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Lady Gaga Shows Gaga Impersonator How It's Done

3/14/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Every single person who has ever attended a Lady Gaga impersonator show has hoped and prayed the real Lady Gaga would appear -- and on Saturday night in Kentucky, it actually happened.

After playing at the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Gaga hit up a gay bar in town called Connections. Gaga popped up on stage around 1:15 AM, right in the middle of her hit song, "Born This Way."

Who knew Louisville was the place to be this weekend?



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anyone know where ultraman is..your country is calling for you

1258 days ago


Lady Caca is a Madonna ripoff artist, except not as talented as the original.

1258 days ago


I was at the Gaga show Saturday night in Louisville. The impersonator is Ms Vanessa DeMornay and she is our National Entertainer of the Year Female Impersonator 2010. It had to be the most mind blowing appearance at the Connections Complex. The showroom was packed with Monsters ready to continue the night with more fun and then Gaga showed up and gave about 300+ ppl a personal show. Gaga met the cast of Le Boy Lefemme backstage and spent time hanging out in Ms DeMornay's dressing room eying a few of her wigs. This was the most amazing night for any one who was in attendance.

1258 days ago


Now see there. Was that SO hard TMZ? Bringing a cool story to your otherwise sleazy web site.

I thought I saw Harvey up towards the stage also.

TMZ.....little minds do think alike.

1258 days ago


@ windrider
Madonna used mostly elements from other artists whose career was over. Gaga is ripping off everything that is still alive and kicking!

People aren't attacking Britney Spears or Ke$ha, they attack Gaga because she's just insulting Madonna's work

It's unfair to Madonna who worked so hard not to be as celebrated as Gaga.
It's unfair to fans who've been collecting and investing time and energy in Madonna to see her legacy ripped off without any credit

when I read people like you denying the similarities, I just see what a dumb uneducated society we live in

1257 days ago



Ultraman reference?

Is that supposed to be a joke about the current situation in Japan you jerk?

Midnight Toker = Poster child for abortion rights. To bad your mother could not give good head....she could of just spit you out before you were born.

1257 days ago


"I'm more surprise there is a GAY bar in Kentucky. At least one without a bunch of hillbillies with bats sitting out front....that's right I said hillbillies AND before you start freaking out on me about how progressive it is let's not even pretend Kentucky is THAT open-minded."

Really??? Have you ever been to Louisville,you idiot? What an old fashioned stereo-typical comment to make without knowing what the hell you're talking about. Maybe you should google Lousiville,Ky. before posting and looking like an ass AGAIN.

1257 days ago


So much for bad jokes about Kentucky. You may find this hard to believe but we're not the incest breeding, stupid hicks that most people think we are.
I love TMZ and Harvey and the staff but it really hurts when they laugh about my home state. When something is joked about long enough, people will eventually begin to believe it's true. By then, it's too late, the damage has been done.
So, let's hear it for Kentucky! We are totally awesome!

1257 days ago


Both of them are Madonna impersonators. The only difference is at least the transvestite admits it.

1257 days ago


TMZ, get your facts straight! I know you're just a gossip rag, but come on! It was NOT an impersonation contest, it was part of the fabulous, nationally acclaimed drag show that happens at Conections every weekend! Vanessa Demornay is the headliner there and National Entertainer of the Year, and was in on it and obviously happy to share the stage. What a great moment for Vanessa, the bar, and all her fans there! Louisville is very diverse, accepting, and always ahead of it's time in those terms. I will pray for all the haters! Take your hate elsewhere, because Louisville is for lovers! :)

1257 days ago


Great.. more GAY PROMOTING..

1257 days ago


I was RIGHT in front of her when this craziness occurred! As a HUUUUGGGE Gaga fan this is probably the best and coolest thing she has ever done! LOVE HER! oh and Vannessa Demornay isn't an impersonator she is a drag queen, and she does gaga at every show! She's fierce on her own! oh and this is my BFF's footage! We lead a ballin ass life!!!!! LOVE MOTHER MONSTER!!!!!

1257 days ago


What's funny to me is...the "GaGa" impersonator looks better to me than the "Madonna" wannabe. I actually like some of her music, it's fun to listen to for the most part...but I absolutely cannot STAND to look at her AT ALL. She tries to say that she's making "statements" with her outfits.'s not really a statement if no one knows that the hell you are trying to say.

1257 days ago


I'm a chauffeur in Los Angeles and I've actually driven her a few times. She is a very cool, very nice, sweet girl. And guess what...she was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Here crazy outfits are just for the cameras only.

1257 days ago


How things change with time! Look the news Lady Gaga, Snooki, Usher, Charlie Sheen, and Justin Bieber, shallow, ugly and talentless people with millions in the bank while real workers bust their butts all day for a piece of ****!.
Maybe is time to wake up!

1257 days ago
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