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Fat Lady Hasn't Sung In Lindsay Lohan Theft Case!

3/10/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bulletin!!!! Lindsay Lohan's plea deal may not be dead after all.


TMZ has learned ... Lindsay will get a continuance in court Thursday so she can have more time to mull over the judge's offer -- which POSITIVELY involves jail time.

As we reported, no deal was struck Wednesday during a meeting in chambers with Judge Keith Schwartz, Shawn Holley and Danette Meyers.

Judge Schwartz previously made it clear ... if Lindsay didn't cop a plea Thursday morning he'd send the case out to a trial judge.

But we've learned the judge is now allowing Lindsay more time to mull over his offer.

The fact that Lindsay is actually thinking about accepting Judge Schwartz' offer is a huge step -- because she has been adamant up to this point that she will NOT go back to jail.

Lindsay tells TMZ, "I am ready for court tomorrow, and I believe that the truth will prevail through all of this."


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not guilty until proven otherwise

1289 days ago


hmm... what happened to not guilty until proven otherwise? people just want a show. sad

1289 days ago


In other words, that gives her more time for the media attention she can't live without. I swear she intentionally does stuff just to get her name mentioned.

1289 days ago


So I thought the judge said he wasnt going to be treating her any differently than the average citizen....well I think if he gives her additional time than he is giving her preferential treatment and that is just a bunch of garbage....she has had plenty of average citizen would be given the delays and extensions and special treatment she has been crime i commit is going to be in LA and I will remind the judge how lindsay has been treated in comparison to the way they would ream my ass for jaywalking.....get it right and stop wasting TIME AND MONEY

1289 days ago


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1289 days ago


If about 35% of people think she did not do it, and if it is a trial decided by jury, then probably 35% or so of the jury will probably decide she's not guilty. If it's a jury trial, she needs to spend a few bucks to get a good jury pool consultant person to eliminate from jury selection those who would probably find her guilty out of a predisposed opinion of Lindsay. She should go to trial if it's by jury. If it's trial by judge and the judge decides guilt, she should take the plea bargain. Anyone know if it's by judge or jury?

1289 days ago


Will these losers just go away, every day its another story about Lohan and Sheen, enough is enough

1289 days ago


Better start doing some tongue push-ups.

1289 days ago


Another STAY !. Whata System out there in California. In our state she would have already been Tried - convicted - & gone to the Electric Chair. Wake up "Judgie Boy", you're getting the "Run-Around".

1289 days ago


If Mel Gibson can get a plea deal for hitting a woman, than Lindsay should too, for walking out with that invisible necklace. If you're tired of reading about Sheen and Lohan why are you? From reading these comments it sounds like Salem in the 160...0's. The Tattoo Generation really doesn't have a clue.

1289 days ago

T Pain    

I am so sick of her not taking responsibility for her wrong doings! DIE!!!!

1289 days ago


Hollyweird Judges are paid under the table or behind closed doors. Any normal individual would get 1 1/2 years behind bars.

1289 days ago


By the time Lindsay gets outta jail Ronson will be munching tacos with someone else.

1289 days ago


Rock...What do you mean it would be Awesome if Lindsay was Gang Raped Repeatedly in Jail with a Dirty Toilet Plunger???

1289 days ago


I just think that if she gets Raped in jail it will damage her terribly...all she did was drive drunk and accidentally slip off with a tiny necklace...

1289 days ago
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