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"Sister Wives" -- Gather Round, We're On TV!

3/13/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Let's hope Kody Brown has a big couch -- because he's gonna round up his four wives and 16 children so the whole family can watch the premiere of "Sister Wives" together!

The Brown family has been making the rounds promoting tonight's premiere on TLC (even appearing on TMZ Live), but we're told whole family has returned to Las Vegas to watch the show.

A fight over the remote would be epic.


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If you're like me and enjoy the Brown's but have a hard time keepin' up check out this family tree:

1283 days ago


Look at the way these unbelievably unattractive and STUPID women look at this HILLBILLY ****head with that flying, thin hair he's so proud of, this hillbilly idiot. This show makes me nearly physically ILL (yes, I have watched it). That new wife is SUCH AN IDIOT. YOU KNOW she's thinking, as her husband is in the next set of rooms ****ing one of the other losers that he is thinking of her all the while. Have you seen how she acts, talks, looks like "I'm such a fragile little flower! Look at me! How can he not prefer me BEST after all these cows he's had for years!" GET PSYCHIATRIC HELP, IDIOTS!!!!

1283 days ago


A disgusting excuse for a man and the women are setting back our gender back a hundred years. Smarten up are worth a man of your own. You don't have to share, especially a loser like this. You come off as pathetic as Charlie Sheen's goddesses and you're teaching your daughters to devalue their self worth.

You wanna do it, fine. But don't hold it up as anything more than it is...a bunch of pathetic women who are so desperate for acceptance they'll allow themselves to be used by a douchebag who as far as I can tell has nothing going for him except the fact that he can dupe you into thinking this is a positive situation. I weep for your children.

1283 days ago


Though I do not choose to live this lifestyle, it has been practiced by many cultures to include Western. If this man supports all his wives equally and all the children are cared for based on his income, this man has my respect. All the best, and I trust others will understand this is NOT a new family structure.

1283 days ago


The networks would put *anything* on t.v. and THIS SHOW is proof of it! How sad is it having to sit through an hour a week watching women with low self-esteem compete for the affection of a bigamist. The impending question is WHERE is CPS? WHERE is the LAW persecuting everyone of them for the psychological damage that they are creating for these children! After all, you moved to Vegas for *pr reasons* but what are you going to do when your children become brutalized in school for their parents stupidity AS WELL AS becoming vulnerable to the plight that Vegas has glooming over it? Hmmmm..... I wonder if the network is going to continue its shows showing the AFTERMATH! Personal advice: Women- LEAVE the S.O.B. and soak him for EVERY penny you can get out of his sorry ass. You all have been humiliated enough! HE is NOT worth it!

1283 days ago


Low self esteem = sharing. Sad.

1283 days ago


Well, I have to say I would definitely never to able to share a man with another woman, let alone a group of them. However, I could see myself in a polyamorous relationship with at least 2 men - each consenting to the divided situational relationship. I have yet to meet a man that is worth competing for. If a man wants to be with another woman it's "buh bye."

These women are likely more fulfilled by being moms than wives. That is why they don't mind sharing him. He of course is fulfilled by his own ego. Look men - you have one - I have four and they like it. Different strokes.

1283 days ago

fioo hoos    

WTF NF? N OMPPAH LUPHA who pay4 all those? not way this loser pays4 all those.this is the problem with americak no law inforcemnst just hillybilly`ss

1283 days ago


Rabbit - I agree completely. Thank you! I needed a barf bag to get thru the one episode I saw. They hide behind the guise of religion when all it really boils down to is a self-serving man having his cake and eating it too (and the sad women who play into it). Am I judging - yes because I find the message of the whole scenario disturbing... especialloy for the kids.

1283 days ago


It is pathetic, but I can't stop watching! The women accept this, yet he says that it would be disgusting if the tables were turned and they all say they need to work on their 'jealousy?!' And they are quite an unattractive lot, too, yuck. I can see why Robyn was added to the fold. Kody is not all that, though. Yes, a bunch of hillbillies for sure.

Do they think about the unprotected sex issue? Really gross.

1283 days ago


Actually enjoyed watching these people interact. They seem to care about their children and each other. The women were involved in activities that they wanted to be. Meri was going back to school and working. One wife had her own business and the others stayed at home. Any of these people can walk away from the relationship if it is not working out. So, whoever came up with the idea that these women are oppressed is off target.
In American history, it was not uncommon for men to have more than one wife and not just in the Mormon culture. Or for this to apply to a woman who left a man. Dig into most genealogies and you'll find someone who did not get along with their spouse, left and restarted their lives somewhere else. Divorce was frowned upon and things like marriage bonds were expensive.
The fact that some people apply their religious beliefs, etc... to someone else's lifestyle is a myopic world view. It may not be your lifestyle choice but live and let live people.

1283 days ago

sharalyn zander    

1st wife has to try and justify her husband"s infidelity by creating this 100+ yr. old Mormon man's fantasy around her husband by calling his whores "sisters". And then she even drives fat "wife" #2, and fat "wife #3, to the Welfare Office to collect tax payer dollars to feed their fat selves...and their bastard OUR expense. Now we reward them by making them into TV stars. Afterall, now that the jig is up, there goes the welfare checks and food stamps! So enter stage WRONG...skinny pretty wife #4 who signs a TV contract to marry this pervert on TV! And all the other women cry...cause they know they're yesterday's news to this Jimmy Jones who wants a vixen next...and a lucrative TV contract to screw her with. Probably a local working girl now too old to hustle her sorry self... I say dump them from TV. They make me want to throw up....and no ones kids should be watching this. Including the 13 kids being exploited for this show.

1283 days ago


sick - only in america

1283 days ago

Mary Ann     

His is absolutely discusting and the woman are right behind him!!!

1283 days ago


My hat is off to all of you! Living the life your religion teaches. It's touching to see everyone living together in harmony. In today's society, why not live what we each believe, to be happier, healthier, individuals? We see so much diversity in America, God Bless this family. TO heck with the small minded, people who can't open their hearts and minds to accept others, and respect their lifestyles.

1283 days ago
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