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Tony Danza

Files for Divorce

3/10/2011 5:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tony Danza has filed for divorce from his wife of 24 years ... TMZ has learned.


Danza cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split.

Tony and Tracy Danza have two daughters, Katherine, 23, and Emily, 17.

The couple has been separated since 2006.



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I went to the website that has a naked photo of Danza when he was young. I'm sorry but, I don't see why everyone is saying all these bad things about him??? I seen one scene where he was upset about doing an interview at a small tv station, promoting his new movie...What??? All of you don't say things out of line you think it is in private???

All of you are going to have to give me a lot more than a funeral, what he thought was off the camera/sound,(btw, wasn't that bad) and what he did when he was a kid....I see NO where that he is GAY...even if he was, so what???

1288 days ago


i thought he was gay

1287 days ago


Gay, straight, bi. No matter what, Tony is not only a talented actor/performer, but he's trying to make the world a better place, and he's to be admired for that. I have no idea why he and his wife took so long to get divorced after separating, but I'm thinking that they didn't want to end their marriage before being absolutely sure that things couldn't be turned around.

1266 days ago


Actually Ive been tracking Tony Danza since last year when I found out about the Teach show and his web site Ive been reading lots of stuff about him and I do sorta remember his Talk show that ran 2004-2006 and info that came out about Tony and Tracy separating on Sept 28, 2006. The show had him working 5 days aweek and then flying home on red eye flight on Friday. Tracy seem to do ok with this for awhile until the oldest daughter Katie went to college. Some empty nest syndrom here maybe? She did fly to NY with the youngest at the time Emmie and things seem ok for awhile. But reports indicate that Tracy was nagging Tony for another baby. Gees she was in her late 40s and he kept telling her that he'd be 60 when Emmie graduated from HS in 2011. The kids today are Katie is 24 and Emmie did graduate from HS and she is 18 1/2 and going off to college soon. It is sad. Italian men love their families, Tony did. During Teach the Homesick portion he told the story to group of 15 year olds that he fell in love at first sight when he met Tracy Robinson. He kept showing up around her for 5 years until she agreed to a date with him. Check out the Homesick video of Teach. So anyway for Tony to give up and go for a divorce now after being separated since 2006, working on the relationship, they were dating again, it was working, they were together and they were a couple again. Fans have been following him on dailydanza since last year. But as someone in the family did share when the news broke of this pending divorce, this decision of both of them to end the marriage was agreeable and sudden. Yes Tracy is in menopause and taking Emmie out of the house in 2006 going home to her mothers and not ever coming back to be with Tony ever again in same house seems totally wrong. Whatever happened between them sent him packing everything of his and he got his own house. Men dont just do that unless they've been hurt deeply and if you look at the videos he seem so depressed most of the time. I think he really really tried. He admits he has had problems with himself and has worked on stuff, he admits he has a big mouth and it has been reported that he has too much energy so he could be a bipolar and Tracy cant handle him anymore. Many of us fans who find Tony to be talented he sings, he tap dances, he can play many musical instruments which surprised me, he conducts a band, he has earned the right to be called teacher now, he has written a cookbook which I have and find it very nice with a journal about his family in it, he can act, he has been on other tv shows and he has had great reviews on Broadway. I had hoped he'd go back to teaching but he found out how hard it is and how under paid these people are. He said he has to many responsibilities to go totally into it right now. Tony supports a big huge family. He is very generous, a fantastic Daddy who loves his children very much and have brought him great honor to. The kids arent perfect but Marc, Katie and Emmie have received scholarships. They've been educated in great LA private schools which Tony kept in contact with officials about them, he visited each of his kids while in college many times and supported them in everything they tried. Im sure he will do the same for the youngest one, Emmie who is a very gifted artist and photographer. He is a very proud Daddy. As for Tracy, if you look at the dailydanza site you will see how totally he is still in love with Tracy and this whole situation has broken his heart and left him with a crushed spirit. They've been married 25 years. Sad but many of us are really praying for them. Tony was working on another book related to Teach and in it he had the information about his family and Tracy, it was on the Homesick part. So all the name calling about him on this site and others is very horrible when you don't take the time to really check out the information. Tony isn't perfect and tells the kids when he is a teacher in Phille at the 2nd worst HS in country, he felt stupid as a young person, he got his HS/college sweet heart pregnant but married her at 18 and had a son at 19 and tried to make that relationship work for 4 years. He was to young. He tells all this to kids, get smart early dont make the same mistake he did when your young. So cut this guy some slack. He is 60 years old now. Can you imagine the stress of this divorce is causing him right now. Many guys this age give up. So I say pray for them to turn it around and reconcil. We the fans of Tony Danza ask for God's Will to be done with both of them. If you look at the dailydanza videos this is a down to earth family. They may be rich but like Tony talks about in the videos, he lives that life but his head is still a middle class mentality. He feels guilty most of the time because he was so lucky and bless as to how he moved from the young college graduated kid to being in the right place at the right time just being in the gym doing his boxing. He was asked to go pro he did it. He was asked again to try out for the role in Taxi and they gave it to him. They created WT Boss and in that show is his wife Tracy's name. He knows he is blessed and he knows he isnt perfect. Pray for them.

1157 days ago

Eric M James    

Poor Tracy!!! I knew her and she was an incredibly sweet woman and mother. Tony doesn't deserve her!!

941 days ago


Time fer some young stuff!

590 days ago


Tots and preahs, tots and preahs.

590 days ago
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