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MJ Estate to Alejandra -- MOVE OUT ALREADY!!!

3/11/2011 10:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The MJ Estate has once again asked a judge to force Alejandra Jackson to move out of the family's Hayvenhurst estate ... and they're demanding she take her kids with her!!


Lawyers for the estate just filed a response to Alejandra's request to stay in the house indefinitely ... in which the estate once again makes the point .. she's an UNWANTED house guest with no legal leg to stand on.

Alejandra -- who has children with both Randy and Jermaine Jackson -- has refused to leave ... arguing, among other things, that Michael would have wanted her to stay there.

Alejandra has claimed the estate has tried to literally starve her out of house and home ... by removing all of the food from the property and changing the locks on her.

A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

Stay tuned.


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Glenda in Texas    

I thought the Hayvenhurst house was being renovated? Btw, this topic is silly. I doubt this back and forth issue with this woman isn't the truth.

1286 days ago


She needs to move out and get a job. She thinks that she is entitled to MJ's and Katherine's money just because she married Randy and Jermaine.

1286 days ago


they didn't seem to mind her presence while the boys were passing her around

1286 days ago

Anony Moose    

@fufu "Why does it matter if Michael would have wanted her there or not? It's Katherine's house, not Michael's."

Actually, Michael owned the property. Just because he didn't physically live there doesn't mean anything. That is why his executors now have a say of what happens there. With that said, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want this skank squatting in the house he purchased for his mother. Otherwise, he would have included her in the will. Can't wait to see if TMZ gets footage of Alejandra bring thrown out on the street. She was already offered a modest condo to go away but apparently that isn't good enough for her.

Also, if Michael's executors already tried changing the locks on her, how did she regain entry?

1286 days ago


She obviously has some dirt on the family, otherwise it would be a no brainer to call the police and have her escorted off the premises. But seriously, how horrible could her "dirt" be considering how wierd the world considers that family to begin with. Kick her to the curb and let her yap away. No one really cares at this point.

1286 days ago


Randy and Jermaine should get off their asses, get jobs at RALPHS boxing groceries and finally support their evil spawns. Everyone in that family has had their hand in MJ's deep pockets for far too many years. They are cliches....lazy black men.

1286 days ago


MJ would have wanted a lot of things, many of which would not be considered legal.

1286 days ago

OMGenough already    

So let me get this straight....She screws around with 2 different brothers,then expects the 3rd, deceased brother, to support her scank azz....hmmmm classy.

1286 days ago


It's MJ's estate and Katherine gets an allowence no matter what she has does not have any bearing on the estate.

It's true she is squatting. Unless the estate allows her to stay she will be physically removed. Grand kids or not she is not welcomed and has no legal right of anykind.

1286 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

It's not like they are trying to throw her out in the street. They offered to get the whore her own place. She's the type folks gotta take a hit out on for crying out loud.

1286 days ago


Move out you gold digging whore!

1286 days ago


Jermaine or whoever the sperm-donor is needs to pick up the tab on this family...we would all like to live in a mansion with no responsability, eat and live for free...don't work that way. She is unwanted, she should leave.

1286 days ago


She had children with 2 of the Jackson brothers? I bet she thought she was going to be taken care of for the rest of her life getting knocked up by 2 Jacksons. Dumb woman. Why didn't the brothers use a condom? Stupid men. Jermaine and Randy should be taking care of this woman and their kids. I can't believe she won't leave. I can't believe Jermaine and Randy won't MAN UP and take care of their business for their Mother's sake. What a messed up family. I feel for Michael's children in the middle of this mess.

1286 days ago


according to this womans court papers, katherine wants her to stay and had put in writing some time ago when jermaine couldnt pay , offered this place up for her. she claims that made her an agent for michael jackson so he had agreed to it through his mother..
but the estate is supposed to clear everything up for his heirs .so it is their job to get her out..

she is probably just holding out for money and a house on the estate,
what a stressful situation.
poor mj had this garbage his whole life..

1286 days ago


I agree with #10 (Kari)-Why in the hell would you want to stay somewhere in which you are clearly NOT wanted. I guess because she takes her "grifting" job seriously! What a piece of work this one is...GET OUT WOMAN!

1286 days ago
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