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Elton John -- It Rhymes with Bunt

3/12/2011 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elton John went OFF on a female photographer (not ours, luckily) -- calling her the biggest no-no word of them all ... and we're pretty confident she didn't deserve it.031111_TV_elton_still

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Elton John once phoned down to the front desk of a 5-star New York hotel in which he was staying and demanded that they change the weather - yes, the weather. This chubby little queen obviously lost touch with reality many years ago.

1289 days ago

Yep I said that    

This old bitch has always been like this, he gives old queens a bad name

1289 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

She waddles like a duck and her form fitting jacket and shorts are amusing haute couture.

Who cares what words people use? She doesn't have to like anyone. She can act out in public whenever she wants.

She's a has-been pop queen. LONG LIVE JUSTINE BIEBER - the new princess of POP!!!

1289 days ago


That was clearly not very nice but I have always loved Elton and his music.He just seems to get meaner with age.

1289 days ago


He should have told her "you Cant Understand Normal Thinking", thats what I a gives me a head start..

1289 days ago


hey elton!ever figure why you made all that money?its because someone paid to see you.some one gave you publicity.without that you would be just another struggling remember your roots when you act so rude to others.

1289 days ago


He's one to be calling anyone a c**t.

1289 days ago


He is just pissed off because he is fat now.

1289 days ago


What a creep - sorry but you don't need to be that way - not only is it what he said but how he said it - He seems to have a very caustic personality which is offensive. And I don't care if he has great classics in music, donated to charity or whatever - it doesn't give you a pass to be a bitch.

1289 days ago


In England, the meaning of "c**t" is usually more like "stupid a**" or "jerk" & guys even call other guys "c**t."

1289 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Too bad TMZ, I wish it had been you Elton went off on. My greatest wish is that it would have been directed at the leader of this pack. You provide a safe haven for idiots to come and curse, lie on, gossip about elderly people who do not deserve to be spoken of that way, so, yes, I wish it had been you, however you are probably immune to slurs.

These entertainers try to provide entertainment for us, and we watch for every little flaw, every mistake, every liar who desire to go off on an entertainer just because they are not a favorite to them. With this, you sit in your corner filled with drooling so called reporters that gets off when anything is said about someone whether it is true or not. You don't give a damn about truth, just about clicks, otherwise you would have some common decency and not let your site bash innocent, (court proven), people, ill people, people with beautiful souls that cannot yet handle your type of comments, and worse, when you and your rear kissing posters are found to be wrong about a subject you printed, you would curl up and die before you come back, explain the end, and tell the world how wrong you were.

Maybe next time it will be you and yours....AH's

1289 days ago

Claire (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)    

Elton you are a hero! And I know you don hate women. Elton is human, with good end bad days like everybody else. It's so hysterical hypocriet -like Americans can be- to blow things up to huge proportions. Cool down!

1289 days ago


we are talking about a female photographer,i would now and then also call her names if you see such a person over and over again to take your pictucte.
After being a star for over 35 years you might like to think that the public seen more then enough pictures already,a guy like Elton needs some privacy too.
I call most women c.nts also and not because none of them like to take pictures of me.

1289 days ago


John should be ashamed of himself. Does he lack self-control? Very childish display.

1289 days ago

Claire (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)    

@ Hape
Love your comment!

1289 days ago
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