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Gallagher's Stage Collapse -- Caught on Tape

3/11/2011 10:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Comedian Gallagher collapsed on stage during a performance in Minnesota Thursday night ... and the scary moment was all captured on video. 

Gallagher Stage Collapse Video
The footage -- shot in Rochester, Minnesota at Whiskey Bones Road House -- shows Gallagher slam something with his sledgehammer ... then hunch over and fall backwards onto the stage.

Moments after Gallagher hits the ground, people from the audience ran on stage to help.  He was transported to Saint Mary's Hospital shortly after the incident.

A rep for Gallagher tells TMZ he is awake this morning, feeling weak, but his spirits are good.  Doctors have not yet determined what happened.

UPDATE: Gallagher's manager tells TMZ he will cancel his next few shows, scheduled for tonight and tomorrow, and the rest of his upcoming schedule is up in the air ... depending on how he checks out. There is no timetable for his release.

We're also told Gallagher is awake, making jokes, laughing and his spirits are really high.


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There's never a silver lining to anything bad, or is there. That being said, he was performing in Rochester MN better known as the "Med City" home of the world renowned Mayo Clinic, so there was sure to be at least a couple doctors and nurses in the audience. Mayo is known for being number one in Cardiology so he is getting some of the best care in the world. I live in the Rochester area and am grateful everyday for being a part of such a fine institution...

1286 days ago


'Sorry this happened to him, but... NEXT!

1286 days ago


This guy is always on the lists of the worst comedians of all time. If you need to smash fruit to get people to come to your show, or like carrot top and need a prop bag, or jeff dunham and need a puppet, its because they are unfunny but have a gimmick. He isnt funny, and he told a joke after Ted Kennedy died where he said that "Ted Kennedy had this brain tumor removed so he could have a hole in his head like his broth john"


1286 days ago


With so many negative comments about him, primarily in the original post of this incident, negative comments about meeting him in public--how just awful and rude and insincere of a man he is to the public---maybe some time "resting" can be some much needed reflective takes a toll on ones heart and system to use so much negative energy to be miserable to well meaning people...I cant stand celebrities who project this onstage persona of all loving and wonderful and accepting, and in real life they are rude, selfish, boorish and bad mannered.

May his Management Team take a cue from some of the folks who have posted here, if he himself doesnt get the message during his "reflective time" while flat on his back and undergoing tests---that you truly do only go around once, and being rude and mean to the innocent will shorten that ride.

1286 days ago


From somone in the audiance...he was drunk as a skunk.

1286 days ago


Half you people commenting are stupid. Most of the audience were probably Mayo Clinic, St. Mary's, and Methodist hospital employees. He was in excellent hands the moment he collapsed. Ya notice nobody hesitated to help & immediately took action? THAT is how Minnesotan's roll! I should know - I live there!

1286 days ago


@Justis - Yeah, why would he put it down when a) someone else would have been calling--probably lots of someones and b)you cannot toss a rock in this town without hitting a doctor or nurse. Surely there were several that were up onstage helping him.

1286 days ago


Hope he is alright. He is a wonderful funny person. Don't have many funny folks like him anymore. Get well soon Gallagher.

1286 days ago


gallagher is 1. a douche and b. not funny.

1286 days ago


From someone in the audience...he was drunk as a skunk.

1286 days ago


The guy is a self-righteous d-bag. I used to work at a hotel in Seattle when he was in town performing. He came to us to try and get a room. We were sold out. Literally every room was full. The guy literally throws a "Don't you know who I am?" tantrum expecting us to kick someone else OUT of their room. Class act.

1286 days ago


Hope he is okay. But, as has been mentioned, he is a homophobe and a racist. Check out the Marc Maron podcast he did about a month or so ago. He walks out in the middle of it when Marc presses him on these issues.

1286 days ago


You've got to wonder about a guy who can't score better seats than that for a Gallagher concert in Minnesota.

1286 days ago


Hope the best for Him, Gallagher is one of the funniest comics around, I saw him live a few years ago, and really he could loose the sledge-o-matic and he would still be putting on one of the best shows around.

1285 days ago


Get well (Leo) "Gallagher" It was nice to see you in Florida two years ago at the Kravis Center and the restaurant in Wellington the night before. I was hoping to see you Mar 25 in Boca Raton. Feel better, I know you'll be back on stage soon.

1285 days ago
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