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Mel Gibson

Pleads No Contest


3/11/2011 8:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson just entered a plea of no contest to a charge of simple battery ... and with a little community service and counseling ... it's like nothing ever happened.

Mel's no contest plea relates to a domestic situation in which the alleged victim had a child with her.

031111_mel_arrival_small_videoMel's entered what's called a "West Plea" -- which means he is allowed to maintain his innocence.

Under the plea agreement, Mel will do NO jail time.  He must perform 16 hours of community service with a philanthropic organization, Mending Kids, and undergo 52 weeks of counseling -- he's been seeing a counselor since January but will not get credit for the accrued time.

Beyond that ... Mel is required to have only "peaceful contact" with Oksana Grigorieva -- it's the same order he's under in the family law custody case.

Mel was placed on 36 months informal probation. One of the terms of probation -- he cannot use force or violence against anyone. He was also hit with a protective order that gives Oksana the right to record their calls.

Mel's lawyer, Blair Berk, told the judge her client entered the plea in the interests of his children -- so they wouldn't have to endure a one-year legal fight, and that's why he entered the plea.



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Come on! he is an abusive jerk, we all heard the recordings! He's just doing this so he can fade into the back round and out of the spot light. Anyone who treats a human this way can not be a good parent, what an example he would be for a kid!

Posted at 5:02 AM on Mar 12, 2011 by Andrea Gonzalez

he isnt going to be able to fade anywhere
the custody and support has to be dealt with, and then there will be the civil suit. prepare for another 12-18 months of drama.

and in between, you know the gibson pics from her computer are going to end up leaked to the tabloids

1265 days ago


What a mess Mel got himself into. And it's not over yet. What kind of work could Oksana do that pays better than bearing the children of celebrities? Not that I'm a fan of Mel Gibson, but what kind of mother releases such damaging tapes, knowing that one day the child will be old enough to be exposed to all the gossip? Definitely, a ruthless opportunist. I'm sure OG doesn't really care what the public thinks of her. Just give her the money.

1265 days ago


I love that Mel was charged and Oksana was not! Mel lost by pleading no contest and receiving a sentence. He did get three years probation so he will probably violate it by driving drunk or physically hurting someone else. What TMZ failed to mention since they are totally on Mel's side is that his counseling is domestic violence counseling. It is disgusting that his measly 16 hours of community service is with his wife's charity! He should have spent time in jail. Oksana had evidence he gave her a concussion. MEL PLEAD NO CONTEST BECAUSE HE KNEW OKSANA'S SON WAS GOING TO TESTIFY AS A WITNESS. It was NOT because he was concerned about his kids. If he was concerned about them he never would have punched her which he did. I do not believe she shook the baby and their is no proof of that! Mel lost and Oksana won! Yea!

1265 days ago


Mel is an abusive, misogynist, racist, antisemitic homophobic prick who thinks there is nothing wrong with beating women and that is the same thing I think about all the stupid sleazy Mel supporters. I am sure if they were punched and given a concussion like he did to Oksana they would be singing a different tune. The horrible Sheriff's office who are good friends with Mel wasted their time for many months trying to fabricate evidence that she extorted him and then the DA did not charge her. I am so glad. The sheriff's office need to be ashamed of themselves and need to all be fired for wasting taxpayers money. I hope Mel violates his probation and goes to jail. I am so glad he has this no contest plea to domestic violence on his record too. I think Oksana will win her civil case too.

1265 days ago


This really is a good deal for Mel. He's not being inconvenienced in any way. The counseling will be good for him, and obviously he feels he needs it. Community service of 16 hours isn't much, and it's great that he will be helping Robyn's charity. The fines weren't much. Informal probation; I don't really know what that is, but it could be something like calling in to a probation officer and not having to go into an office. The protective order is standard, and hopefully he will stay clear of OG. OG is toxic.

Posted at 11:38 PM on Mar 11, 2011 by fuddyduddy


Fuddy, reading your posts (well, except for a few!) has been one of the best parts of this experience the last few months. I have very high regard for your opinions.

But I see what I see here, and that tie-less, forlorn, and (I suspect) somewhat sedated man we saw Friday afternoon has had it. I don't think he is making the choices he wants to make, but accepting the inevitable to spare his loved ones and colleagues further indignities.

Three years of that informal probation means three years of having those counseling reports leaked too TMZ and ROL. You heard that he had to wave confidentiality for his counseling and have it regularly reported to the court. Harvey was probably on the phone arranging to get the first report while Mel was signing the paperwork.

The very public humiliation for Mel will continue now for at least three years. And he is going to look ever more zombie-ish as time passes.

Posted at 11:53 PM on Mar 11, 2011 by Midwesterner

Hello, Middie! Thank you for your kind words. I have also enjoyed your posts all these months, and I am glad we were able to get past some of our disagreeable posts. I have great respect for your opinions and theories, and there have been a number of times when have really made me think about things. I like that. :)

Mel may have taken a plea bargain to spare his family and colleagues. It may have also been strategic. I think Blair Berk is one heck of a good attorney. If you look at her track record, she is a go-to type of lawyer when you are in some real trouble.

I think Harvey was surprised that Mel wasn't wearing a tie, but he was wearing a suit.

I don't know if Mel takes medications or not. Mel seemed like he was attentive, but he seemed tired and that's understandable. He just made a trip to Guatemala, and one report had him climbing one of the pyramids there, so I would imagine that he is somewhat tired from all of that. I would be.

What some people don't realize, and I do because I've been through a messy divorce and custody battle, is that going through a legal battle will wear you down physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. It is hard to go through when the litigation is contentious. I am sure all of this has taken a toll on Mel. Plus, consider that his life is out there for the public to scrutinize.

I think that the waiver of confidentiality that you reference is standard. The doctor has to be allowed by law to share with Mel's probation officer that he is attending counseling, etc. Otherwise, the doctor would not even be allowed to state anything about Mel. So, no worries there.

I don't think there will be any leaks about his probation reports. Not at all. And from my understanding about probation, it just a matter of checking in with your probation officer and letting him/her know that you are abiding by the terms of probation and nothing more.

Actually, there have been some photographs that I have seen of Mel and he looks better (I think) then he did when he attended some of the red carpet events with OG. To me, it just looked like he was going through the motions with OG. The photos of him from when he took his sons fishing was great. THAT looked like Mel.

1265 days ago


Mels biggest problem is that he will have to deal with Oksana for many years to come. He cant totally get her out of his life.Oksana is a black widow, "she kills and eat him"....

1265 days ago


Shame that he will not in jail,but he still is punished enough and to spare.His career is over, his reputation is destroyed,most people thinks that he is abuser and idiot, he lost his appearance completely and looks like a trash now, he never will have any other normal relationship with woman. He lost everything

1265 days ago

John Doe    

Who in the hell really gives a rat's ass. There is justice for the rich, injustice for the middle class and the poor, and a different kind of justice altogether for personalities and celebrities. The system is corrupt; has been for decades. Until we purge the judicial system and re-engineer the process, it's the way it's going to be.

Mel should go to prison like any other individual who accepts the plea. No exceptions. The bimbo is likely just as much to blame and to consider her a victim is ludicrous. You just have to remember an old axiom: women are victims; men are perps. That will not change until we change it.

1265 days ago


the custody and support has to be dealt with, and then there will be the civil suit. prepare for another 12-18 months of drama.

and in between, you know the gibson pics from her computer are going to end up leaked to the tabloids

Posted at 6:31 AM on Mar 12, 2011 by TMZgossip

Oksana will be a millstone around the his neck forever. Co-parenting is a ploy by Oksana. Anyone that has gone though a difficult breakup with children involved, knowns this to true.

1265 days ago






1265 days ago


So Charlie Sheen, who has plead guilty twice to battery with injury (both against women), as well as making racist rants and shooting another woman (supposedly accidentally), along with drug and alcohol use problems gets a "free pass" from the press and the public? And Mel Gibson, who makes a plea agreement (does not plea guilty, nor admits guilt) one time, makes a racist rant when under the influence (and apologizes) is totally demonized by the media and public? What goes???
If Gibson is indeed deemed to be so BAD, then Sheen is even worse, and they both should be barred or shunned forever; not one (Sheen) given a pass and the other (Gibson) thrown to the wolves. Which one is really worse??? Do ya think????

1265 days ago


Malignant Mel and Crazy Charlie Sheet belong in the same nut hatch. I would be most happy to never hear either of their names ever again. Put them in the same room, let them kill each other, we woul all be better off without both of them.

I hate Mel Gibson and I'm just sick and tired of hearing about Charlie Sheen.

1265 days ago


@ JWalking

Don't forget that Mel is still paying for his anti-semitic comments when he was drunk years ago. DRUNK not sorber ( I have to repeat this because people don't get it).

It's quite unfair, uh?

1265 days ago


Mel's plead should read not guilt.

1265 days ago


Oksana is a gold digger. I pity Mel Gibson, that woman is ruthless.

1265 days ago
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