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Blink 182 -- Emergency Auction for Tsunami Victims

3/14/2011 2:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Blink 182 singer Mark Hoppus is so dedicated to helping those affected by the tsunami -- he's literally pulled some very personal mementos out of his closet to auction off for charity.

Blink 182 Auction Items

The bids are flying in for cool stuff like the orange sweater he wore in the "Dammit" video ... used backstage passes ... and the band's dressing room sign from the VMAs.

But the coolest thing so far is the original hand-written lyric sheet for the song "Rock Show" -- and bids are already over the $15,000 mark.

It appears Mark will be adding more stuff to the auction block in the near future.

100% of the proceeds will benefit the American Red Cross.


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lol @ the idiots saying they are dying and do they still make music meanwhile they just sold out every show on a 40 show tour including madison square garden. Clearly they don't have to donate anything but they decided to help, what have you done?

1321 days ago


Perhaps everyone should stop their negative comments and realize that this is the right thing to do, as the people in Japan are suffering, and need everyone's help now. Perhaps Charlie Sheen should take a page from this notebook, as this is a class act! Respect, and perhaps you can encourage more wealthy, or otherwise, celebrities to step up to the plate. If they have their own planes, they should be dropping food and water to the survivers, before there are more deaths due to dehydration and starvation. Our hearts ache and our eyes weep for the people of Japan.

1321 days ago


exactly what ricky said. this is more than most of the people here will actually do to help japan.

he's pulling personal belongings and physical mementos from a band he created and auctioning them off to bands, and 100% of it will go to charity. items from his band and project that he's donating to charity. that's more than any money he could donate.

good on him. massive fan of the music, and they're all such genuine guys.

they're one of the top players in their genre as well, for any idiot that said they were dying.

1321 days ago


What A-holes...they HAVE millions $, but they want the public to cough up the money to donate Japan. This is NOT the way to step up.
Just like Angelina and Brad-while they are traveling the world and buying up several $20 million estates and buying their token foreign orphans...the rest of the world is BROKE


You're an idiot. Mark Hoppus did personally donate money. Read his twitter. He felt that it wasn't good enough so he's selling some things that are personal and hold sentimental value to him, to make some more cash. If there's anything more valuable than money it's memories, and he's basically giving them away for Japan.

I guarantee you it's more than you did for them. Seriously, stfu.

1321 days ago


Hey guys. I don't understand how putting something up for auction where other people have to give their money is considered so generous for this band to do. How about giving their own money to help the Japanese people? Why not get all their members to donate?

They make and have more money than most average Americans working regular jobs. Don't count me in, in praising this band for being so generous for "donating" their personal property to get other people to come up with the money for the Japanese.

I thought the same thing with all the stupid "We are the World" types of songs, because every single one of the singers could have donated 1/2 of 1% of their wealth and raised much more money for their causes. Anyway, off my soap box....

1320 days ago


Japan is going through the most difficult phase of its history. The international community must come to aid of Japan in its time of need. May god give strength to the people of Japan to bear with this disaster....
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1320 days ago
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