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Charlie Sheen's

'Tiger Blood'


3/10/2011 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's kept his "Tiger Blood" cocktail a secret while waiting for an official sponsorship deal -- but TMZ has learned the secret beverage he's sipping is something called ... Mangosteen?!

Mangosteen is a rare Southeast Asian fruit -- and a puree of the stuff is bottled and sold as XANGO juice. The bottler claims the juice helps maintain intestinal, joint, and immune system health ... and also promotes a healthy respiratory system.

Charlie and health drinks may not sound like a perfect match, but friends close to Sheen tell us he "drinks the stuff everyday" -- and though publicly he's been referring to it as tiger blood ... privately he calls it his "mango drink."

As of now XANGO hasn't tapped Charlie to be a spokesperson. Sources connected with the company tell us they are "very nervous" about being associated with the actor.


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I live in SE Asia. Not that rare of a fruit. 1 liter of the stuff is a $1.50 here. Xaqngo tries to sell the stuff for $30. What a complete ripoff

1286 days ago


nervous to be associated with the actor????????????? Until 45 seconds ago no-one except charlie and his friends had ever even heard of this ****.

1286 days ago


I have used XanGo for a few years now. I absolutely love the benefits. The taste is amazing, but the product has changed my life.

Best of luck Charlie.

1286 days ago


This is a MLM (pyramid)scheme. Most people I know involved in it are evangelical Christians. It doesn't taste that good, and one bottle is about $25. They will sell you a shot for $2.

1286 days ago


Xango is a blend of juices containing apple, pear, grape, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, cherry and a very minute amount of mangosteen. Studies showed it is no more healthy than off-the shelf store juices (and even less "healthy" than blueberry juice). And, it's only sold through distributors in a Multi Level Marketing scheme.

1286 days ago


Xango is a Utah based, LDS owned company. It's no surprise that they don't want to be associated with a crack snorting psychopath.

1286 days ago


Wow - so many uninformed and unresearched comments! If Charlie Sheen had developed an attachment to M & M's would people carry on with such odd assumptions? If he had a bottle of Sprite in his hand labelled Cougar spit, would Sprite now become a target? Perhaps those criticizing this juice know something that UCLA and the Mayo Clinic (currently running a human clinical trial on this exact product) don't. Unlikely. Just so many uninformed and incorrect comments being seen here - sad.
I wouldn't be without that juice - but then, I did my homework and proper research :)

1286 days ago


In Germany it was published yesterday here:


1286 days ago


Am I the only one thinking that maybe drinking a ton of this stuff makes you crazy?

1286 days ago


Next season on House, it turns out a crazy celeb is crazy because he drinks too much of some rare berry juice.

1286 days ago


Mangosteen is a part of a multi-level marketing outfit that has been around for years. It claims to help cure everything from cancer to erectile dysfunction, blah blah blah, nothing new!!! He is probably being paid to drink it.

1286 days ago


Great reminder that "you're always down on what you're not up on." So many speak from hearsay & no substance.

1286 days ago


Everyone from the south knows that tigerblood is a very popular flavor of a snowball. I used to own a stand and it was a big seller. Sorry Charlie, southern snow came up with it long time ago.

1286 days ago

TX Mom    

@Chris: have you done the research, to make sure there is no scientific evidence that Xango works? Because, I can send you information from the Ameican Cancer Society, along with many other links to the scientific research that has been done to back up their claims. Just sayin.....

1285 days ago

Joan Clifft    

Xango got rid of my migraines after 15 years of having them.
Is a remarkable supplement.

If Charlie said he likes spinach, takes walks or reads the Bible ---would you trash those things too?

Just because a product is not sold in retail stores does not mean it is not valuable. Many drink XanGo without having anything to do with the business model. BTW--we have been with the XanGo founders on several occasions and have great res pect and admiration for them---Whoever made disparaging comments without first hand knowledge ought to be ashamed.

This is not a pyramid scheme. Those are illegal and do not last long since usually no product involved. Lives have been dramatically changed by this brand of Mangosteen and this will continue for those who are open minded enough to research, try the juice and then make up their own mind---if they have one!

1285 days ago
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