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Arrest Warrant Issued for 'Kill Bill' Star

3/13/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops are on the hunt for "Kill Bill" star Michael Madsen ... who allegedly owes around $570,000 in child and spousal support debts ... TMZ has learned. 

According to court documents, Madsen failed to show up for a hearing in his child/spousal support case last week ... so the judge found him in contempt and issued a warrant for his arrest.

If the cops catch up with Madsen it's gonna cost him ... his bail has already been set at $26,000.


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This is pissed off ex-wife stuff who wants her money. His boys are living with him and seem well-care for, although he is bankrupt after supporting an ex-wife (or two), a present wife, a Mom, a niece, and 6 kids. Unfortunately, character actors in low-budget indie flicks which is mainly what he does don't make big money.

1321 days ago


TMZ really,you should already know where he is-he's hiding in Africa with Jermaine Jackson!!!!LOL
@LBjim,I agree the laws are strict for ordinary hard working men that don't pay support for their kids but,these so called celebrities seem to get away with it-WHY?
One law for the rich,and one for the poor.

1321 days ago


I'm sure if this was a Black male celeb, the tenor of this thread would have descended into Stormfront dot org, about how Black men don't take care of their kids and you can take the man out the ghetto, but not the ghetto out the man and the customary TMZ rants I read regularly. I also notice how the Charlie Sheens, Lindsay Lohans and other problem childs are given the benefit of the doubt, victims of bad parents or stage mothers, imploded under the hot spotlight of fame etc, etc. Black celebs have to be inherently fuched by design, when similar stories are posted to TMZ. America the beautiful, lol!

1321 days ago


Maybe he's hiding in Africa with Jermaine.

1321 days ago


This is weird. I just saw him yesterday in Long's Drug store on Kauai, in Hawaii. Said hi, he said hi back. Doesn't seem to be hiding from anyone.

1321 days ago


Very good friend of his ex she cannot afford to feed her kids and recently lost her home in a foreclosure. Clearly there are no winners here.

1321 days ago


Seen Mr. Madsen on MTV Cribs a couple years ago, He was living with his kids near the beach (Florida I think) a very Middle Class house.
He seems like a good and honest guy, seriously.
I think theirs more to this case, bad management, crapp movie roles and s##t out off luck.
Mr. Madsen I hope you sort things out and I would love to see people start some serious fund raising instead of mad criticizing.

1321 days ago


Yeah, he's shooting a film in Hawaii. Not on the run. Just working to make some dough.

1321 days ago

Jim in Cali    

This guy is a great actor but come on, pay your damn child support taxes. Come on people.

1321 days ago


Madsen's got his issues, but he's a good dad and he loves his kids. His boys are all nice, good kids. He works a lot but doesn't make the big bucks and definitely isn't exactly smart with his money. Hopefully he doesn't have to serve time in jail and can get his life back on track.

1321 days ago


Wasn't he in Donnie Brasco with Pacino/Depp? Is this the same guy? I think it is.

1321 days ago


they where filming a tv show with him in it so there was a small crowd watching people called his name as a cheer he turned his back to the people he was rude i spoke to some extras and they said he was not friendly at all he looked mean to me im surprised someone had a child with him

1321 days ago


It was probably a child support order from when he was raking in the dough. Now he doesn't make that kind of money anymore and has gone bankrupt. It's almost impossible to lower your child support payments when you start making less money. The government is quick to increase your support the second you make more, but it take months or even years to lower it. In 2008, my ex had my support raised in one day. In 2010, I asked for a modification and it took 10 months.

1321 days ago


Years of alcohol use and abuse have done their number on him, he's gone from aid back to surly and confused.

1321 days ago


Alimony is the biggest load of crap ever. If men and women are really equal, then a woman should expect nothing in terms of continued support once a divorce is final. As for children, guys should support their kids, but NOT through child support. That is just court induced bull****. A woman will get knocked up one way or another, yet a dude has to foot over a half a million for the bill? Yeah right! In reality its made the country a welfare state because women just get knocked up with no regard to even being loyal or good to the guy who did it cause they'll get paid either way.

1321 days ago
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