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Gilbert Gottfried


Japan Tsunami Jokes

3/14/2011 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As the death toll creeps towards 3,000 ... and the fear of a nuclear disaster looms ... comedian Gilbert Gottfried decided the timing was right for some completely tasteless Japan tsunami jokes.

Japan Tsunami Jokes

Gilbert went to his Twitter page over the past 24 hours and dropped TWELVE tsunami-inspired jokes ... including:

Gilbert Gottfried Japan Jokes

So we gotta ask ...


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I dont know Gilbert Gottfried,it does not matter.
But if now explode nuclear power plant in Japan, it's funny no one will. Now need humanitarian assistance and support for the Japanese.

1319 days ago

John Rizzio    

It's not just funny, it's hilarious!

And you sir, are a pathetic loser with no sense of humor.

Who are you anyway, just another nobody with an opinion that no one gives a **** about.

How many people follow you on Twitter?

Get a life.


**Pulled from a douche post**

Just words? Hmmmm, well walk down into central LA and shout some "just words" at some gang members....see what that will get you.

Two things wrong here with this post as I see it. First, why would TMZ post this other than to stir up hate/disgust? TMZ reporting at its finest.

Second, the "comedian" is Gilbert Gottfried. Nothing funny there, just sad that he needs to grasp at this level of desperation to get noticed. And he will now be noticed, thanks to the small minds at TMZ.

TMZ....small minds think alike.

Posted at 8:08 AM on Mar 14, 2011 by jim

1319 days ago



Great post remyr, but with freedom of speech comes responsibility. The problem as I see it is, no boundaries. Nothing is off limits and when challenged, the "reporters" always hide behind the "freedom of speech" shield. Now it's being reported that some of our military has been exposed to a radiation plume from the second exploding reactor and have to be treated. Some of our Navy has been redeployed further out to sea to stay away from further exposer.

Pretty funny stuff huh Mr. Levin?

TMZ....where little minds think alike.

1319 days ago


Too funny, everyone is too sensitive, it's a joke, take it as a joke, leave it as a joke. It's just words - get over it.

Posted at 8:01 AM on Mar 14, 2011 by ay

Funny? Suppose it is your sister, daughter, friend floating in that water! Not laughing now, are you? Remember, today it may be far enough and disconnected enough not to touch you directly in the heart, but there are plenty of "faults" in this earth and one cannot know where it will "re-adjust" itself next. You'd be screaming bloddy hell if it where your neighborhood that looked like theirs does today and someone thought it wordy of adding insult to injury.

1319 days ago


TMZ can you tell why you let this "comedian" get audience for sick jokes and keep these jokes on your site....and same time you kill comments?

1319 days ago


I am writing Mr. Levin a request to pull this post. Could all of you do the same?

Here is the link for your requests.

Soulless, heartless....TMZ at its finest.

1319 days ago

John Rizzio    

Because, Moron, it's funny, and free speech is the cornerstone of this country.

Think of the Tsunami as payback for Nintendo.

TMZ can you tell why you let this "comedian" get audience for sick jokes and keep these jokes on your site....and same time you kill comments?

Posted at 9:08 AM on Mar 14, 2011 by LittleJoe

1319 days ago


He's a comedian's comedian. It's his humor. It might be insensitive but I'm sure Japan is not paying attention and he really doesn't do any actual harm in telling the jokes. I'm sure someone finds them funny...even if he is the only one.

1319 days ago

Joe Yomato    

Hillarious! You should be able to joke about everything.

1319 days ago



1319 days ago

Paul Lynde    

Hey "jim", Don't drag us into your drama. thaaaanks!

1319 days ago


#60...--He did make fun and joke about 9/11 victims, Katrina victims, Indian flood victims, other tsunami victims...this unfunny twerp seeks attention off of tragedy. I don't think he was ever funny. Does Gilbert joke about the Holocaust or would that be anti-Semitic outrage or would he be called a self-hating-Jew? Or is okay for the Jewish to make fun of others' tragedies as long as the Jewish are left alone? Advise Harvey, since you know best about stirring up racial things.

1319 days ago


Oh Godfrey, don't jeopardize your "Cyberchase" gig on PBS. Nobody plays a bird quite as well as you!

1319 days ago


Hey "jim", Don't drag us into your drama. thaaaanks!

Posted at 9:16 AM on Mar 14, 2011 by Paul Lynde

Then don't reply to my posts. You have "dragged" yourself into it. Very simple solution.

TMZ.....where little minds think alike.

1319 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

What a wanker.

1319 days ago
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