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'Celeb Apprentice' Contestant Ordered to Prison

3/14/2011 12:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Richard Hatch -- the guy who won $1 million on Season 1 of "Survivor" -- has been ordered to surrender to U.S. marshals by NOON today to begin a 9-month prison sentence for not paying taxes on the prize money.


Hatch had filed a request to delay his surrender until he could get his business affairs in order ... but earlier today, the judge shot down the request ... which means Hatch better get his ass over to his nearest marshals station ASAP.

Hatch is currently a contestant on "Celebrity Apprentice" -- and though most of the season has already been taped ... the finale will be LIVE in a couple of months.

So, if by chance ... Hatch makes it all the way to the final 2 ... Trump better make sure he can broadcast from behind bars!

UPDATE: Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal David Remington tells us Hatch has officially surrendered to authorities.


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I thought he already went to jail for this.

1283 days ago

know it all    

I wonder if David Cassidy has connections with the IRS!!heehee Richard is another name for "****" or **** Hatch...humm.

1283 days ago


Wow I Know this Fu ked Goverment is Broke so we just lock up everyone for not paying your Income Taxes. Why not lock up the real crooks the Senate.

1283 days ago


"There Goes My Show" is right. I haven't watched, "C.A.," for a couple of years, now. But, being a nice guy in front of Trump on his show will get you fired every time. Trump has said as much.

1283 days ago


Live in the same town as Richard and he is just as bad in real life as on TV.
Technically he is being sentenced for a parole violation regarding his not paying income tax. A condition of parole was to file a 2000-2001 tax return. He has yet to do this so they violated him.

But the best part is he claims he can't do it because the IRS has yet to tell him what he needs.

Since when does the IRS tell anyone what they need. He is unable to accept personal responsibility for anything he does.

It is never his fault.

1283 days ago


He didn't even have to pay the back taxes, all he had to do was file the amended return showing that the prize money was in fact income.

He deserves everything he gets, couldn't happen to a better person!

My favorite is he also says constantly in the local press, is that he is only being treated this way because he is gay,

1283 days ago

bring back recent posts he went to jail years ago for this..

1283 days ago


What tool.

1283 days ago


Jose Canseco should've kicked his ass before he left. But, i think Hatch might've creamed all over his shoes.

1283 days ago


@24 How old is this child, this man is gay, the kid must be a teenager or something. Anyway you have the option to have taxes taken out immediately or wait, at least that's the way it's done if you hit big in Vegas.

1283 days ago


What a s*** bag

1283 days ago


His child was 10 in 2001 so he is 20-21 now.

1283 days ago


He was married for a while, like 10 years or back in the late 80s early 90s and unless he recently decided to switch teams he has been living as a gay man since I met him in 1999.

His adopted son is 20, this one I think would be 12 or earlier, unless he recently decided he liked vagina again.

Although,I will say there is no talk at all of this unknown child until just recently, where it became an option to use said child to see if he could delay jail time.

Or maybe said child is Donald Trump and now he is trying to figure out how to make it to the finally.

1283 days ago


Gez, I thought this guy was in and out of jail already. Lock this guy up!

1283 days ago


Should say older not earlier, I need an edit option for comments!

1283 days ago
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