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Charlie Sheen's Kiddies

Grandparents to the Rescue!

3/13/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's twins are getting serious back up from the Mueller clan. TMZ has learned Brooke has enlisted her parents to help look after the boys ... and they're flying out to L.A. ... stat.

Sources close to Brooke tell TMZ, Charlie's former mother- and father-in-law are uprooting themselves from Florida to make the trip -- and they're looking for a more permanent place in L.A. at this very moment.

As we previously reported, Charlie and Brooke struck a custody agreement on Thursday -- the terms of which remain confidential ... but it seems Brooke could use some help.

We're also told Brooke is launching a new anti-publicity campaign -- insisting she will make a better effort to shield her kids from the media storm surrounding their father.

So far, no official word from Brooke.



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I see Charlie issues as more a product of drugs, as the rest of his family is upstanding. Brooke, on the other hand, seems very trashy no matter what. If Charlie was in his right mind, he never would have married a woman like her.

1288 days ago


Okay, Charlie has been working you idiots he was on 2 1/2 men until beginning of February, He had full time nannies for the boys..and a full time chef, it wasn't the "goddesses" like you all think. Charlie's idea should be to buy the "twins" the house and have both parents visitation rights. That way the kids get the money not some stupid crack head... kapesh? Grandparents are normal babysitters for all kids if you are lucky. and I think its great that the ex parents in laws are getting involved,because they will always be the grandparents no matter what.

1288 days ago


If it is genetic that makes Brooke such a B*tch, then her parents must be some low lifes too.

1288 days ago


The comment by HMMM is pure GOLD.
Brooke is hardly a trustworthy person considering that after supposed threat, and I don't mean the Bahamas, but Aspen, she came back to Charlie, and then decided to go with him and his lovers to Bahamas. She hasn't issued any statement since this whole thing started and she has been lying about her addiction problems. Charlie has always been honest about that.
What exactly makes her a better parent than Charlie?
Of course he is playing the media. He nmade that guy from 1843, J.Edgar Whatever. LMAO! And media are taking everything seriously, judging him and painting him as a mental case. Except for ONE interviewer, Piers Morgan, every TV station stabbed him in the back, imo. They were acting like his friends during the interview and then showing him as a whackjob.
It is VERY intersting who made that call. It is a HUGE coincidence, NOT, that it happened a few hours after he filed a 100 million dollar lawsuit against Lorre and WB. LOL!!!
Did Charlie decide to make some money on that? SURE. ANd WHY THE HELL NOT?? He is used to a certain lifestyle, he has to pay over 100 000 dollar alimony to 4 kids and God knows how much he has to pay to Brooke and Denise (Brooke is going to get around 100 000 for each year of their marriage according to their prenup agreement, and I bet that is not ALL she ahs granted), and now he is out of the job.
Do I think that he should kick the goddessed out? Sure. But only because I think they are two airheads and he deserves better.

1288 days ago


Oh, Spoiled rich girl. I didn't know that. I really don't care how much money Brooke's parents have. You'd never know it by looking at Brooke. Apparently money doesn't buy class. Brooke always looks hyped up on something and lately - looks like a complete bum. Maybe when her parents move out they can help straighten that girl out. Does that girl even have a job or do mommy and daddy support her now?

1288 days ago


The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn with Charlie Sheen added to the story. A very funny limited edition book that takes the Controversial "n-word" out and switched for something less hurtful, "Charlie Sheen"
Finally a version of Huck Finn safe for kids... Come on... can you think of anything more safe and wholesome? And a very fitting choice, can you think of another more oppressed person??? Oh course you can history is filled with oppressed people, especially the African American people, its just funny to see Charlie Sheen in this book.

1288 days ago


Please! This nutball should have never had kids to begin with! I knew her very well 12 years ago when she was dating a young, but high profile Israeli mobster. She was drama then, inciting fights. I witnessed myself when she threw a fit because her boyfriend's brother had bought his then girlfriend a nicer diamond bracelet than hers and she got all jealous and started a fight with him and threw things at him and got in his face and provoked him to hit her several times, which he finally did! And she deserved it. She was doing drugs and getting into clubs way back then to, even though she was underage! When I heard she was going to have kids I knew it was going to be a sad situation. This bitch couldn't even take care of her 4 dogs she had then and let those little dogs crap all over her carpet in her hollywood high rise apartment which on the outside was nice and on the inside looked like something out of that tv show hoarders with letting her dogs pee and poo everywhere! Her mom and step dad put $$$$ in her account just to keep her out of Florida and when she blew through that money she turned to being a high price hooker! It was no shock she ended up with Charlie Sheen and things are the way they are. I called it as soon as I heard they were dating, then married how this was going to go down. If Charlie would have only known me I could have given him the scoop on this crazy bitch and saved him a ton of money and drama!

1287 days ago


i think just once they should run a dna test AND a drug screen on charlie sheen's blood (if it is in fact, his blood, that is)

1285 days ago
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