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Charlie Sheen Tour -- Sold Out in 18 Minutes!

3/13/2011 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has won the Internet again -- his upcoming mini-tour sold out in just 18 minutes ... and now he's planning on adding extra shows.

We're told the time is a Ticketmaster record and that Charlie will be adding additional tour stops some time in the near future.

Charlie's official website says $1 from every ticket sold will go to the Red Cross to help victims from the earthquake in Japan.

Sheen celebrated the sell out in typical Sheenist fashion, saying via Twitter: "Fastball; Detroit/Chicago sold out in minutes... Thanks to Sheen's Cadre..! #WINNING c"


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Lame TMZ    

kingborg, go check ebay you putz, the tickets are selling for more than face value, a lot more. Ticketmaster sold out, now 3rd parties are cashing in. Tickets were super cheap. Stub hub has a ton but mostly 3rd party vendors. Ebay is clearly showing a trend of people paying more than FACE value. That is a fact. I don't even like him but people coming in here and lying is sad and pathetic. Site your sources but what should people expect reading "new" on this site, it is worse than fox news. They follow famous people around for a living then make up facts, only in America would something so ridiculous be perceived as a credible source of information.

1317 days ago


hey lame tmz can you read? i said scalpers bought out the show. please learn to read before you try to flame someone! man you are a clueless fool!
and your post saying theres not a 1000 tickets on ebay my god can you count? 3 pages of 200 auctions alot of those are 2 3 and 4 tickets EACH! dam you are stupid.

1317 days ago


tm is not sold out!

1317 days ago


@Lame TMZ, you're exposing yourself as either a paid poster or just plain stupid. Either way, your rants are hilariously ridiculous.

1317 days ago

Lame TMZ    

There are also 2 shows putz. Yet you can't even comment that they are selling for more than their cost. You're the ****ing idiot directing wasted energy at something you will never accomplish. Maybe Lady Gaga ticket prices should be your next topic to debunk since you solved why Sheen tickets are selling for more than they cost. Demand>Supply or is that too ****ing hard for you to comprehend. Now shut the **** up

1317 days ago


If true story - It's probably a scam. He may use his "company" or syndication to buy up all the tickets then announces it's sold out then donate or give away the tickets to help fill up the joint. He's probably hoping he can get some dummies to bite once.

1317 days ago


He probably bought up all the tickets.

1317 days ago

Lame TMZ    

If TM was not sold out then you would buy some to sell if you had any ****ing common sense. They are selling at more than their cost on ebay. Think of this maybe since your brain is damaged from too much semen or something. Would you pay to fly to Jersey if you knew the Hindenburg was going to blow up the day it did? How about hanging out in Hawaii during events of Pear Harbor? People will pay anything to see something ****ing up or just idiotic to say they did. That's our society as humans in America. People want to see Charlie Assclown because they are amused by him. Even if it ranting about being a ****ing warlock. Wealthy tea baggers cut checks in the amount of teacher's monthly salary to eat and listen to Sarah Palin talk, now that is a ****ing tragedy.

1317 days ago


@bytimid, I think you're probably correct.

@lametmz, you are much too ridiculous to be taken seriously.

1317 days ago


This thread is more amusing than these shows will be and if you think these shows actually "SOLD" out, you are higher than Sheen is.

Go Reds!

1317 days ago

Lame TMZ    

Joaquin Phoenix tried it to promote himself and just looked like an idiot because it was fake. Charlie is acting crazy while attacking important people who probably actually trusted him with sensitive information because oh it's Charlie, he's ****ing crazier than me so why would he give a ****. I think he wants everyone at his attention and look where we are. Yes, the butt of a lot of jokes and humiliation but the public at his finger tips. He is simply setting the groundwork for something deeper. I think it is only a matter of time before he just starts telling stories and naming names of people doing ****ed up **** and pretending they're God in the public eye. Charlie has been crazy since he was born and people have made money off him. Now it's his turn he thinks to use them and profit. It's not about the money to him, it is his sick logic.

1317 days ago


CHARLIE SHEEN wishes he had 18 minutes of S A N I T Y so he could feel the difference.

1317 days ago


All the hater who wishing Charlie bad will need to look in the mirror it maybe you who take the fall. You never know when it's the person's time to go. You can't read the future, it could be you or a love one, so be careful of what you say!!!!!

Posted at 11:16 PM on Mar 12, 2011 by Denisse


1317 days ago


Wait 'till he finds out how hard it is to be up on a stage for an hour with new and interesting witticims. Wait 'till he finds out how fickle and audience is and how hard it is to tour.

Gonna be a lot of temptation to slip over the edge into drugs and drinking...

1317 days ago


What is he going to do ?????????

1317 days ago
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