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Denise Richards: Stay Away From Our Kids, Charlie!

3/10/2011 1:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A showdown is brewing between Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards ... TMZ has learned ... because Charlie wants 7-year-old Sam to come over to his house this weekend for a birthday party ... and Denise is saying, "No way!"


Sam's birthday was yesterday ... and we're told Denise was steadfast -- she was not going to let Charlie into her house to see the children because of Charlie's craziness.  Turns out that wasn't a problem, because Charlie never came.  He called in the evening to wish Sam a happy birthday, but that was it.

But now Charlie wants to have a big party at his house this weekend, celebrating Sam's birthday, and inviting all her friends.  We're told Denise is scoffing at the invitation and says Sam isn't going, nor are any of her friends.

We're told Charlie is gearing up for a fight -- possibly a legal fight.

Happy birthday!


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Queen Karma    

Wait with all the high fives of righteous praise for Denise.
No, no way, under no cir***stances should Sheen be allowed to take those kids anywhere or see them at his house, alone or with Denise. No. What did I just say, NO!
However, he should be allowed and has to be allowed to see his kids. He has a right here and the kids. Charlie is Charlie and never be ok with Denise. If he sobers up and retires out of show bus and the gossip pages and lives a quiet sober life for ten years from now, after all of ths, Denise still won't allow him to see the kids. He has to be able to see the girls.
He can call them whenever.
He can visit with them with Deinse present, her father, Martin Sheen, a bodyguard, at a netural place, Martin's Sheens house and him and him alone with none of his goddess pals.
Eventually, he won't bother. Sometimes situations have
to just be left alone to fix themselves.
You get my point.
These girls have never known him not to be whacked out. Charlie has had some brief moments of soberity and saneneses in the past. Even when not on drugss/pornstars/prosititutes/ he still was not all together there in the head.
Double edge sword for Sam and Lola.
Let them see him like this. Wait for him to be better for some briefs moments like in the past. Let them have no contact be seeing him or speaking to him.
Either way, these girls are rather damaged in their idea of him, a man, dad.
These girls are gentically damaged because they are his daughters. These girls are publically damaged because they have been played like ping pong between Denise and Charlie since before the last one even got here.
Their pics have been out there, bad talk between Charlie and Denise...
The girls need to see a therapist. The girls do not need their pis out there. They do not need their mother uttering talk in private or public about him, them. What was Denise's point talking this to the press? Her own ego. Didwe need to know how Sam spent her birthday? No.
Denise, hmm, she marreid a man, knowing he was batshet crazy, fan of porn, pornstars, prostitutes, drug addicted, genetically flawed, ignorant,ugly, mentally deranged, and these are the nice things about Charlie.Why? MONEY!!!!
Like Deinse really cares. She has millions tax free. Sam and Lola have her father as a father figure. Brooke Meuller is a life long drug addict like Charlie. How many times has she been to rehab?

1302 days ago


Susan, I hope you're right about this. Perhaps it was easier for the Spear's to gain control because of Britany's age? Charlie is much older and his parents are elderly. I imagine they are exhausted and feeling pretty helpless at this point. I have trouble with the fact his lawyer continues to enable him. Instead of working on all the people Charlie intends to sue, he should be working on getting help for his client or at least, cut ties. His longtime publicist had the guts to let go - why not his lawyer?
That's not true. If Britany Spears' family didn't go to court to take control of every aspect of her life, she would be dead now.

And there is way more public proof in videos, interviews, rants, etc on Charlie Sheen than there was on Britany. It's not like normal unknown people where it's a he said, she said, and a judge has to make a decision on who is telling the truth. Everything Charlie has been public, by his own hand.

Just as he keeps filing up the evidence box for CBS/Warners if they ever end up in court against each other. His own words, videos, interviews, etc, shows total justification on their part to fire him. And he just keeps helping their case single handedly.

1302 days ago


I remember that when Charlie was on "Today" with his lawyer it was Meredith Vieira who, at the end of the interview, asked Charlie if he wanted to say anything to his sons. It was only after being prompted that he said, "hi" to them.

He clearly forgot it was his daughter's birthday. Someone must have reminded him. Now he wants to throw a party for her no doubt to use it as a media op to show what a good father he is. Charlie is transparent as hell.

If he really put his children first he wouldn't act out the way he does.

1302 days ago


keep those poor kids away from that nutjob!

1302 days ago

Cherry Neptune    

I think Denise is absolutely doing the right thing by refusing to expose her daughter to the inevitable heartbreak that will happen when none of her friends' parents let them go to a party at Charlie Sheen's house.

Charlie, think about your little girl's feelings and drop this one.

1302 days ago


Remember the day when we thought that Denise and Brooke were the nutty ones. No longer!

1302 days ago

Queen Karma    

But Hoepful, while I agree with you, crazy is crazy.
Drug addicted is drug addicted. You cannot be just a little bit pregnant as the saying goes.
She was on wrong drugs with wrong people, her two gods. Charlies has goddesses..Brit had two leech men hanging on her.
She is ok now under meds.Kevin has custody. Her dad has conservatorshi. Brit acnnot buy a candy bar without geting money from him, or he knowing what it is for, with prrof for courts where her money is, how spent, etc. to clear himself.

1302 days ago


Don't let those kids anywhere near his whore house.

I believe Charlie has guns inside the home, despite him being prohibited from owning any. I also think something bad will happen tomorrow.

1302 days ago


Charlie isn't winning...or losing.... he is LOST.
he isn't getting visitation for any of his kids no matter how much child support he pays. The courts can do that when your cheese slips off your cracker like it has here.

1302 days ago


Give me a break! These baby-mamas knew all along they were breding with a drug addict and NOW they want to be mother's of the year. What a bunch of cow manure! These women SUCK!

1302 days ago


It's wrong to keep children from their father. They should just have a small, family birthday party with parents and extended family (witnesses). That way Charlie can see his kids. They should have it someplace neutral like Martin Sheen's house, or Emilio's house.

1302 days ago


If Charlie wants to be there for his daughter why did he not go over to Denise house on the girls birthday? I would never let him have the kids at his house as crazy as it must be. Where is his family?

1302 days ago


TMZ is becoming a sleazy service (program) as far as I'm concerned. I enjoyed watching it a month or so ago, but the program has become self serving by any means possible, and apparently, now interfering with the courts is a badge of honor to Mr. Levin.

Speaks volumes about his lack of character.

TMZ Cares.....about revenue.

1302 days ago

random poster    

# 70 Queen Karma
Denise, hmm, she marreid a man, knowing he was batshet crazy, fan of porn, pornstars, prostitutes, drug addicted, genetically flawed, ignorant,ugly, mentally deranged, and these are the nice things about Charlie.Why? MONEY!!!!

Sorry to disappoint you but Charlie had been clean for around 3 years when he and Denise met. He showed no signs of going back to booze, drugs and hookers until after they were married. At least Denise can say the man she met and married was sober and had his head on right. What is Brooke's excuse? Was she so interested in a payday that she didn't care about the claims Denise was making in court? Or maybe it's just that addicts find comfort in each other's presence.

1302 days ago


If the story is true - I guess since his media coverage is on the wane due to his job firing rants, he'll start torturing his family members to get attention.

I do not believe he wants to be a part of his daughter's birthday - he probably wants to USE her birthday party to improve his already self-destroyed image.

Seems important to him to be able to flex his money power, torment and boss others around thus the hookers, drug pushers, lawyers, publicists etc....and now perhaps his innocent family.

Leave the kids and their moms alone, dude. Have you no decency, no sense of discretion?!

1302 days ago
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