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Charlie Sheen Tour -- Sold Out in 18 Minutes!

3/13/2011 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has won the Internet again -- his upcoming mini-tour sold out in just 18 minutes ... and now he's planning on adding extra shows.

We're told the time is a Ticketmaster record and that Charlie will be adding additional tour stops some time in the near future.

Charlie's official website says $1 from every ticket sold will go to the Red Cross to help victims from the earthquake in Japan.

Sheen celebrated the sell out in typical Sheenist fashion, saying via Twitter: "Fastball; Detroit/Chicago sold out in minutes... Thanks to Sheen's Cadre..! #WINNING c"


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"Gotta love Sheen"??? Are you kidding me? Why are we NOW enabling this spoiled garden variety drug addict??? How sad that this country has become a freak show.... watch him unwind and self destruct.... fun isn't it? GEEZUS this country has issues. No wonder we are in the state we are in with out economy, greed an pure ignorance in the form of reality shows and Sarah Palin. How pathetic we truly are.

1264 days ago

bring back recent posts    

..............NOBODY SPECIAL...she ran to bank with cheque for 30's...and it

1264 days ago


Agent Tokie, your name says it all. No doubt you bought a ticket to see that train wreck and have to justify yourself to us. As to what I did for Japan lately, probably the same thing YOU did! Moron!

1264 days ago


Would be absolutely wonderful if some of these ppl who had money could or would help some of us unfortunate ones at Some of us are looking at tragedies that we don't deserve. We've worked hard all our lives but some like me are looking at losing everything due to health ailments and life. If you can help please do. We just want to survive and make it.

No Food No Rent No Gas No Hope that's my story on please help a fellow American make it!

Posted at 7:07 PM on Mar 12, 2011 by notfamousorrich

Please tell me you posted this from a computer at a library. If not you don't know poor yet!

1264 days ago


I can still get tics online right now at ticketmaster. How is it "sold out"???????????????????????????????? WTF?????

1264 days ago


1 Buck for each ticket sold? That's all he will give? The Japanese people are going through unbelievable agony right now! I came on to TMZ to take a break from looking at photos of the devastation going on in Japan right now, and see this guy's mug again. Charlie Sheen isn't the only thing melting down right now.

1264 days ago

patricia adler    

next stop palm beach, are the best smartest guy than the people posting all the mean things. who is making money? pretty clever!

1264 days ago

Captain Balls    

WTF is he going to do on stage? A bunch of coke and some hookers? I say he brings his brother Emilio and they reenact scenes from their blockbuster hit "Men at Work."

1264 days ago


This guy might be nuts but,He sure knows how to work it.
Go ahead Charlie!!!!!!!

1264 days ago


ebay has 9 pages of scalper tickets. kingborg is right.

Sold out because scalpers not fans bought up the tickets.

1264 days ago


"I think that Charlie Sheen donating to the Red Cross is in good spirit of the other side of Charlie..and just hope he gets alot.."

Let see, if the Fox Theater holds say 5000 seats, and the other, assume the same, and he gives $1 to aid Japan.. wow $10K.. this from a guy who made what? $2million per weekly episode.. what a humanitarian.

1264 days ago


I'd rather see people take the $$ they spent on the tickets and donate that to the earthquake relief in Japan...or just burn it, cuz you sure as **** won't get anything of value for your money by encouraging this lunatic to keep spreading the crazy.

1264 days ago


I'll be shocked if these shows ever happen. As we've seen, he's not the most reliable when it comes to professional commitments.

1264 days ago


Proof that there really IS one born every minute! SUCKERS !!!

1264 days ago


The only time I will go see it is if the stage handlers wheeled his crackhead ass out on the stage on a dolly strapped in a straight jacket with the Silence of the Lambs face mask on and behind a giant wall of plexi-glass with holes drilled in it. Then force him snort an 8 ball worth of crack and then let him loose cause let's face it... that's the only time he will be winning is on Crack.

1264 days ago
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