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Lindsay Lohan -- Another Vice Bites the Dust

3/14/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has quit smoking -- a great move for her health ... whether there's a jail sentence for probation violation on her horizon ... or not (as she continues to believe).

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she's continuing on the path to a healthier life by kicking her nicotine habit ... cold turkey no less. We're told Lindsay quit about a week ago and now works out with a trainer every morning.

While LiLo has been adamant about not accepting a plea bargain that includes jail time -- Lynwood Correctional Facility ... her old haunts ... is a non-smoking detention center.




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Red Cloud shares Lindsay's delusional state. Sadly, this is what COULD HAVE been, not what IS. Thank yourself and Dina in large part, Mikey boy.

I'm just still so shocked and horrified by the Blind Gossip article I just posted. Lindsay messing up her own life is one thing but messing up her sister's is another. Too bad that Lindsay, Mike and Dina couldn't be locked up or chucked into a mental ward for 3-5 years, undergoing serious mental counseling and detoxing.

1257 days ago

Davey Boy    

Hilarious how Red Cloud and John Smith try real hard to come up with sentences that include "Lindsay Lohan" and De Niro (two words, BTW).

Lindsay has 10 seconds on screen in an after-thought part to play her real-life persona of a drug addict. WOW, that's some acting chops right there.

Course the fact that LieLo wasn't in ANY of the trailers or ANY of the PR postings don't stop the Trollhans from claiming it was a "Lindsay Lohan movie."

1257 days ago


LOL, FUTMZ, LOL! "...and Dale Ernhardt, Jr. how to drive without taking out baby strollers.

"You're incorrect about one thing, though - Robert DeNiro is a method actor. Lindsay Lohan is a meth actor. There's a difference."

I wish we could have a plaque made with the last 3 sentences etched into it.

1257 days ago


Yea..and I quit masturbating. Let's see how long this lasts.

1257 days ago

Davey Boy    

Is Lindsay master of her domain?

1257 days ago


Let's put things in perspective here..

# comments on Snooki and her butt 161
# comments on Lindsay smoking 83

So Lindsay is half as popular as Snooki.

1257 days ago


I just saw on another gossip site, Lindsay tweeting that the NY paps are "animals" and gave her an anxiety attack at LAX. Yeah to bad all the pics of her are smiling. Simple solution, STOP CALLING THEM!

1257 days ago


Well she probably quite smoking for 2 hours !! good news HA.

1257 days ago


Good. Now she can work on quitting her stealing habit. One bad habit down 100 to go.

1257 days ago


I wish all these sites would stop follwing the lohans around they are garbage. She is more famous for being on these sites then she is for any movies and her so called singing. Stop taping this damn family already and just let them all gooooooooooooooo awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy please.

1257 days ago


Dina and Lindsay are both has beens. Dina is older the dirt and dresses like she just turned 20 , Crack head Lindsay...need I say more. Wish they would go away for ever . Dina calls the paps when she takes a heathy ****.All she lives for.

1257 days ago


INNOCENT White is for Linnocence! Deniro should take acting lessons from Lindsay!

Posted at 9:24 AM on Mar 14, 2011 by john smith

Crack posting this early in the day Johnny? You're pathetic.

Let's look at the jobs DeNiro has had since Machete:

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (rumored) (announced)

2012 Selma (pre-production)

2012 Red Lights (filming)

2012 Another Bull**** Night in Suck City (filming)

2011 New Year's Eve (filming)

2011 The Killer Elite (post-production)

2011 Limitless

2011 Manuale d'amore 3

2010 Little Fockers

2010 Stone

Now let's look at FooL's resume:

2011 The Dry Gulch Kid (announced)
Lieutenant (rumored)
2011 One Night with You (announced)
Nikki (rumored)

Multiple mug-shots
Multiple perp-walks
Only video appearance is store surveillance

Only two rumours floated by the Lohan Clan and Excuse Company (the coke must flow)and no actual movie roles.

Fired from Inferno. Fired from that Keira Knightley Movie.

Yep- the powers that be in Hollyweird sure agree with your assessment- that LL is better than DeNiro- that's why he's working and she's shopping and getting high.

1257 days ago


Good. Now she can work on quitting her stealing habit. One bad habit down 100 to go.

Posted at 12:37 PM on Mar 14, 2011 by Barb


Well, you know, if all else fails she could always star as ***in, master pickpocket in Oliver Twist.

1257 days ago


LOL, Vorlon, I LOVE how you knock the Trollhans down every single time with simple logic and logistics. Well done!

And as for my last comment, I said that if all else fails, Lindsay could star as F agin, master pickpocket in Oliver Twist. She kind of has the look down pat.

1257 days ago

john smith    

Today's DVD lineup The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, Just My Luck, and four episodes of Ugly Betty and maybe A Prarie Home Companion and Georgia Rules,,,

1257 days ago
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