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Roast Comedian Is Angelina Jolie?

3/10/2011 7:45 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Here's comedian Whitney Cummings at "Comedy Central's Roast of Donald Trump" in NYC last night (left) -- and Angelina Jolie back in 2009 (right).


They give lip-synch a whole new meaning.

We're just sayin'.


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Shame, Whitney was really uniquely cute. Now she's just turning herself into a Hollywood clone.

1292 days ago


Have to admit she is one hot comedienne. Ever see a one-eyed exotic snake?

1292 days ago


Ummm... Whitney is like a million times hotter then Angelina. I would go for her any day over Angelina who is most certainly showing signs of aging.

1292 days ago



1292 days ago


I wonder how much smaller her butt became when the injected all that fat in her lips. Ever see the 2-1/2 Men episode where the brother's mom gets her lips injected with her butt fat? Too funny. Looked like this gal.

1292 days ago


Angelina used to be beautiful and talented.
Now she's a skeletal, baby pimping, child and country using, international embarassement, who hids her and brad-toys money in their "charity". A quick stop at a local orphanage, wave a few kids in front of a camera, and voila!- brangelina claim all their expenses, from private jet to nanny's to expensive villa's as a charity expense. It's a charity set up to bring awareness and constiting awareness is pretty much anything!

And why was she able to adopt Pax in a country that doeesn't allow common law women to adopt? Who oh who did she blow?!

Brad attracts only weirdos it seems, From Juliette to Jolie

1292 days ago


Re: Tara
Hate much?

1292 days ago


Whitney ***mings is SO much prettier than Jolie.

Hey.....BOTH Pitt and Jolie are skanky in my eyes. Pitt for cheating on his wife. Obviously the vows he took meant nothing to him. Jolie because she KNEW Pitt was married and cheated with him anyway. I've never watched either of their movies since and never will.

1292 days ago


Why every time a women dyes her hair dark brown is she compared to angelina jolie? also whitney is on chelsea lately and this picture of her looks wierd. not bad just a little off from what she looks like on tv.

1292 days ago


Whitney looks like her face has botox in it.
Looks like it can't move, she looks like she's made of plastic.
She looks awful!
That isn't the best picture of Angelina but AJ is a 1,000,000x better looking than this woman. (whoever she is)

1292 days ago


Angelina Rocks!
Ageless beauty.
The other girl has to earn it.

1292 days ago


Hey Tara @ 73, post your proof--the numbers about what you said about the charities.
Btw, do you slam anyone that adopts children? Because you do offend all that adopt--wherever they adopt.

Let's hope you don't ever have children, adopted or birthed unless you dump that baggage and hate.

1292 days ago


@ kickaboo
"Btw, do you slam anyone that adopts children? Because you do offend all that adopt--wherever they adopt".

Adoption is a wonderful thing if it is done for the right reason, not to as a means to boost your tarnished public image.

Why does Angie only adopt perfect "children"? Why not adopt physically or mentally hadicapped kids? Kids w/ birth defects? With her means she could make a huge difference in the lives of children that are "less adoptable". Mia Farrow has adopted around 11 kids, many which are hadicapped. She also does not go around bragging about it or exploiting her kids in front of every available camera. The difference is she genuinely loves her kids.

1292 days ago


Yeah, Harvey or whoever Stephen and Kevin Huvane paid, they look so much alike. Do the Huvanes ever get tired of their nonsense? No wonder their number one gal has to resort to dogs sniffing her crotch and pushing pedophilia. From what was said about Kevin, he might want to leave the kids alone himself. Every publicist, agent and studio head needs the dirt exposed on them.

1292 days ago

how lame    

Charlotte, no way would you spend so much time obsessing over angelina jolie (example ur long ass post post) unless you are obsessed with her or her ugly baby daddy. My guess is you are absolutely cray cray for brad Pitt and you are jealous that angelina has kids with him. Typical fanatic behaviour ! Beiber fans, Charlotte is an example of who you don't want to become.

Posted at 5:25 PM on Mar 10, 2011 by how lame

OMG You are killing me with your foolishness! LOL. Brad is the poorest excuse for a man I have ever seen. He is Angie's biotch! He gave up his cojones when he left Jen. Speaking of obsessed please leave poor Justin Beiber alone he is just a little boy. Don't be a pedo! Fantasize about someone your own age.
I'm 18 in two months. Loser! Obviously you think I'm your age. whatever age that is. probably about 45- 55. .. old crazy and obsessed.

1292 days ago
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