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Blink 182 -- Emergency Auction for Tsunami Victims

3/14/2011 2:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Blink 182 singer Mark Hoppus is so dedicated to helping those affected by the tsunami -- he's literally pulled some very personal mementos out of his closet to auction off for charity.

Blink 182 Auction Items

The bids are flying in for cool stuff like the orange sweater he wore in the "Dammit" video ... used backstage passes ... and the band's dressing room sign from the VMAs.

But the coolest thing so far is the original hand-written lyric sheet for the song "Rock Show" -- and bids are already over the $15,000 mark.

It appears Mark will be adding more stuff to the auction block in the near future.

100% of the proceeds will benefit the American Red Cross.


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Maybe instead of helping all these other people in foreigns countries and donating millions of dollars, celebrities could donate to causes in THIS country instead of sending it overseas. This country is in a hell hole and this rich celebrities don't give a **** about anybody here, they'd rather donate to foreign countries. Imagine whats millions, even billions of their money could do here.

1319 days ago


you low-life fing racist loser! go kill yourself save the world of a jacka$$ loser like u!

Posted at 11:37 AM on Mar 14, 2011 by kingborg

Son you should say things like that to your father. We still love you even though your a loser. Now go live your sci-fi fantasy

1319 days ago


This is a wonderful deed. Some ppl. on here are dumbasses and see no good in anything. I am sure this guy will donate some money out of his own pocket. This auction is only to raise money from people who CAN afford it, so quit complaining! If ppl. have thousands of money to blow off on lyrics, then go ahead and do it! He's just finding a smarter place to put the money!

FYI- Haiti's earthquake was a 7 and Japan's was an 8.9!

Although Japan was much better economically than Haiti, they still need help. Much of their country has been washed away or broken apart. If you don't want to send money there, then go physically help out! It's not like they didn't prepare for situations like this. Their entire country is bound together by plates meant for natural disasters- only this time it was too huge to control. This natural disaster has been calculated to be the most expensive natural disaster ever to fix! No matter how rich a country is, we all need to get together and help. This was something the planet did to us, not us to ourselves. We should definitely help. Stop being stubborn and self-centered.

1319 days ago


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Tell them this is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!

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Real simple here folks. If you are as revolted by his "jokes" as I am, then hit him where it the WALLET!!!

While countless are suffering, Mr. Gottfried is laughing and telling jokes while Harvin Levin is giving him a platform to do so!!

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1319 days ago


Big deal, someone else is paying for this, why doesn't he just donate the money himself. Good way of looking good on someone else's dime. All of these stars do the same while making millions with their so called charity.

1319 days ago


Doesn't only 10% of all Red Cross donations actually go to relief? You basically pay for the top-guys mansions and fancy cars. It's a total scam!!

1319 days ago


It's nice to see celebrities using their influence to do something GOOD. I hope to see others come forward and do the same.

1319 days ago


I hope the person who wins the auction wipes their ass on those lyric sheets. What makes these musicians think that they're Gods and people actually want their garbage? What's he going to donate next some used toothpicks?

1319 days ago


Take some money out of your own pocket!!!!

1319 days ago


Not a fan of their music, but a very nice move on their part. Good work.

1319 days ago


Why not raffle a personal concert off garage style. I don't listen to them any more but hell I would purchase a ticket for a party. They would raise millions no problem.

1319 days ago


Are they also going to donate the $5 in shipping...for a $15,000 item? Tacky!

1319 days ago


I didn't see all of these other countries dashing to help the United States/setting up donations when 9/11, Katrina, Rita and the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill happened.

1319 days ago


How about they send cash instead of trying to promote their dying brand?

CASH money speaks.

1319 days ago


Don't forget what these people did to the AMERICANS at Pearl Harbor!

1318 days ago
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