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"Sister Wives" -- Gather Round, We're On TV!

3/13/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Let's hope Kody Brown has a big couch -- because he's gonna round up his four wives and 16 children so the whole family can watch the premiere of "Sister Wives" together!

The Brown family has been making the rounds promoting tonight's premiere on TLC (even appearing on TMZ Live), but we're told whole family has returned to Las Vegas to watch the show.

A fight over the remote would be epic.


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Leave this/these families alone!! I think it is wonderful that there is so much love in their home, I would love to feel the comfort of knowing that if something were to happen to me there would be someone whom I love and respect to look after my children. The Brown family, the father is NOT running around getting all these different women pregnate and then leaving them, like most men do, he is looking after his family and taking on all the responsibilities, he is not running around cheating and lying to his wife, like most men do, he is very up front and honest to his wives!!! And they all have an understanding and agreement with each other!! Maybe these people that are so against this lifestyle should spend more time and effort trying to "FIX" the welfare system and get those trashy welfare people jobs, there are alot more concerns in this world like gangs and pedophiles that I think should be worried about more then this family!! I think they have one of the most perfect marriages and maybe those naive and negative people out there should mind to their own and look at how their situations are at home!!! I think that whoever fires these adults from their jobs just because of this life style should be sued, they were hired to do a job and they were doing it, you fired them for their lifestyle, there are laws about firing people cause they are black or gay, so why isn't there a law to protect this family?? The Brown family has my support 100%. I love to see the happiness and joy your family has, keep up the wonderful parenting and I wish you all the best!! God bless you!

1315 days ago


How different are the Brown's than the Baby Daddies and Baby Mommas that procreate all over the place with no regard for the wake of destruction they leave???? People hook up, have kids and never look back. As far as I can see, they do not drain the public assistance programs..Let them be to live their lives. We can all learn a lesson from them!

1315 days ago


I just want to say this life is not for everyone but I wish the best to this family. I am a widow of 5 years now,was married to a wonderful man for 18 years we had 2 children.Lost my past, present, and future plans my best friend.Children growing up going their own ways I'm 50 lonely,my right hand man is gone and its hard I am not whinning its just a fact.With your family their will always be great support. Best of Wishes to All and I hope all turns out well.Be strong I love your show but get out before it breaks you. Kim

1315 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

dude, come on now. polygamy is not about love, you idiots. may as well call it the orgiastic marriage reality tv show. that show is all about some dude getting as much sex from as many women as possible and spreading his disgusting seed through them. polygamy is about increasing a certain gentic disposition. that is how it originated, to as quickly as possible populate a vast land, such as the us, right after settlements began. what these folks are doing is not polygamy or christian, it's sick. go join a damn swinger club and suck rooster and get aids.

1314 days ago


They look like a very loving family. I respect that. BUT, if you really want to protect your children, you don't put them on TV and expose them. If you really love your children, you don't sell yourself, for a TV show. Shame on them...Shame, Shame.

1314 days ago


Do you sister wives have orgies either with or without Kody?

1311 days ago


GOSH...WHAT is Kody doing with the FAT slobs?? What annoys me is the heffer Jannelle whines that she doesn't get enuf attention...yet LOOK AT HER!!! LAY OFF THE JUNK FOOD AND WORK OUT, CUZ YOUR GROSS Janelle!!!

1311 days ago



HOW does this family support ALL those children with only TWO people (Kody & Janelle) working?? I bet the kids don't even have proper health care!! SELFISH, IRRESPONSIBLE ADULTS.

1311 days ago


I think it is absolutely ridiculous that these people claim that "this is a lifestyle choice," and then become angry that the law is not in full support of this. At the end of the day Polygamy is against the law whether or not it is apart of your religion. It is just like a bank robber claiming that "robbing banks is a lifestyle choice." It's illegal! I don't understand how these people are getting away with this.

1310 days ago

treva cornelius    

I think this is a good show. most people wouldn't shear some then like this with the world and see them come out about there life is good.they have my love and blessing

1309 days ago


It is not for me to throw stones. This practice has been going on forever around the world. I do not wish to practice this life style but it is not for me to judge. If the five adults are comfy with this relationship (they appear to be), the children are all cared for (and they looked above normal to me), the children are all loved (again this appeared above normal to me), and they are not living on the backs of taxpayers (they worked before some holier than thou fired for no apparent reason)--- then go for it.

It is not our place to judge - so turn off your TV and stop reading the blogs if this is upsetting to you!

If you are reading your bibles - look no further than John 8:7

1304 days ago


Fantastic family. I think a lot of people who are raging against them are jealous. There are lots of lonely, bored people in empty relationships looking at this beautiful, exciting, loving supportive family and lamenting they don't have the same kind of companionship and commitment as the Browns do. The people pointing fingers need to look at their own lives and figure out why they feel so threatened by other people's success and happiness.

1301 days ago

Scott Korek     

This Jizzle is fly. He rolls like dem foos hangin da jig down on Playa and Vine. . He is one phat rolla to pull da root on da new honey. She ain't stank fat grubity dub like da first three. I straight with this foo. If he got da benjamins, he got da ladies.

1299 days ago


why would anyone want to watch about a plural marriage??? STUPID. Maybe TLC should look into some programing about things that are NOT illegal

1298 days ago

Gabrielle Wright    

hmmm......... my comment ... about the Browns....
I like them , I believe they are quite the perfect family. They all are kind , caring parents and to tell you the truth , I kinda think this poly family deal is very kosher . communal if you will. I like them .
Thats all.
I like 'em.

1296 days ago
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