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Gilbert Gottfried

Fired by Aflac

Over Japan Tweets

3/14/2011 6:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gilbert Gottfried was fired by Aflac from his gig as the voice of its duck mascot in the wake of his controversial series of tweets about the earthquake in Japan.

Gilbert Gottfried Fired Aflac
The company released a statement saying, "Gilbert’s recent comments about the crisis in Japan were lacking in humor and certainly do not represent the thoughts and feelings of anyone at Aflac ... Aflac will immediately set plans in motion to conduct a nationwide casting call to find a new voice of the iconic Aflac Duck."

Attempts to reach Gottfried were not successful.


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Super Dude    

Oh well. Gottfried was always anoying. THEY will never fire the gecko.

1289 days ago


Seriously look at this guy! He reminds me of a cartoon troll. It is no wonder he is so nasty and has bad feelings towards everyone. I am sure he was picked on his entire life.And his jokes were not the jokes he himself is the joke! GOOD JOB AFLAC!

1289 days ago


Since TMZ left out the most important detail I will tell you. AFLAC does 75% percent of their business in Japan. Was it ok to fire him now?

1289 days ago


I understand that perhaps ANY situation is fair game to a comedian and I'm sure his followers are appalled by Aflac's decision to can Gilbert - however, due to the devastation that Japan incurred, his comments were horrible and anyone who laughed at those jokes should be ashamed. Maybe comedians needs to rethink their timing when joking disasters. One reviewer commented that people need to lighten up (seems he/she basically saying comedy is good for the soul in a time of devastation), however if you were in that situation, and one/two. etc.. of your loved ones were missing, would you like to hear jokes about your country and/or citizens when thousands are dead and many still missing.

1289 days ago


@bobbysmith post #10

Perhaps you should brush up a bit on 'Freedom of Speech'
It does not mean you can shoot your mouth off whenever you was designed so that people could speak out against the government without fear of repercussions. Learn a little...

1289 days ago

Theosebes Goodfellow    

I've been a fan of Gil since "Up All Night", and I think he's a brilliant comedian, but let's face it, what's going on in Japan is no laughing matter.

Gil, you dumb f***, you screwed the golden goose. And I know it's hard for even you, but show SOME class? Get on the bandwagon, set up a benefit for the Japanese, and try to save your sorry reputation. Fool.

1289 days ago


Sad thing is, if someone like Megan Fox or another plastic Hollywood bimbo said it, you people would think it was brilliant.

1289 days ago


I NEVER knew he was the voice of the Aflac duck?
That's two things I know about him now...the first is that someone named their son Gilbert.

1289 days ago


Shame on Gilbert Gottfried. I am never watching anything he appears on again.

1289 days ago


What The Duck - Afflac is ridiculous, have you heard Gilbert Gotfried on stage, at these roasts or even on the Howard Stern show, he has had recent tweets regarding all tragedies, yet now Aflac needs a new duck

1289 days ago


@231 Linda

You're correct,no one's doubting that.
However, how people react, verbally or thru action, is not protected.
If what you meant to say is Aflac was reacting to his first admendment right...I agree.

1289 days ago



I think you're safe? What HAS he been appearing in?

1289 days ago


@DizzKid:"Jews are untouched, because they owned everything, including Hollywood, lol!

Posted at 3:54 PM on Mar 14, 2011 by DizzKid"

What do you mean "owned"? Don't they still own everything? I heard they own your house's mortgage and they're calling it in tomorrow morning. You have freedom of speech to be racist against Jews. Since as you put it, Jews own everything, they have the freedom to call all your loans and kick your dumbass out onto the street.

Have fun cleaning toilets if you can find one that isn't owned by Jews. After your remark, I don't think any of them will hire you even to clean a toilet. Remember Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, the two richest Americans must be Jews too. Gates might not let you use any Microsoft products anymore or charge you double. You know how Jews are when it comes to money. That's why they have all of it. Except, the $7.32 you have in your left sock. You have that. You're a real weiner, er, winner! And if you want to be rich, all you have to do is convert and become Jewish. Then, they'll give you your secret share of the world's wealth. Of course, you'll have to have a cir***cision to join and for you, they'll probably make it a public one. TMZ can cover it! Have fun!

1289 days ago


Go cry, emo kids.

1289 days ago


Good for AFLAC. They realized that customers don't like to be insulted by company spokespersons or spokesanimals.

Gilbert is good at animal noises. He's been fired as a duck, but he can always find work as an ass (donkey). The role of an ass comes naturally to Gottfried. He thinks he's a smartass but he's a dumbass.

Gilbert had and has freedom of speech. That's great. AFLAC had the freedom to fire his ass. That's great too. I think all dumbasses should enjoy their freedom of speech publicly so the companies they work for can fire them if and when they say things as offensive and disgusting as what Gilbert said.

1289 days ago
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