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Standoff Continues at Michael Jackson House

3/15/2011 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alejandra Jackson -- the squatter who has been living at Katherine Jackson's family compound against Katherine's will -- just bought more time in the house, thanks to a judge's ruling.

Judge MJ Estate Alejandra
Alejandra -- the baby mama of both Randy and Jermaine Jackson -- has been living at the Encino compound for nearly 20 years.  The Estate wants her out and has offered her a condo in move-in condition, but Alejandra has not budged.

Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman said the snag in the move was that Alejandra refused to sign a confidentiality agreement and he claims she's in the process of hocking a tell-all book.  Alejandra refused to sign the agreement and was also demanding money in addition to the condo ...

The judge just ruled that Alejandra could stay in the house for another month, until there's a full trial on whether she can be evicted.

Trial date is April 14.


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stupid columnists/writers/ don't HOCK a new book (unless you're in a pawn shop). You HAWK it (means to sell). So tired of the lackadaisical sloppiness of today's media - in all venues. Act like you've been to school. As to the subject...throw that gold-diggin' heifer out on her patootie. It's the family's home...not hers. She's just milking it for whatever she can get. "Tell-all book" indeed, what could a dimbulb like that offer but innuendo and a rehash of everything we already know or have heard.


1284 days ago



Ad I said, Jermaine should support his children, but he's a deadbeat, so grandma needs to step up.

I guess you and I have different family values. I would never kick my own grandchildren into the street. And if that means that I have to put up with their mother until the boys are 18, then that's life! Especially if you have already lived together for 25 years. What's a few more.

I think they don't want all those boys around that white girl Paris. That's why they're making everybody clear out.

1284 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Chris, the Jacksons moved out of the home so it could be RENOVATED. Any extra time needed to get started on that repair job is costing money for rent in another place, plus, they could lose their contract with the workers. I am sure they have other jobs to do in order to feed their children.

He would not be throwing her out. SHE WAS OFFERED A CONDO. I cannot think of anything that would entitle her to live off MJJ, or his children. If Kathrine took care of her and her Grandchildren for twenty years, that is cool, but now, she gets a specific amount. Think about how that squatter is costing more money to be spent because she wants to make money deals. She is more concerned about staying in the Jacksons' behinds instead of having a private place where she could screw someone else's life up, but no, the Jacksons have money and single young men coming of age.

For the courts not to put out warrents for the Fathers of those children is slapping MJ and his children in the face. How many other jump offs get to live, eat, be provided for, have maid service, etc. for twenty years? The courts have been known to tell the Mothers they need to be responisble for a share of their childrens well being, plus this is not the way to be an example for her children.

This would not anger most people so much if Katherine was in a happy place, but being eighty, raising minor children, and trying to deal with losing a son is too much stress for her to have to listen to someone she has cared for, talk about suing her, telling secrets, blackmailing, and having no shame in her game.

I hope she does not think if she remains in the home and Katherine becomes unable to care for the children, they will select her to take over. No woman who sleeps with two brother, screw up their relations and sit on her ass is to be trusted. What she should be is deported.

1284 days ago


Nasty hoe.

That being said, I'm glad the Jackson family is going through this. Can't stand any of those pedophile-harboring wack jobs! Can't wait for the tell-all book!

1284 days ago


Who's gonna buy a book from this kook? Get out of the house and get a job.

1284 days ago


And where does all this money that gold-digger wants come from? Michael Jackson's dead body and his estate left to his children. The bitch is outright mooching off of kids now, and she has no shame about it.

She's not as bad as that gold-digger Mel Gibson got hooked up with but she's pretty damn close, especially since her kids have used stun guns on Michael's kids that they're mooching off of.

1284 days ago


I'm startin' to agree with the majority of you. That house should be an open Ho-tel for the whole f*cking indugent family. The brothers go out and F*ck the same girl, leaving little kids all over the place. Not paying a dime in support. Let them all inhabit this house until they can sign a book deal to support themselves. Then the Jackson brothers should limit themselves to Anal Sex Only...No more indugent babies to not support!!!

1284 days ago


I have a question, how in Hell can she pay for 3 Lawyers? Or do you get them for free In California ??? I could use some lawyers. Hey, Alejandra, lend me some of your lawyers.

1284 days ago

I Hate MJ    

I want to see Wacko Jacko's autopsy photos.

1284 days ago


Question, would Katherine take care of this set of grandkids if they came with the paycheck that michaels kids come with??? Is this a matter of "I will raise the grandkids that come with a paycheck, all others get out of my house!!!" they are all her Grandkids...Why doesn't she fight for it the Paycheck???

1284 days ago


Why is this not a case of extortion or blackmail when this leech says: "You better continue to take care of me and my children for the rest of my life or I'm going to write a book?" Wouldn't it be a good deal for MJ's estate to let Alejandra publish her book in exchange for not having to give her another cent and washing their hands of her for EVER; and no free condo either. Let her gamble on the success of her book and whether she and her kids can live off of the sales of the book for the rest of her life. Kick her the eff out and let her publish her book; as an MJ fan I would not buy it, out of principle, and eventually I'll HEAR about everything that's in it anyway - for free.

1284 days ago


Gsharon 710: I understand what you are saying about the workmen, etc.

However, Alejandra is asserting she has the right to live at *Hayvenhurst*. If she really does have that right (I don't see it myself, but I haven't read all the court filings), then it is entirely up to her whether she considers the condo an adequate substitute or demands that she be allowed to reside at Hayvenhurst. If she has that right, and if she chooses to stay at Hayvenhurst, then the workmen will just have to work around her.

On the other hand, if after the trial the judge concludes she does NOT have the right to live there, then the estate can sue her for whatever extra amounts she cost them in rent, extra payments to the workmen, etc. (if she has any money).

As near as I can tell, Alejandra is asserting that there was some kind of agreement between MJ and/or Katherine on one part and Alejandra on the other, granting Alejandra the right to stay there in perpetuity. That has nothing to do with child support: Jermaine (and Randy, if he is in arrears) owe support, and the estate has no duty to her on that score. The estate, however, does have to honor whatever contracts and agreements MJ made in his lifetime. IF such an agreement exists (I'm not saying it does, but if it does), the courts might well conclude that Alejandra's part of the agreement to provide living space constitutes at least part of her share of the responsibility.

In the alternative, Alejandra claims the estate doesn't even own the house, and if that's true, the argument is between Alejandra and the lawful owner, and only the real owner can file an eviction notice; the estate has no voice.

As far as the registered ownership: I don't know California law, but most states do NOT have a law requiring that deeds, etc., be recorded within any particular time, so it's not that unusual for the legal owner and the recorded owner to be different. (Recording the deed gives you extra legal protections, however.) Therefore, the fact that the county does not list LaToya as an owner is evidence but not proof one way or the other.

1284 days ago

Oh no! Not another clone!    

My mum looks a lot prettier than Alejandro. What did the Jacksons find in her?

1284 days ago


Michael Jackson is alive,, make no mistake about it,, he's alive and the world desperately needs his great songs ,, his humility and most of all his inspirational messages !! soon and very soon we are going to see the king,, make no mistake about it !!

1284 days ago
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