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Sex Tape for Sale

3/14/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A sex tape featuring Usher and his ex-wife, Tameka Foster, is being hocked around town ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ was approached several days ago by someone claiming to have the sex tape. The person sent us a short video and two photos.  We'll keep this PG-13 and just say ... the people in the video are both givers.

The video and photos are clear -- it's Usher and Tameka.

Sources close to Usher -- without specifically admitting the existence of a sex tape -- tell us they believe this video could have been among the things Usher had stolen out of his car back in December 2009. Usher reported more than $1,000,000 worth of jewelry and electronics taken -- including two laptop computers.

A rep for Usher had no comment. 

UPDATE: Foster released a statement to ... saying, "Would I sanction a sextape being out? Absolutely not. I am a mother and entrepreneur. Sex tapes or pornography would not be my lane. I have no desire to be seen in that way."


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First time I saw about the Usher sex tape first thing that came to my mind was Justin Bieber.

1321 days ago

The Ascension    

70% of these comments are racist but hey The rednecks have to hide and type the bull**** because WE ALL KNOW THEY SCARED TO SAY THAT **** IN REAL LIFE!

I swear internet builds a false since of confidence to the devil's kids

1321 days ago


@ 77, Saying usher isn't an attractive man isn't racist, its a persons opinion and they have the right to that. Ive seen pics of his ex and she hit a few branch's on the way down and that tells you something besides money doesn't always get you a hot girl. I simply think there are fans out there that will always defend that person blindly no matter what. My case and point @ #89 who thinks hes hot but if you take away his money,music and status and all you have is an un attractive man.

What people seem to be over looking is that based on what the public is being told, none of this is adding up in the slightest. Usher isnt so rich he would leave 700k in jewelery in his car and not worry, hes lieing because the insurance company will believe him and cut him a check. The tape was most likely a file on one of the lap tops in the car,plausible.

Now someone came to tmz with proof of the movie with a small cut and 2 stills, why didn't they notify the police for possession of stolen property. The person who has it is connected to a felony crime of theft but hes shopping around for a buyer? bullsh*t. The person either got it from someone who committed the crime or committed it himself or this is a set up. Im going with the classic set up, draw attention on yourself to spark interest in cd and concert sales.

Im sorry but there are too many legal questions not being answered here to believe this could even add up. The one thing we do know is if your filthy rich and you claim an absurd valued amount of stuff was stolen they believe you because you could afford it to begin with. Theres a reason stars burrow a million dollars in jewelery to wear to the oscors and not just buy it, let alone leave it in there car,cmon people really?

1321 days ago


Do people actually believe all these sex tapes getting leaked are accidents? These celebrities release these on purpose. Get real.

1321 days ago


Thanks but NO.

1321 days ago



1321 days ago


I think he is hot and would love to see it.

1321 days ago


smh...... sextape cmon yall need 2 stop dat **** iz old where they do dat at

1321 days ago


He's got a big cack if he made a sex tape. Only dudes with big cacks don't mind filming the sex act.

1321 days ago


FIRST OF ALL... his ex looks like a man in drag so why would someone unless they are into that would pay to get a copy of that? She might have tapped it for this case right here.. money.. Just thinking about it makes me get gas and turns my stomach.

1321 days ago


Jonathan is a disgusting human being. I love how everyone uses anti-political correctness as an excuse to be completely disrespectful. Well you know what? Two can play at this game.

Jonathan you are a disgusting, awful racist troll whore who deserves cancer. How's that for "not being PC"?

1321 days ago


Speaking of celebrity sex tapes, whatever happened to the Leighton Meester sex tape? I'm still waiting for that to be released. What's the hold up?

1321 days ago


$1,000,000 worth of jewelry is probably not alot of jewelry. Remeber usher is a rich **** and his chains probably cost about $500,000 each not like ours who are probably $150... so really it might have just been a chain and a watch... very possible.

1321 days ago


106. smh...... sextape cmon yall need 2 stop dat **** iz old where they do dat at

um...where they talk like "dat" at? lol rip English language.

1321 days ago



1321 days ago
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