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Fat Lady Hasn't Sung In Lindsay Lohan Theft Case!

3/10/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bulletin!!!! Lindsay Lohan's plea deal may not be dead after all.


TMZ has learned ... Lindsay will get a continuance in court Thursday so she can have more time to mull over the judge's offer -- which POSITIVELY involves jail time.

As we reported, no deal was struck Wednesday during a meeting in chambers with Judge Keith Schwartz, Shawn Holley and Danette Meyers.

Judge Schwartz previously made it clear ... if Lindsay didn't cop a plea Thursday morning he'd send the case out to a trial judge.

But we've learned the judge is now allowing Lindsay more time to mull over his offer.

The fact that Lindsay is actually thinking about accepting Judge Schwartz' offer is a huge step -- because she has been adamant up to this point that she will NOT go back to jail.

Lindsay tells TMZ, "I am ready for court tomorrow, and I believe that the truth will prevail through all of this."


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I don't know why everyone thinks she's innocent if she's trying to get a plea deal. That is an admission of guilt.

Case closed!

1322 days ago


The tapes never show Lindsay stealing the necklace! You people are all either taking crazy pills or you're just blinded by hate. There is no audio. There is no security giving chase. The owner doesn't even try to stop her. Clearly a deal was worked out. Verbally. There has to be proof with out any shadow of doubt to convict. In this case there is nothing but doubt.

1322 days ago


@Mike1978: "half of the people who have posted comments so far must be mentally retarded, 4th graders, paranoid schizophrenics, intoxicated, charlie sheen, employed by the Lohans, strung out on meth, snorting blow, or more than one of the above.

she stole jewelry. she got caught on tape. she will be held accountable, she will deal with the consequences. end of story. you can't keep trying to spin this story fifty different ways and try to minimize, deny, justify, rationalize, deflect, distract, downplay, manipulate, obfuscate, shift blame, or selectively interpret and enforce the law. you're not fooling anyone else, just yourselves.

Posted at 10:59 PM on Mar 9, 2011 by Mike1978"

How did you know that I was a mentally retarded 4th grader (failed 4th grade 9 times), paranoid schizophrenic, intoxicated, (charlie sheen huh?), employed by the Lohans, strung out on meth, snorting blow man? Have you been watching me again? This is the 4th time this week. Cut it out!

So, now that you have convicted LiLo in your mind, the State can dispense with the rigmarole of a fair trial with a defense attorney and frivolities like evidence exhibits and witnesses. All we need to know is what term of imprisonment you are going to graciously sentence her to. Thanks for doing all the work for us, Mike1978! And we don't even have to pay you! Sucker!

1322 days ago


@ 114, Nate

I agree with you.Its not just a matter of going to jail.They are throwing in the net,perchance Lindsay would get tired,confused and sucked into felony conviction.Lindsay knows better.She can get extra time and tell time,to go pound salt.

1322 days ago


If she brought her stylist to the jewlery store, wouldn't he be the one picking out items for LL to wear? Why was LL picking out her own items? Why was the "stylist" shopping for his personal self? Is it that this was really just a friend and not a stylist at all? The guy/girl (cant tell) did not look style conscious at all and certainly wasn't professional. It is not even realistic to think that LL HAS a stylist since she is not working at all and has no income to pay one. She owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to her former body guards...she couldn't afford to pay them!

Is is also normal to spin the necklace around to the back after you put it on? Did she think the clasp was prettier than the big diamonds in the front? Or was she perhaps trying to disguise it from the sales clerk? Hmmm......

1322 days ago


@Californiadesi: Exactly.

She probably did it but there is no proof she did it. There is an alternative explanation that is plausible. Reasonable doubt exists and that's all she needs if her lawyer is worth her salt.

1322 days ago


#113 Californiadesi-- well aren't you just a modern day Johnny Cochran! You've got it all figured out, don't you? Your musings on the legal system are about as sophisticated as Sarah Palin's commentary on the health care system. And by that I mean completely retarded and reckless.

As Judge Judy once said, "don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining."

Fortunately your legal "expertise" is limited to the comments section of TMZ, while the opinions of the people who actually matter are the ones who will be responsible for determining Lindsay's fate. Morons.

1322 days ago


I figured she would do what ever to stall.

1322 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is in deep trouble. Self-appointed Supreme Court Justice Mike178 has found her guilty, before hearing any of the actual evidence or witnesses in a court of law---Mike178 says those are mere technicalities---and Mike178 is going to sentence her to 74 years in the state penitentiary and a $5.3 million fine.

1322 days ago


@ 124, Mike 1978

I am listed in L.A. County Bar Association's books as an expert witness.My minimum retainer is $ 10,000,for reviewing the case then it is $ 1000. an hour.

I am not an attorney at law but I am required to know law. I sued an attorney for legal malpractice.I represented myself,the attorney was represented by another attorney.In a seven (7) day jury trial,complete with opening, closing statements, direct examinations,cross, redirect,rebuttals etc.I obtained a jury verdict and a money judgment against him.

I can win this case for Lindsay.

1322 days ago


Good Lindsay is making the right decision.
As i said who cares about jail. The most important thing will be when she is found NOT GUILTY at trial due to Shawn establishing reasonable doubt and then Lindsay will be completely free nad out of the system.

1322 days ago

john smith    

With a star struck LA jury and Danette IT's A No BRAINER You just have to be very careful about jury selection, a good jury consultant and Lindsay could win 12-0

1322 days ago


Justice for Blohan. Jewelry store definitely set her up.

1322 days ago


She doesnt have any movie coming up so she keeps talking about her cooking "skills".
Like the Extra interview from last week comparing her to chief cook???
Did anyone saw the pasta she posted on her twitter?
I throw up in my mouth when I saw it.
I would never touch this. Barf.

1322 days ago


#127 @Californiadesi

Well I am listed in L.A. County Bar Association's bigger books as an ultra-expert witness. My minimum retainer is $15,000, for reviewing the case then it is $ 3000. an hour, so...

I am also an attorney at law and I know more laws than you. I counter-sued an attorney for legal malpractice. I represented myself, and I also represented the other attorney. In a three (3) day jury trial, complete with opening, intermission, closing, and encore statements, direct examinations, double cross, redirect, rebuttals, I-objects, sustained, yes-your-honors, etc. I obtained two jury verdicts and a bigger money judgment against him than you, so...

And I already won this case for Lindsay, so I was faster than you...

My name is penelope, by the way.

1322 days ago
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