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Gilbert Gottfried


Japan Tsunami Jokes

3/14/2011 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As the death toll creeps towards 3,000 ... and the fear of a nuclear disaster looms ... comedian Gilbert Gottfried decided the timing was right for some completely tasteless Japan tsunami jokes.

Japan Tsunami Jokes

Gilbert went to his Twitter page over the past 24 hours and dropped TWELVE tsunami-inspired jokes ... including:

Gilbert Gottfried Japan Jokes

So we gotta ask ...


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george simmons    

lot of bigots in america still

1273 days ago


Well you may not agree to what Gottfried said and that is your right as an American citizen, 1st amendment guarantees freedom of speech. Its your right to bitch, just as it was his right to say them. You may not agree, but jokes are a way to lighten a situation. Tragedy is inevitable, and last time I checked this is America, we have damage from this as well and i don't see anyone making light of that. As an American, while in bad taste his comments were humorous and uplifting. If you dont like what people say, or thing they should keep their trap shut move to Japan so you can glow at night. After all, Japan is the worlds largest nightlight now.

1273 days ago

Gilbert Gottfried    

Caring Kate? Just Sayin'? At least I use my real name! Anyway those Rice Chomping Sukiyaki's don't even use my voice as that damn duck in their ads...At any rate, If the waves don't get 'em, Godzilla will! Domo Arrigato, Mister Roboto!! And go eat some Sushi you humorless twits!!

1273 days ago

Me not You     

Getting offended is what children do, grow up!!! Not saying death and distruction is funny but GROW UP!!! If your going to get offended by something watch how much you complain in one day about stupid crap and then compare your life with the people in Japan. GROW UP GROW UP GROW UP!!!!!!!!

1273 days ago

m gray    

This Political Correctness is Fricked Up.
How is that Maher guy still around?

1272 days ago


Howard Stern and Joan Rivers are defending him. That says a lot about him, and them. They defend the right to free speech, are insensitive, hurtful, and angry and defensive if we choose not to support them.

1272 days ago


you r the best ma

1271 days ago


Lighten up. Of course the events in Japan were terrible. One of the ways to cope is through humor. Every feeling human being, including, I am sure, Gilbert Gottfried, is horrified and saddened by what happened. We have gone over the top with being politically correct.

1270 days ago


My 2 cents worth. Oh the hypocrisy that runs rampant in America. Many people appalled at what Gilbert had to say. Funny how many people can make all kinds of jokes towards people they dislike. Like **** Chaney accidentally shout his Lawyer friend, Tiger Woods and so forth down the line. People laugh day in day out from Jay Leno to Comedy Central on these jokes. If Paris Hilton got aids, a million Jokes would be made. If Betty White got aids it would be a global disaster. Yet we really don't what going on personally in their lives. What if we found out Paris got aids from a blood transfusion for appendix operation, and Betty White go hers from sleeping around. Everyone Idolized Tiger Woods till his secret life came out. What does have to do with Japan you may ask. We people can spout off "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem." Yet I can equivocally can bet 95 % of the people upset over what Gilbert had to say Didn't give a single red cent to Japan for the relief fund. Just as buying a yellow ribbon magnet on your car did much good for the soldiers, or waving a waving a little American Flag made in China does. For people who really care, don't go off bragging about their good deeds to find favor in man's eyes. If they did it would be equivalent of saying 90% Americans are worthless s*** and hate everything pure and holy. Yet the Biggest Hypocrites of them all will be people that don't fully read this, only the first to lines and go off the handle and say cliche' things like "You don't know me and what I do and who I help out!". Yet the people I know personally out there in the world looking to make it a better place could care less what others think. They are too busy doing than caring what others think. People who easily get offended I found tend to be the biggest hypocrites of the bunch. So I hope all your time wasted to complain about someone you think as trash did any good to help people in Japan. And if your a TMZ fan, we already know you take delight in people misfortunes just by watching. If you really cared People and Humanity, you would not be watching. >_>

1270 days ago


Tasteless? Yes Funny? Yes. Doesn't everyone remember the jokes that started to fly around even the day after the Challenger disaster? It's just a way for people to lighten an otherwise devastating situation.


1270 days ago

Steve B. Canada    

One would think that our fellow man/woman in our human race,would give the proper respect to those who have suffered because of this world tragedy.

1269 days ago


**** Japan

1269 days ago


he is a comedian mabe he was trying to make a joke to chear ppl up...give him a break jeff foxworthy makes white jokes george lopez makes white and haspanic jokes mabe ppl should watch there fav. comidians stand up 90% make jokes about stuff thats going on like obamas wife, americans are to fat cause happymeal toys so were takin them are mad at youreself so you need somoeone to take it out on to drag them down to feel like you do...

1269 days ago


I find it interesting how americans make fun of those in other countries as if things like this couldn't happen to us. We're still feeling the affects of Katrina and 911, and it's been years since they happened, but I'm sure none of us would like to hear anyone from another country joke about those things.

1268 days ago


12/7/1941, a day that will live in infamy, it doesn't surprise me it only took you American idiots 70 years to forget what the Japanese did, but what is more amazing, it only took 7 years to forget that muslims took down the twin towers. Have a nice day America. :o)

1268 days ago
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