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Charlie Sheen's

'Tiger Blood'


3/10/2011 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's kept his "Tiger Blood" cocktail a secret while waiting for an official sponsorship deal -- but TMZ has learned the secret beverage he's sipping is something called ... Mangosteen?!

Mangosteen is a rare Southeast Asian fruit -- and a puree of the stuff is bottled and sold as XANGO juice. The bottler claims the juice helps maintain intestinal, joint, and immune system health ... and also promotes a healthy respiratory system.

Charlie and health drinks may not sound like a perfect match, but friends close to Sheen tell us he "drinks the stuff everyday" -- and though publicly he's been referring to it as tiger blood ... privately he calls it his "mango drink."

As of now XANGO hasn't tapped Charlie to be a spokesperson. Sources connected with the company tell us they are "very nervous" about being associated with the actor.


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Xango is a network marketed product. It's not a "scheme" or "scam" as uninformed folks on here claim. It's rare in the U.S. because it's illegal to have here in unprocessed form. There is a limited amount of geography in the world where it grows abundantly.
It IS great stuff. The fruit itself is not where the benefit lies, it's in the skin which has been mentioned here. Xango uses the whole fruit in the process and while expensive, if used religiously (2-3 oz a day), has various benefits. It's been used for hundreds of years in tea form so it's nothing new. There are other mangosteen products on the market, but they don't taste nearly as good nor do most use the skin in the processing. The ones that do typically use extracts and add unnatural additives. It has changed my life and although I became a distributor, I don't push it. It's expense and need for disciplined use makes it something I only share it with people who can appreciate it and are willing to work with it.
It's not medicinal, it's a natural supplement.
It sounds like it's the healthiest habit Sheen has..

1287 days ago


there was a big story a few years ago, apparently this guy that was a notorious internet businessman in the late 90s-early 00s started drinking mangosteen juice heavily and even tried to scam his clients (with a mangosteen related pyramidal scheme). He eventually had several nervous breakdown and histerical episodes related to his mangosteen drinking habit, very similarly to mr sheen.

Maybe it's not crack, but mangosteen that had an impact on mr sheen's psyche.

1285 days ago


Xango is a $37.00 bottle of juice made for about a $1.25. The founders of this snake oil just copied another snake oil juice and made more amazing claims, until the FDA told them to SHUT UP, WINNING. They will never publicly debate any real doctors or scientists because thier claims are built on a tooth pick, made to look like a 50 high pine tree. One of Xango's doctors, Shawn Talbott got his butt fined so bad by the FTC( google dr shawn talbott FTC) he dissapeared for awhile only to show up at the Xango lab(LOL)with some more kooky vitamins.
Charlie should feel right at home, hooking up with these snake oil hookers.

1283 days ago

Meko Blood    

thought I was looking at a photo of Dumbo next to Charlie

1281 days ago

Rene Pana    

What heals are not the flesh of the fruit but the powerful disease fighting compound called "Xanthones" in the rind (thick skin) or pericarp of the Mangosteen Fruits. XanGo Juice which C. Sheen calls Tiger's Blood is a puree of the whole fruit of Mangosteen (including the skin and seeds) which helps body get rid of toxins and array of healing benefits.

1278 days ago


People debunking the benefits of Mangosteen and XANGO would benefit from more research. Only 2 oz at all 3 meals daily is the suggested loading dose for most ailments. The rich can afford to drink a bottle a day like Charlie. Studies show that there are no toxic levels, a person could drink all they can afford.

Millions of people worldwide continue use XANGO daily, because they do notice a benefit. Over a billion dollars worth of XANGO juice was sold in under 5 years. I believe that an honest 90 day trial would pleasantly surprise most any skeptic.

Mangosteen has been used for thousands of years by natural healers. It has been studied scientifically since the 1800's. The most active ingredients are powerful anti-oxidants called Xanthones. They have isolated 50 different Xanthones from the Mangosteen fruit already. There are other beneficial ingredients in the whole fruit Mangosteen that seem to work in synergy with the Xanthones. Check out Mangosteen(Garcinia mangostana)at Dr. Duke's University of Maryland data base. Check out the many articles about Mangosteen and Xanthones at pubmed.

They recently completed independent double blind human studies that prove XANGO juice reduces inflammation in the human body. Inflammation is behind many ailments and diseases. There are additional studies in progress at prestigious hospitals and universities around the world. Seems that only American or Western medicine prefers drugs over natural treatments.

1274 days ago
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