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Oksana Grigorieva

NOT Charged

3/11/2011 5:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva will NOT be charged with felony extortion by the L.A. County District Attorney ... TMZ has learned.

Oksana Not Charged

The extortion investigation was launched in connection to the $15 million deal she signed -- and then rejected -- during child custody mediation with Mel Gibson in May, 2010.

In the deal, Oksana was promised a house, assets and other goodies ... plus the guarantee she wouldn't release the infamous audio tapes.

A rep for Grigorieva released a statement saying in part, "Ms. Grigorieva will now concentrate on co-parenting Lucia, resuming her charitable work for the children of Chernobyl and moving forward with her life."



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amazing !! this case resolved exactly the opposite way round from what most wingnuts on here said it would !! She walks she ought to ...and he is charged as he ought to be , but not with enough . He walked really.So we are supposed to think that the story about LIndsay is true?? Dont think so..

1289 days ago


Just because people "walk free" doesn't mean they're innocent. Look at OJ.

Ox is walking away with substantially less than she could have had if she had kept her flapper shut. But now the world knows her game and her sleazy tactics.

She'll be like Lindsay... eventually she'll trip herself up again because narcissists are emboldened by seeming "victories" and they believe their invincible and they ratchet up their tactics each time believing their own press.

Eventually they go so far people HAVE to notice.

And now that the legal stuff seems to be winding down, I believe the REAL leaks will emerge... from Mel's side. And it will probably be as devastating to the shreds of Ox's reputation as a trial would have been. Some battles are won in a courtroom. And when the courts are corrupt... it leaves other battles to be won in the real world. Narcissists often win in the courtroom because their tactics are tailor made for the discovery and legal process... they manipulate judges, testimony and witnesses and play the system like a fiddle.

But out in the real world, around people they can't control... the real picture emerges.

All those people she doesn't "need" now will be dropped like hot rocks. The people who saw the real her will be avoided. She will enrage some who think she owes them gratitude for the part they played in helping her. She will show them nothing. They'll feel used and start talking.

Just watch. And let the games begin. This may be her high water mark. All of Mel's friends who were asked to remain silent during the pendency of the case probably won't stay quiet forever.

Mel's real fans will flock to his next movies. And rent his old ones.

She fouled her own nest in Hollywood. And she's stuck there now. For the next 17 years. In a town where she made enemies.

1289 days ago


One word... BULLSH*T

1289 days ago


What is wrong with some of you people? Is it right with all of the evidence against this woman she is going to get away with extortion and other crimes? Can you imagine how corrupt the DA's office must be to let this go and that doesn't bother you? Its disgusting and you really are no better!

I'm not in love with Gibson, haven't seen all of his movies but I CAN see injustice and that is what has just happened!!!

1289 days ago


Peggy: "Thank you for calling suicide helpline, my name is Peggy. What is problem please"
Team LUNATIC peon: "peggy? sure. It looks like Oxy isn't being charged"
Peggy: "Yes?"
Team LUNATIC peon: "Are you saying yes, or are you asking yes?"
Peggy: "Yes"
Team LUNATIC peon: "Peggy?? Peggy"


1289 days ago


1 hour until this is OVER for Mel.

1289 days ago


When OG proposed using domestic violence as an issue to raise the settlement ante; that was problematic because lawyers are not allowed to threaten action based on criminal acts to gain an advantage in civil litigation.
Also, OG stated, if the opposition is "buying my silence," meaning she was agreeing to not release the tapes if she was paid; fits every element of extortion. If she is not charged at the state level, there should definitely be some type of investigation at the federal or state level(state attorney general's office or U.S. Attorney's office) to figure out why she wasn't charged given the overwhelming evidence against Oksana.
Posted at 1:50 AM on Mar 4, 2011 by Alan

1289 days ago



Oksana has TIgerblood

Malignant Mel drinks Beaverjuice

1289 days ago


So, if I want, I can drag someone's name through the mud, illegally tape someone, make-up different stories and have total disregard for the law and I get to walk....Nice legal system we have!

I hope future skanks get away with the same sh#t in the future. It will serve the California legal system right. What a joke!

1289 days ago


I just knew she wouldn't be charged.

1289 days ago


Peggy: "Thank you for calling suicide helpline, my name is Peggy. What is problem please"
Team LUNATIC peon: "peggy? sure. It looks like Oxy isn't being charged"
Peggy: "Yes?"
Team LUNATIC peon: "Are you saying yes, or are you asking yes?"
Peggy: "Yes"
Team LUNATIC peon: "Peggy?? Peggy"


Posted at 12:33 PM on Mar 11, 2011 by TMZgossip
Whats in YOUR wallet?

1289 days ago


Carma is very close to caught this whore. Live and afraid aging ugly bitch
Mel, you were sooooo correct by dumping this gypsy.
Good luck, Mel and your wonderful family!!!!!!

1289 days ago


She is such a liar...oh yeah, I remember now from that TMZ video, it's not about the money, it's about saving the life of her daughter. Yet, communications she sent to EG state that she wanted to renegotiate the 'monetory'.

I hope that the next step is the Feds. The AG might be good, but the AG in CA also accepts donations for his campaign, so again, I am just not too trusting of the AG. The Feds would not have a political or financial interest in the matter.

1289 days ago


I guess the DA thinks Mel just offered her $1 million for the tapes out of the blue and for no reason. Whatever!! She's a dsgusting heifer and will get hers in the end.

1289 days ago


California Celebrety Justice at its worst... but the DA and sheriff [world's biggest joke] office had a field day in the limelight, wasting the taxpayers money who are too busy being high to know they're be screwed by their courts... but I bet the common folks, who are sitting in jail for 10th of the stunts pulled by Ox... know how eff-up the system is.

Ox is so glad to have slipped out of that mess that she's is laying low [for awhile], she will devise another scheme to pump some money out of Mel, either that or her buddy, the good Judge Gordon will make sure she's hooked-up.

1289 days ago
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