snap out of!

" cause we all just wanna be big rockstars and live in hilltop mansions driving fifteen cars....the girls come easy and the drugs come cheap......."

A Canadian band.....hated by many....that has one of the most well written songs of our era.

Many of us would switch places in a second if we knew we would not die. Charlie is part of the small percentage that would switch.....even if we/he did/does.

At the end of the is all very sad.

1292 days ago


Even though Bree was paid, like the other one is, to stay, she left.

Charlie can't even keep paid hookers.

I wish I could do him! That would be epic.

Posted at 6:02 PM on Mar 11, 2011 by yo

DANG that's just gross.

1292 days ago


Charlie or what is in a name, or do you wish E; or do you wish (insert chosen name here, I too feel name, (name what is in a name, only romeojulianic tragedy. Might as well be m&m's.)

When you can get through yourself and the tremendous help your family had [you did need them and the daily job, that is mom and dad's love], and CURE, more than I received:

perhaps poverty, you do not have food or shelter

perhaps living on the streets with no toilet; no sink; no water; no heat or air conditioning (I understand cold outside is the worst); no way to get cigarettes, drink of water or alcohol, no food. No shower, no toilet, no way to wash your clothes. No way to change the unclean hell that it can be.

Yes, you have exhausted your family, their connections, your connections, everyone is too tired to play YOUR games. Junkie.

It is okay to be a junkie, when you wish to die.

It is not okay to put everyone through it. Oh, you have a fight or two to sober your thoughts for a few days.


Stop, help those left behind. Your many children would be a start.

Again, I must remind you, 10, 15, 20 children, it does not save you.

Lazarus was a symbol, he was resurrected, he was also abolished quickly.

Save yourself and stop playing Jesus with the Beatles and Beiber (sp?). None of you have the, er, "symbolim", quite right.

1292 days ago


I think he trying to prove he is staying clean. Maybe their drug test agreement is only for certain drugs. Its not like a court ordered drug test. Lets see the drug tests and what they are testing for then Ill believe he's staying clean from everything.

1292 days ago


Yeah charlie quit paying her, just like he fired his publicist, AFTER his publicist quit! ROFL!

Bree left Charlie because of what Charlie is, which we all can easily see.

1292 days ago


The pic in the white shirt, the one with the pot pushing porn star, warlock looks just like his Poppa, only with shoe polish balck hair.

1292 days ago


I think Natty seems like a little sweetie...hope he doesn't mistreat her!

1292 days ago

ITS ME    

What you expect him to look like he does on TV? Give your head a shake.

Well we all just wanna be big rocks stars, live in hilltop mansions drivin great big cars....the girls come easy and the drugs come cheap........

The only well written song to come out of Canada since in years. Unfortunately it may reflect a very sad loss...

1292 days ago


Does Charlie Sheen know Howard K. Stern ?

Just wonderin' !

1292 days ago


The devestation from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan really demonstrates how selfish, ridiculous, and egotistical Charlie Sheen is. To the people of Japan my thoughts and prayers to you and your loved ones. To the people of Libya, I pray for peace and resolution. To Charlie Sheen, YOU need help and shame on the media for perpetuating and giving the attention that he doesn't need and feeding his illness and addiction.

1292 days ago


#2.. You sound like someone that is being paid by a "pro-Sheen" PR firm to comment on this stuff.

1292 days ago


It's time to focus on real issues like the Tsunami in Japan. Those people need help. Stop reporting on this person as he has nothing to contribute, and he can get hep from those a round him. It just shows what a shallow society we become!

1292 days ago

You decide...    

This is news while people in Japan are swept to sea. No wonder we are all going to hell. Where are your priorities? Who gives a rats about CS when people are dying in this massive disaster. I only checked out TMZ to see if they had any COMMON SENSE to make their priority lives lost instead of some cook (or coke) wacho. People, get back to reality to whats really important. Not some overpaid drug addict. We need to help the people in Japan NOW. How can you make a difference?

1292 days ago

jim smith    

they do need drug tests
john p mcniff

1292 days ago


Hell just not talking and this guy seems 75% less crazy!

1292 days ago
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