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Jenny McCarthy Is Hot

3/12/2011 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

'Nuff said.



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Genghis Khan    

Wow! Jim Carrey is a moron, I'd be hittin that every night!

1284 days ago


As a pediatrician, I can tell you that this nutjob has done more to harm children than anyone in any American jail.

Don't even get me started on your fake evidence about the "harm of vaccinations." It's all crap. We've had an epidemic of Mumps in our hospital this year, and it's RIDICULOUS for that to happen in 2011.

And it's less Jenny's fault than that scam artist Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Glad he's in jail at least.
Yeah James is a Pediatrician....
Let the parents who live with Autism make that choice for their child. Gluten Free Casein Free changed our lives. How is it a bad choice to feed your child HEALTHY food and cut out fast food??
Also why is it in countries where vaccines are optional, they arent overrun by diseases? Because it's untrue and the only reason they are "Mandatory" (We believe in the Religious exemption) is because there is too much money to be made. Measles, Mumps and Rubella require bedrest and fluids, just like Chicken Pox, but since you're a "Dr" I'm sure you knew that already....
Jenny looks beautiful and has helped recover so many children from a life of Autism.

1284 days ago


That is definitely not Jenny McCarthy! Look closely at her smile and face!

1284 days ago


I would love to personally give her a pearl necklace to accessorize that chapeau.

1284 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

I like Jenny I think she is funny and from what people say that really know her she is a great friend to many people.

1284 days ago


Nobody has ever said Jim Carrey was smart, right? What a DOLT!

1284 days ago


I would light up that (a)ss like a crooked fireman. I would ride her like a bratty kid on a naughty pony. I would do to her what Samuel Jackson said he does in the un-cut script from 'True Romance' right before he gets robbed by Drexel . Then I would smoke some sherm and do alot more (m)other(f)uckin things. I would get right down on it. Jenny, call me.

1284 days ago


Jenny is crazy and without a conscience. She can't deal with the fact that her kid was effected by her own genetics and her plastic surgery close to her pregnancy, so of course her son's autism HAD to be the result of vaccines. Whatever. Crazy beeotch.

And she has had plastic surgery done to her "baby area". She had a c-section like so many other celebrities (because it's convenient ...) and she's had a tuck and dermabrasion on her midriff. Can't you tell? Get real, people.

1284 days ago

Jake the Snake    

Skank..Big time..Please..No class

1284 days ago


Yes, she's hot.

It's a shame she's killing children:

1284 days ago

Jake the Snake    

Sad. The best thing she ever did was to pose for playboy. Before she turned into a full fledged skank. No class, laughs about farting in the presence of others. No way is she a hot chick. Nasty, no manners, first class skank.. would not let her lick my *******. Although she would want to..

1284 days ago


I can't wait until all these people calling Jenny old are that age themselves. They'll look in the mirror and wish they looked like Jenny or her male counterpart.

1284 days ago

Jake the Snake    

Concur with Jake the snake.. She a skank with no class.

1284 days ago


She looks terrific!

1283 days ago



1283 days ago
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