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Rachel Uchitel -- Deadeye Private Eye

3/11/2011 7:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' #1 mistress Rachel Uchitel will shoot your freaking face off -- because the future private investigator is mastering the tricks of the trade ... and turns out she's got a deadeye.031111_TV_uchitel_still

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Dear Rachel Uchitel:

Normally, a "Private Investigator" is PRIVATE...meaning someone who is not easily recognized in public; NOT someone who has paparazzi following them around!!!


1321 days ago


She's still an attentionwhore, emphasis on wh*re. She can take all the classes she wants, but she will always be remembered as tiger woods sidepiecewhore who extorted $10 million out of him with help from her sc*msucking lawyer WHOREia allred...

1320 days ago


You too can have your very own P.I. license...just give us a call at 1-800-crackerjax

She would have done better if the target had a crotch

To be serious though...that was lousy form for anyone to be taught...especially by so-called experts. Should be in a 60/40 stance for better stability and preperation to move fast if needed. Yeah...not needed on a target range...but if you are going to practice, then practice what you'll really need to no.

Oh, and I really thought that when the instructor said "check it", she was going to look down the barrel : )

1320 days ago


This woman is INSTANTLY recognized and could not ever be a working PI. Particularly now since she's announced to the world what she intends to do. If you saw her around after this, you'd KNOW what she was doing.

Really Rach? You have 10 mil (or atleast 7 mil) in the bank after paying old Gloria and you are going to work at this? This is a seedy life for a millionaire.

I think she's playing with us here....

1320 days ago


#4 You are correct about the stance, but there is another element to this....she should have to fire at moving targets. In real life she wouldn't be afforded the luxury of having someone stop and stand still for her while she is shooting at them.

Actually there are a couple of other stances - this coming from ex-military, thank you very much. Some of you men who think you know so much would be surprised that most military women, active duty or veterans, could shoot your ass off.

1320 days ago



1320 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Skanky fugly AIDS-infected whores should not be allowed to play with guns. Rachel will kill somebody soon, hopefully herself.

1320 days ago


Whoaaa #7 that was pretty harsh :P :P

Lets go with #1 lol

Why doesnt she just become a police officer or be in high profile security. Or go do missionary work overseas .. she needs to do something else with her life

1320 days ago

Bill Leslie    

Give up the big barrel revolver and go with a smaller semi. You're working LV/LA not Iraq.

1319 days ago


How angry do you have to be inside - to be so ugly to someone you don't even know. If you had watched the show, you would have found out that her fiance was killed in the World Trade Center terrorist attack. Are all other family and loved ones of the ones who perished off-limits but she is not? Have you checked out each and everyone of them to find out how their life has been since 9-11? I didn't think so. Until you have walked a mile in their shoes, you have no right to judge. Leave her alone. All women should learn how to defend themselves, or is she not allowed because she screwed up and had sex with the almighty Tiger Woods? We all need to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We all need to not sweat the small stuff and take the high road. I think #7 needs treatment.

1319 days ago


wonder how many shots to the face she took?

1309 days ago

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