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'Basketball' Wife:

Gimme $20K an Episode

or I'm Out!

3/14/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned "Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada is giving show producers an ultimatum -- either pay her $20,000 an episode ... or she's gone for good.

As we previously reported, Lozada has already threatened to leave the show -- after, we're told. she became upset because she believes the producers of the show leaked sensitive information about her to another cast member in hopes of inciting a violent confrontation between the two women.

Sources close to the production tell TMZ, Lozada and the other girls currently pull in around $7,500 an episode -- which means Lozada's latest demand would mean a SERIOUS raise.

No word yet on the show's next move.


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~ t    

Let her walk! She's mean and evil. The show would be more civilized without her!

1284 days ago


Who the f*** cares really, Please Get some housewives on this show who are actually married or engage to NBA player or call the show ex-basketballwives or just cancel the show. because this is some bulls***, how in hell they gone call the show basketballwives when nanun one of them whoes are married to a professional basketball player what the f***, Evelyn you might as well call yourself a whoe you done slept with half of MIAMI and LA, In the words of Royce B**** close your legs

1284 days ago


she is clearly a jumpoff. run for ur life.

1284 days ago


Really, are e lucky to you kidding. She'd be lucky to get 2K an episode. Her and her BS sidekick Jennifer make the show stupid and I won't watch it anymore. I'd rather watch Jackass. That show is even better then this one!

1284 days ago


Who cares? She was never a 'basketball wife' to begin with! Hell none of them were actual wives on the show, except for Jennifer *and we saw how that ended up*. She's engaged to a 'football' player now anyway ROTATE that bitch out. Trade her ass off to Dallas with Deon Sander's wife and that crew on Football Wives.

(s/n) I hate to call her a bitch, but that is exactly how she acts. There is one thing to have a level of confidence about yourself, but she is just full blown conceited and it's not attractive.

1284 days ago


Whether Evelyn and Ocho are making this engagement as a PR move or not, bottom line, Evelyn showed her true colors of tolerance on the show. Evelyn acted really bad towards all the girls with the exception of Shaunie/Jennifer.. if given time, Tami would of whooped her a$$ but that's about the time the show ended. I didn't use to like Tami at the beginning BUT I've changed my mind. This tough exterior both ladies put on is because they have to PRETEND to be bad a$$es just to protect themselves. Jennifer, Jesus, girl! When will you come out of Evelyn's apron strings? All you did is follow instructions to the Tee when it came down to your friendship with Evelyn- can't you think for yourself?For once?Anyway..... Royce is ghetto, no doubt about it folks. This chick is..........mental. If it wasn't for her mouth AT THE REUNION ( cuz she sure stayed awful quite during the season) no one would even notice her, although, I am glad she FINALLY DEFENDED herself against Evelyn at the Reunion- it was just a tad late though.
As far as I am concerned, Ocho and Evelyn DO DESERVE eachother. These two are the worse of the worse and the public views them as USERS/OPPORTUNIST. There's no foolin' anyone, the public is on to you and know exactly what you truly are- foul mouth, gold digging opportunist. How very sad to be you and most especially for your children. For the record, I'm not hating--I would really hate to be any of these women, their portrayal of the word WOMEN is atrocious!

1284 days ago


evelyn lozada looks like skeletor from heman on the reunion show what happened? thats not cute.

1284 days ago


I didn't know Chad was into trannies. I wonder when their going to have their commitment ceremony?

1283 days ago


She supposed to be a latino hooker, hell so she got pregnant at 16..you know they start haing kids at age 12...Them latinos are all hookers..

1283 days ago


First of all just keeping the conversation real Jen is the realest one out of all of them. Even though she is a punk and talks in her throat she the realest one. She is straight up. Shawnee is the 1 playing both sides if you ask me not Royce. They dont like Royce because Royce will get in that a@@ and she tells it like it is although she is a Debbie downer. Tami please stop embarrasing yourself on national tv girl, put the bottle down and you just try too hard to make it seem like you this bout it bout it broad oh please if Evelyn would have caught you with that right hook it would have been lights out for you baby. Oh and Evelyn can you say buss down central station,lol. Please get some real wives or come to Chicago where we have real nba players former wives can you say Juanita!

1283 days ago

Not a mutha f**** facta!    

I can't stand Evelyn! She was the biggest bitch and **** starter on that show. Her and Jennifer showing up at that party without an invite to cause a scene. And her, Jennifer and Shawnee going out of there way to run into Gloria and Suzy at lunch. NO CLASS! I felt sorry for Suzy..how many times did she need to apologize to this tranny? Tammy should have kicked her ass a long time ago. And she looked look like crap on the reunion...herbig ole' hair and that caked on makeup. She looked like a hooker!

1283 days ago


I guess the change in their pocket just was'nt enough were like F??K YOU!!!

1283 days ago


She supposed to be a latino hooker, hell so she got pregnant at 16..you know they start haing kids at age 12...Them latinos are all hookers..

Posted at 10:42 AM on Mar 15, 2011 by Page

Really you racist ****? There are black women and white women on the show that also act like hookers. Shaunie screwing her pastor husband/Shaq's accountant isn't too moral for example. I am not taking up for Evelyn as she certainly is a slut, but the others aren't too far behind as well. Calling her what she is would have been fine...no need for the racial slander. DOUCHE!

1283 days ago


I wish that Tami would have kickd that greedy,crackhead looking bithches ass!!!

1283 days ago


Vh1 do yourself a favor kick evelyn off the show before you guys look like you are promoting drug use. Send evelyn to dr. phil's rehab show before its too late, maybe chad needs to go with her, cause he gots to be on something dealing with that broad!

1283 days ago
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