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Snooki Turns the Other Cheek

3/14/2011 10:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

With her robust and luscious bronzed booty on full display, "Jersey Shore" good time girl Snooki took time out from partying in the Garden State to party in Vegas this weekend.

Gym, tan, wedgie.


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Melissa Velasco    

Do men find this attractive????? I Mean if your gonna "Let it all hang out" at least be in shape for God's Sake!!!!! No morals at all how pathetic~~~~~~~

1286 days ago

Molly Ann Howard    

Totally just threw up in my mouth. She's talentless, stupid, horribly unrefined and drop dead ugly. A subscription should be offered to keep photos and coverage of that hot mess out of their media stream.

1286 days ago


@ 217 Dann

Hahaha no I'm 5'10 and weigh 160.... I am perfectly healthy.
I'm just saying that society's version of beautiful sucks.
So **** off.

1286 days ago


Gym, tan, wedgie, SKANK (can't forget SKANK because SOW makes pigs look good)!

1286 days ago


Anyone else remember how she tearfully admitted that she used to be an anorexic in high school?

a) highly doubt it.
b) if true, go back to that for a while. It's not like being THAT obese on THAT small of a frame is healthy either, anyway.

1286 days ago


OMFG What a FAT Pig and a HOE almost made me puke. Ewwwwwwwwwwww nasty nasty nasty. Drop dead

1286 days ago


I think thats damn sexy and I wanna marry snookie and have anal with her.

1286 days ago


What I find truly disgusting (besides this lard as*) is that she gets paid for being this fat and ugly. She has no talent, is fat, cannot dress worth a damn, is as orange as a fricking Oompa Loompa, and she gets a pay check. What is wrong with this picture?

1286 days ago


Well, once again thanks to Photoshop, those photos of Snooki had been edited to make her appear skinnier.

1286 days ago


@253- Unless you are an athlete and therefore have a lot more muscle than the regular folk (in which case you're 100% where you should be), then you're about 20lbs overweight. One can be healthy even if 20lbs overweight, but this is not "today's version of beauty", most weight charts were done back in the 60s-80s.

Yes, Marilyn Monroe used to wear a size 12, and that is what the fat girls tell themselves. What they neglect to remember is that a size 12 in the time of Monroe is equivalent to a size 8 today. Manufacturers have been making the same sizes bigger and bigger for the past 20+ years to accommodate women whose egos are growing as fast as their body fat percentile.

Also, if you are saying "today's version of beauty" sucks because everyone is repulsed by a 5-foot midget with a giant flabby ass ridden with cellulite and micro panties plunging inside the neon-orange fat folds, then please tell me which "version of beauty" will state that look as universally attractive.

1286 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

She would look much better in a one-piece... bodybag.

1286 days ago


Uneducated, classless, infectious PIG ! Shame on those that "look up" to her and have made her the millionaire that she is today. Reminds me of why I moved out of New Jersey after four long years of being surrounded by garbage like this.

1286 days ago


Two tons of fun

1286 days ago


wow, how disgusting... no amount of alcohol would get me twisted enough to want to hit that azz... EWWWWW

1286 days ago


All I can think is all those who lost employment with college degrees, years of dedication...then see this obviously VERY OVER-WEIGHT uneducated, less than average looking dolt making $100,000s. This sure shows a problem IMO.

1286 days ago
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