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"Sister Wives" -- Gather Round, We're On TV!

3/13/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Let's hope Kody Brown has a big couch -- because he's gonna round up his four wives and 16 children so the whole family can watch the premiere of "Sister Wives" together!

The Brown family has been making the rounds promoting tonight's premiere on TLC (even appearing on TMZ Live), but we're told whole family has returned to Las Vegas to watch the show.

A fight over the remote would be epic.


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I hope all the so-called sister wives are being checked for sexual trasmitted diseases. To each their own in this relationship of theirs. Most "normal" couples split up if their were someone else in a relationship. I wonder how all of Kody's kids really feel about their living condition. I hope since the kids are now in public school they are not getting bullied. I hope Meri finds another man. Kody can have all sorts of women why not Meri having 3 more husbands with the same amount of kids to tie with Kody. I feel bad for the kids. The wife and so-called whatever's deserve the feelings they have. They are adults and they brought this on themselves. I hope Kody does treat the wives ok. He should take on the name DOG and Dog the bounty hunter should seek another name for himself. No offense to Dog the bounty hunter. Kody Brown is a hunter of wives,girlfriends,etc.. Good luck. Maybe Charlie Sheehan is moving to a different location so Kody can take his home. Many rooms there for Kody. Good luck sister wives.

1305 days ago


Please make sure your kids come first. I hope your kids are not being bullied. The four of you sister wives could dump Kody and get on with your lives. He is not nice looking at all. The dog needs a hair make-over. Cats reproduce. I do not see why you should take on like cats. Well if you think that all humans are related think again. The family tree ends at a certian point. A cat family never ends. Like I said I hope you see doctors at least. If this is the life style you want to lead good luck to you. Remember you can get divorced or split like Jon and Kate. Good Luck. Always Becareful!

1305 days ago


They really are a pitiful family. I watched a few times just to give the show a decent chance, but it got more revolting the more I saw. I'm just so repulsed by Kody (is that how it's spelled?) and his mop of hair as he flips it around. And those poor children must be so ashamed; I could cry for them as they grow older and realize what an abnormal family they came from. The thing that keeps coming to my mind is why the women don't take other husbands. I mean... why not?

1303 days ago


I think what is going on in this house is wrong I heard one say and I quote :this is why we keep this a secret: As far as I am concerened if you did not want to hear the comments then you should have kept your lifes quiet then insteat you choose to go on national tv and tell it all then you deserve all that you are getting.I think what you all are doing is wrong wrong.I have been with my huisband for over 40 yrs now he is my best friend,soul mate,and my lover,and he is only married to one wife.I just have one question is he not man enough to take care of just one wife.Once agian if you do not want to hear what people have to say then you need to go off tv.

1300 days ago


Though I would never be able to live this lifestyle, I am very impressed with the way the women are able to bond and accept this life. I prefer a man that can commit to one woman and not have the need to be with another, I think that is what marriage vows are meant to be for, true commitment to one relationship for life. I give my respect to the first 3 wives, not sure if the 4th wife, Robin, fits in as well though.

1289 days ago


Are people aware that Robins ex husband is going to have a baby soon with his new wife? Is a girl and due Robins children will be adding 2 new family members, since Robin is pregnant with Kody"s child now.

1289 days ago


Thank you for sharing your lives with us to help explain how the whole family works. Everyone sounds real, happy and love for each other something this world needs more of. Everyone that is so mean with their opinions probably has a sad miserable life. Mean people suck and need to keep their mouths shutt and stop judging people. I say if your not hurting anyone than whats the problem. I hope the show stays on I love watching it. Again thanks

1282 days ago


I love the show! They are different, so what? Anything goes now days. If they are not going to lock up people for having an open relationship then how dare they mess with them!

1282 days ago


I have watched your show from the first episode and have found your family to be loving and supporting of one another. I don't understand why anyone would want to break up a family and put people in jail for a way of life that they have chosen. The children all seem very well adjusted and the wives certainly have embraced this life style. I don't believe that any law enforcement agency should have the right to interfere in someone's lives who are not hurting anyone else. Its just another way for people to stick their noses in where it doesn't belong. No one should have the right to break up any family because of the life style they have chosen to live. They are a happy and fun loving family and they should be left alone to live their lives in peace without having to uproot their family and move to another state. I wish them well and hope that they can stay where they are, for the sake of their entire family and that they can live in peace without having to worry about being arrested and their family torn apart.

1272 days ago


What ever happened to loving one another for who they are not what they look like or their choices of Who they love. No one is getting hurt, their is so much love and respect shown through the children so you know they are well and happy. true love among consenting adults is not wrong in my book. Just wish we had more love in this world. By the way this comment is coming from a woman who is married to one man.

1271 days ago


When I saw the previews for Sister Wives, I thought how sick how could they even think about putting this on TV. At first I wasn't going to watch it, but I did, and I'm glad I did. They have a lot of respect and Love for each other, and the kids look like they r always happy. I just got done watching the episode were Kody, Meri, and Robin went to Las Vegas to find homes for them, and I think it's bull that they r being forced out of their home. Who cares how they choose to live their lives as long as they r not hurting any one else. Just back off and leave them alone let them live, Love, and be Happy. Lady's hold ur heads up high and just keep loving ur family's and if u can't find homes look for empty office building or a warehouse that u can fix up and make ur own. Good luck.

1264 days ago


You know I am in a low income living paycheck to paycheck single mother who just started watching the show, and im reading through all these comments today and all the negative comments that are being made, it may not be the lifestyle most of us have chosen but, how many of the people out there have ever had a spouse cheat on them or how many people have been the one doing the cheating. These people have a relationship in place that works for them. No secrets, no lies just people trying to be happy in this crazy screwed up world. Look at the support this family has! I'm jealous. To know that no matter what someone is going to be there with you to help you through a tough time, and you for them......I SAY WAY TO FREAKIN GO!

1264 days ago


Im from canada and have watched this show from the beginning . This is and should be a huge embarrassment for america. TLC and any show that promotes this discusting lifestyle should be charged will aiding in criminal behaviour .... it is agains't the law!! He should be expodited back to Nevada to face charges by the district attorney general. This is like a killer on the run from breaking the law, then deciding,"hey I'll just move to Las Vegas and start killing people there cause I cant get charged by switching states" I for one hope that nothing but bad will come to Cody and his 4 sluts, but then again if people are that stupid not to have thrown his sick ass in jail by now I guess he wont get his comings

1258 days ago


I am disgusted by this show and totally disappointed that our society has lowered it's standards to promote and show such a terrible show to our youth. What this family is doing is mentally traumatic to the children growing up in that illegal household. And what Kody is doing is illegal and he should be prosecuted and go to jail!! Who does he think he is profiting off money made from doing something illegal?? It's worse than (while about the same as) Kate Gosselin making so much money off abusing her kids by putting them on TV. Kody is an egotistic, selfish, self-centred man who wants life to be "all about him". To me, I believe he is just a man going through a "middle age crisis" and using his religion as an excuse to commit adultery!!

1127 days ago
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