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Gilbert Gottfried

Fired by Aflac

Over Japan Tweets

3/14/2011 6:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gilbert Gottfried was fired by Aflac from his gig as the voice of its duck mascot in the wake of his controversial series of tweets about the earthquake in Japan.

Gilbert Gottfried Fired Aflac
The company released a statement saying, "Gilbert’s recent comments about the crisis in Japan were lacking in humor and certainly do not represent the thoughts and feelings of anyone at Aflac ... Aflac will immediately set plans in motion to conduct a nationwide casting call to find a new voice of the iconic Aflac Duck."

Attempts to reach Gottfried were not successful.


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keep stuff private    

All he was doing was trying to make a stressfull stituation a little less stressfull. He didn't mean anything by it people need to stop taking everything in the wrong way. It is stupid that people want to complain about something he said because I bet anything on the other end he is donating money to help... stop complaining and start helping

1318 days ago


one bad joke, ok maybe two, and they fire him. thats who he is!! charlie sheen has lost his f%&cking mind and the people think its great. americans, what is wrong with us?????????

1318 days ago


Jokes were in bad taste but what happened to freedom of speech!!!

1318 days ago


Wow...I bet he is really panicking and kicking himself right now (Gottfried). He just lost his income, and it's not like people are banging down his door to hire him. I hope he's saved his money well and invested. He may end up being one of those washed up guys who ends up begging someone to give him a stand-up gig just to be able to eat.

1318 days ago


Wow...I bet he is really panicking and kicking himself right now (Gottfried). He may end up being one of those washed up guys who ends up begging someone to give him a stand-up gig just to be able to eat.

Posted at 9:21 AM on Mar 15, 2011 by Lisa



I believe he already was that "washed up guy".

A foolish and hurtful thing to say. He deserves the Karma that was returned.

1318 days ago


If he thought they wouldn't fire him, he should be fired for being stoopid!!!

1318 days ago


Joan Rivers "SON"??????


I believe that Joan Rivers has been going through her own special kind of hell right here on earth. She never got over the fact that her husband would rather kill himself than to live another day with Ms. Rivers.

Can you blame him?

1318 days ago



Posted at 3:07 PM on Mar 14, 2011 by bobby smith


No. Stupidity of speech.

1318 days ago


Freedom of speech does not mean your speech comes without consequence. We are all responsible for our own words. Gottfried is facing no government action for his speech, he has simply lost a job representing a company which no longer chooses to be associated with him due to his actions.

1318 days ago


You know, sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying. What I truly find tasteless & disgusting is that the powers-that-be on this planet felt the need to re-double their efforts to devastate this country after a 7.3 quake the day before failed. Gilbert was just making accurate observations - schools & beaches are literally floating by.

1318 days ago


Some people don't understand how freedom of speech works. Gilbert GotFIRED is *free* to say whatever he wants. And he did. His employers, friends, acquaintances, fans, neighbors, etc, are also *free* to respond in any way they wish. He got fired and will probably loose a few friends, and a few fans. That is NOT squashing his freedom of speech. In fact, that is a perfect example of someone who exercised it.

Say whatever you want, but be prepared for the consequences. Pretty simple.

1318 days ago


too soon!

1318 days ago

Robert Emmett    

Ha Ha Ha! Ho Ho Ho! His losing his job is hilarious! We need more humor like this.

1318 days ago

Robert Emmett    

There is life after being the voice of the goose. I suspect he'll get a call from Sacha Baron Cohen about a part in Bruno II.

1318 days ago


So he apologized, sort of. He apologized to "anyone who may have been offended." He did not apologize for his impulsivity or insensitivity; no, only to those who took offense. That is not the apology of someone taking responsibility for their actions. That is the kind of juvenile, in your face kind of apology that smacks of insincerity.

Furthermore, I've never favored humor that belittled others, and when a comedian resorts to that, it's time to move on.

1318 days ago
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