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Protective Order

Allows Oksana

to Tape Mel!

3/11/2011 7:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The judge in the Mel Gibson case issued a protective order as part of Mel's no contest plea, and part of the order allows Oksana Grigorieva to record Mel ... if he does anything threatening.

Pretty ironic, but according to the order, "The protected persons may record any prohibited communications made by the restrained person."

The order claims Mel is prohibited from threatening, harassing, striking, stalking or following Oksana.  It also prohibits Mel from blocking Oksana's movements.

Once burned ....


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As someone said above, if any child is in danger, do not try to stop this person from harming the child...apparently it is against the law to try to protect your baby from harm or danger!

also, all you gold diggers go to LA find a wealthy man and take him for all his is quite apparent any form of blackmail is seen as negotiation as long as you hire an attorney...even record whoever you are blackmailing and make alterations to the tapes and use it against him.

1290 days ago


Grigorieva is prohibited from threatening, harassing, striking, stalking or following MEL and his family. It also prohibits grigorieva from blocking MEL GIBSON and his wife Robin/children's movements.

Posted at 3:08 PM on Mar 11, 2011 by anonym

I bet Mel was quite pleased with this order.

1290 days ago

M. Gabriel    

Heres something that stood out in that do***ent ......

"Lucia Grigorieva-Gibson"

Why would the whore use her ex-husbands name as part of Lucia's name rather than her own maiden name??? Doesn't make any sense! But then neither does she!

1290 days ago


I bet Mel was quite pleased with this order.

Posted at 3:12 PM on Mar 11, 2011 by angelika466
I agree! A legal reason to stay away from her that she brought on herself.

Now what's she going to do? Maybe whine for more child support so she can pay her lawyer bills.

1290 days ago


M. Gabriel -
Hiya :)
Grigorieva is Miss Oksana's mother's maiden name. Miss Oksana took it as her last name last time she changed it.

1290 days ago


From Wisconsin to LA, From the governor to DA, this country has become so corrupt that now these politicians are blatant with their corrupt behavior without any thought to the people of this country...we deserve better...we deserve the best..not these corrupt politicians who all they care about is working for the few, those that can line their pockets...

i am so disgusted at the obvious blatant travesty committed by the DA in this whole extortion case as well as the woman scorned behavior against Mel and his family!

1290 days ago

M. Gabriel    

@ Curious: Thank you for clearing that up for me! Still doesn't make sense though! LMAO! Whats wrong with her fathers name?

1290 days ago


M. Gabriel -
Anytime :)

Apparently "Chernukha" has a negative "gypsy" connotation. Miss Oksana has changed her name few times in her long history of . . . .whatever.

I'm wondering how long it will take for a new series of "tapes" to suddenly appear. Of course, there are those pesky phone company records to prove whether or not a call was actually made.

1290 days ago

Fidel's niece    

M. Gabriel,

in England,she also used other names

Sasha Chernukha,
(for 3 low budget movies
she claims she appeared in, in England)

and also Sana,
(The vicar's son she dated in Shoreham
said that in an interview)

She is a grifter...

***Team Mel***

1290 days ago


Oksana = Innocent WInner!

Melanoma = Guilty Loser!

1290 days ago


"Lucia Grigorieva-Gibson" I never saw Lucia's name listed like this, I wonder if Oksana is pushing for this to keep her name relevant. In the past it has always been "Lucia Gibson."

I hope Mel gets an order he can tape her also.

1290 days ago


Mel is so fried when all the truth comes out!

1290 days ago


She is a money grubbing ho. She set Mel up from the beginning. Let this be a lesson to the guys with their brains attached to their you know what.

1290 days ago

Fidel's niece    



I think Ok$a will install
a micro-mini tape recording equipment
in her temples, so she can record
every minute of her miserable existence.

'cause she is such a BIUTY!

P.S. her good buddy Jimmy da Wiesel
can help her, again!

***Team Mel***

1290 days ago


i certainly hope Mel does not let his guard down...if he thinks by copping this plea all of this will go away, he is mistaken...

just like the DUI 2006 supposed anti-semetic rant which he remembers nothing about but has publicly apologized, i wonder if in this case he has gotten the wrong/bad advice as well.
If anything else happens in the near future with the sociopath, i would not doubt it, since he now has a criminal past, she can claim this and that and he may be in trouble with the law based on what she says...and we all know she can make up stories without batting an eye...

just think perhaps he should have tried to fight this in front of a jury and let everything come out esp all that the gold digger has and will put him and his family through!

Dam if he does and Dam if he doesn't!

1290 days ago
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