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SLAMS Snooki Over WWE

She's a 'Fat Troll'

3/16/2011 7:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former “Jersey Shore” star Angelina is PISSED after watching Snooki's ferocious debut on WWE Monday night -- calling Snook a “fat troll” who's ripping her off ... by jumping in the ring.

Angelina -- who's trying to turn her recent TNA appearance into a full-time job --  tells TMZ, it’s totally obvious Snooki is ripping her off by trying to be a wrestler ... claiming Snook has been jealous of her since day one.

And that's just the beginning -- Angelina throws in one final jab, adding, Snooki is "a fat troll who should never wear those shorts ... or be in a wrestling ring.”

As far as we're concerned, there's only one way to settle this.


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I hope they both realize it's wrestling.... and that nobody really cares.

1319 days ago


"I hope they both realize it's wrestling.... and that nobody really cares."

Yeah that's why most of these comments deal with wrestling. Why do I even go on this site. Too many loser trolls that don't have a clue what they are talking about.

1319 days ago


Well... Snookie IS a fat troll!

1319 days ago


frist i hate both of them but i am a wrestling fan. and snooki is ruining my wrestlemania. I disagree with ryan the wrestling guy of tmz. wwe is not copying tna, i thin they r saying tna wants to get jwow and anglina from jersey shore fine We will show you up and get the biggest star from the show. And i really hope ryan is wrong about the sistution being at wrestlemaina

1319 days ago


Snooki is sexy...Nuff Said that phat lil booty is gorgeous

1319 days ago



1319 days ago


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that both of these females (I will not call them ladies because that is so untrue) will do anything to get their 5 minutes of fame! They are both gross, crude and just plain disgusting. IF this is entertainment, I would much rather be bored to death. So many people who are not real stars are just pathetic. The instant "fame" goes to their heads, then between their actions and what comes out of their mouth, makes them fools. Most everyone sees it, except themselves. Pretty sad!

1319 days ago

the truth    

snook may have thrown the REAL wrestler down but don't you all know its fake .??its all a set up. if it were real snooki would have got her butt kicked.


1319 days ago


Look how big her mouth can open. Is that what she has been doing since she was kicked off the show? It's a natural transition for that cow (Angelina)

1318 days ago

a mere mortal    

"You're all a bunch of f****n idiots!"

it's called a storyline..
& both these trolls are in on it, you dolts.

1318 days ago


Angelina shut up already no one has liked you since day one and your overe here thinking you have ball SHUT UP AND GET OFF TV NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR UGLY A$$. and i would have loved to see you get you a$$ beat by jwow. that would have been soooooooooo funny. and as everyone can see by all these commments everyone is talking $#!t about you because YOUR FAKE!!! i would have loved to beat your a$$ when snooki was doing it. and in my eyes she won because in the end you left like a jacka$$ and not only did you leave one time but twice so stop trying to make a return on some other show because no one cares about you!!!! so just stop trying already f^c&ing Fake a$$ b!7c#

1318 days ago

Ernest Bethea    

It's called booking.

WWE does a better job of booking celebrities and pays them better without sacrificing their "talent" roster whereas TNA spends money they don't really have to pay Angelina and JWoww... and Bart Scott... and any other celebrity that will show up for TNA.

Advantage: WWE.

1318 days ago



1305 days ago


Angelina is nothing but a low class wench, she's a mentally retarded child at best. Not to mention a Husband thief, not that Brad Spit is anything great. He's an ego maniac as well. The two of them combined have less class and intelligence than my 3 month old Chihuahua.
So to anything they have to say BLAH BLAH BLAH!!

1299 days ago


Snooks may be a fat troll but u r a bitch troll.
And she's more popular than you and she makes more $$$$$$ than u so shut the pie hole.

1298 days ago
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