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Charlie Sheen -- I'm Gonna 'Torpedo' My Own Career

3/10/2011 11:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is promising MORE warlock mayhem -- and he'll be unleashing it all ON STAGE ... in the form of his new one-man show called "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option" ... TMZ has learned.


It's kicking off in less than a month -- blowing through Detroit on April 2 ... and hitting Chicago the very next day.

No details about the performance have been released yet -- but given Charlie's numerous theatrical diatribes in recent weeks ... everyone should have a good idea of what to expect.

Tickets go on sale this Saturday. Duh.



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He's begging for it by actively seeking out publicity for his outrageous behavior, and he's getting everything he deserves. Right now I don't think his own father would hire him.

Miracle Face Kit

1271 days ago


I would go but I'm busy that day. When is it?

1271 days ago


I picture two types of people in this crowd:

1. Sleezy looking chicks hoping to be one of his next whores.
2. Stupid, stupid, stupid men that hold him in a high regard because they "want to be him"

Loosing! Oh....I meant LOOSERS!

1271 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I already listened to enough of his gibberish for free, I couldn't watch any his those videos in their entirety.

In this economy, the last person you should give your money to is Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen should pay us to come watch his show.

1271 days ago


Does anyone really care? You can see the same thing with the insane in homeless shelters, prisons, the democratic party and white house. Harry Reid tries to justify money the 'cowboy poetry' fest when we are going down the tubes. Now thats insanity and it is scary as he has power too

1271 days ago


he'll be dead April 2. shows cancelled

1271 days ago


Why does TMZ give this HEADCASE so much attention? This guy is nutter than a planters peanut factory. ENOUGH is MORE than ENOUGH with this ass....!!!!

1271 days ago


anyone who pays for tickets is an idiot. I live in detroit, but no thanks, i'll stick to TMZ for the gossip! I know one of you will be at the show to report to us. I would not give this poor sick man any money right now. Rehab, yes, money to pay for his booze and more drugs, no. Maybe this is his way of feeding his addiction, hitting the road where nobody can keep a close eye on him.... hmm. Charlie, thanks for the laughs and the great acting in the day. Good luck with the remainder of your life, get help buddy! And to John Cryer -- the show wouldn't have been the same without you, I think you and "Jake" are the real stars! If not replacing him, what about a spin-off?

1271 days ago


who would want to purchase a front row ticket to a suicide?

1271 days ago


for those questioning what happened when Sheen was 11 for him to start probably wouldn't be too hard to trace back...

heard Martin Sheen/dad talking once on TV about when he nearly died filming Apocalypse Now in 1978/79 that Charlie was the one who was really affected

and Martin had his own drug/alcohol addiction problems back in the day

it's just that it was easier to keep things a bit more on the down low then than nowadays so maybe a lot of folks don't know - they just see the Martin Sheen of today-distinguished and intelligent and socially aware - and that is all thanks to AA he admits, as well as his own dedication and hard work to stay sober

so the dad Charlie grew up seeing when he was young was an alcoholic drug user- a far cry from the father he has now- but the dameage to kids is done early on in their lives

and if addiction has a hereditary we are sadly............

1271 days ago


The show is opening in Detroit? Does Detroit even have a theater left that isn't abandoned like the rest of the city?

As a side note unrelated to Sheen or any of this nonsense: please join me in sending out prayers for the people of Japan who have experienced a devastating 8.9 earthquake along with hundreds of very large aftershocks.

1271 days ago


Big Poppa

Love how you talk down about big time 'money' taking America and kiss Chucky at the same time. Meanwhile Chuckie's been grabbing massive amounts of money for what? Saving people? Teaching people? No. Standing in front of a camera and reading some lines someone else wrote for him. And has he been doing anything worthwhile with that money? Hmmm... Sorry, don't try to hand me any bull about Chuckie. There's no more bull, just s@#*

1271 days ago


Christina G. I agree with you. And if true, I hope Chucky get's it loud and clear that there's plenty of us that may take the time to read about him, may even be worried about him, but don't want to hear him.
So Chucky, take your show to those few twits that'll hand over their money, than scream about how they don't have any to pay the bills. Me, I've got a large dog that gives me plenty to scoop up every day for free.

1271 days ago


Like a few have pointed out, I'm sure there will be followers that will shell out the ticket price for whatever reason-Sheen worship, just to watch more of the madness, whatever. I do feel for his kiddos, at least Cassandra is an adult, and has been able to stay out of the spotlight. Do NOT for sorry for the two babymamas getting their $55k/mo ea in child support. Hell, I'd say I could live QUITE well off of that, even 1/10 of that! Duh, all ths #winning made me 4get what I was getting at, I let my mind wander, and it has yet to return!

1270 days ago

Charlie is my Idol    

Everyone needs to STFU and get on board with the Ma-Sheen!!!!!

1270 days ago
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