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Charlie Sheen -- Cashing in on the Crazy

3/12/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has been all over the Internet these past few weeks, but there's never been an official home for all the warlocks to gather ... until now.

Sheen launched his official website last night, complete with its own unique rant video. The Vatican Assassin is using the site to sell tickets to his shows in Detroit and Chicago ... and to peddle a few t-shirts with his favorite Sheenisms. 

Charlie Sheen -- winning the Internet one step at a time.


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Barry Limbaugh    

Sheen definitely watched the movie "NETWORK" way too many times. He thinks he's the new Howard Beale. Big price to pay for going down that road in todays's digital reality world....which is the only weak little card he has left to play here for the next 30 days. Loser!

1260 days ago


No thanks.

1260 days ago


I would pay to see Chuckles stick his head into the "Microwave Max 3000" and turn it on high!

1260 days ago


I've watched the "backing up song" on youtube more than I have ever watched chuckles!

Thats some serious funny stuff right there!

3 mil hits cant be wrong!

1260 days ago


Chucky Cheen has a lot of competition on the internet!

Have a great day! Original video! Schmoyooooohooo!

1260 days ago


We have enough problems! - Detroit


TMZ...little minds think alike.

1260 days ago


Sheens pissed off because his bluff was called and he lost. He got fired. 2 million per episode and messed that up. The best gig on TV. Who knows maybe he can make more money doing this. Just won't be that quick.

Sheen has been using a thesaurus, a book of synonyms (different words saying the same thing). I caught that on his first rant.

Sheen hasn't said anything new.

1260 days ago

Anne Stearns    

Really? Instead of a tour, help the people of Japan. Some empathy of other people less fortunate is the humane thing to do. Not waste money on a tour to promote yourself.

1260 days ago


You think you are Mel Gibson .You are not.Charlie Sheen you are reality disorder.Do something good for yourself and go to the doctor.You are sick MAN

1260 days ago


The man only knows simple 5 word sentences and people are watching him and he gets paid 2 mil per episode. What kind of acting is this??? Are you all serious????
Don't you think something is wrong with our education in USA.
We are glorifying - drunks - drug addicts - whores- and every law life there is!It looks like they are the only one on TV and movies. It makes me puke.

1260 days ago


Celebrity Rehab to Charlie;

Therapist/Psychologist: "How do you feel Charlie?"
*Charlie shrugs nonchalant*
"Okay I guess, considering what those bastards did to me.."
"Mmmh. Okay...." *Silent contemplation*
"Let's try something. You see that vase there Charlie?"
*Points to vase*
"Whatever you do don't touch it. It's not what normal people do."
*Charlie walks over to the vase and lightly touches it with one finger.*
"This vase?"
"Yeah, that's the--Yeah don't--Try not to touch it Charlie."
*Charlie touches it with three fingers* "This one?"
"Y-yeah, that's the one. Try to refrain yourself from touching the vase, Charlie."
*Charlie lights a cigar and grabs the vase with one hand.*
"You did mean this one right? 'cause I like this vase."
"Charlie, please put the vase down."
*Charlie tests the weight of the vase by throwing it slightly in the air.*
"Why? I love this vase. This vase has character. It talks to me."
"Charlie put the vase."
*Charlie sticks the lit cigar behind his ear and juggles the vase with both hands.
"This vase loves me. Aren't you seeing this? It loves me."
*As Charlie continues to juggle the vase the cigar begins to move closer to his hair*
"Charlie, you'll get in trouble stop that."
*The vase is thrown higher. Charlie laughs maniacally*
"Don't you hear it cheer?! It all makes sense!"
*Charlie fumbles and breaks the vase.*
"****! Did you see that? Did you?"
*Charlie hair catches fire.*
*Therapist/Psychiatrist preparing statement; PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY*

*Charlie, with a fake wig, starts his own special collection of vases..*

You guess what is what. Hint; Common Sense might play a part...

1260 days ago


1260 days ago


celebrities strike back! well done. Now they get the money from the traffic and ads instead of making the gossip sites rich. LOL oh well .. what you wanna do, they are not stupid, they are famous for a reason , and talented : compared to the unknown geeks who profit from their image I'd say that there is no battle to win: the geeks will lose.

1260 days ago


Charlie will be "performing" at the Fox theater in Detroit. Tickets went on sale this morning and sold out in minutes. The theater holds 5,000 people. An hour after they went on sale there were just over 1,300 tickets listed on stubhub. It's now just over 3 hours and the number is now 1489. No one wants them they just thought they could make some money. I would bet that the show never happens but if it does people will be giving them away

1260 days ago



I hope at the least that would be his future. I think this guy is just going to explode one day/night, possibly killing himself or someone else.

TMZ...because little minds think alike.

Posted at 8:17 AM on Mar 12, 2011 by jim



1260 days ago
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