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Teen Bully Video Fallout

Both Kids Suspended

3/16/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the video that has taken over the Internet -- an Australian kid, fed up with being bullied, viciously body slams his tormentor -- and TMZ has learned BOTH kids were reprimanded for their actions.   

Australian Bully
TMZ spoke with a family member of one of the kids ... who told us the bully was suspended for twenty-one days following the incident and the kid being bullied was suspended for 4 -- since he was violent as well.  

We're also told the kid on the receiving end of the vicious body slam did not suffer any serious injuries ... despite the fact he came off the ground with a severe limp.

  Sources tell us the kid who was being bullied is handling the media attention surprisingly well -- and is "very happy" he's received so much support.  



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as you can see fk with the bull you get the horn good for you little man

1282 days ago


I am so glad this boy was able to defend is such a shame how rotten people are to each other.
Awesome slam...stay the hell away from and leave him alone skinny little BULLY!!!
And to the victim of this bullying attack...dont you worry....things change in the future. You will be the "winner" while he continues to be a "loser" in life.

1282 days ago


What a surprise! I thought the bigger kid was the tormentor! Great body slam. It's also good that the punishment was involvement-appropriate. The aggressor got much more than the victim.

1282 days ago


Man, I was sure the little kid was the victim at first. That was so classic. Too bad the bullied kid got suspended. Self defense should be rewarded, not punished. But then again, four days off to watch t.v. and goof around and then return to a hero's welcome. Not too bad. Especially since school records at that age don't mean crap. I hope that little bully is picked on the rest of the year for being such a wuss!

1282 days ago


By the way, it is ok that they both got suspended. Just imagine, when they are applying for collage and they have to explain their suspension. The bully will pay dearly for the rest of his live having to explain that he was suspended for being a bully whilst the other boy will be cheered once people hear he was suspended for taking out a bully! :)

1282 days ago


on behalf of all the kids who can't defend themselves like that. I say...BRAVO! ....and thank you. I hope that little T U R D will think twice about ever doing that again.

1282 days ago


How damn long has this poor kid been taking the f___'ing bull **** from that ass hole bully????? Toooooooo long!! Why did
the "victim" get suspended??! I PRAY 4 alllll the kids that are being bullied by ass hole snots!!!! HOOOOORAY 4 MAX!! Charles'
dog, Yogi, IS adorable, have him on again!! Harvey is waaaaaay
to short & little! Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

1282 days ago


Way to go kid! You didn't start the fight, but you definitely finished it!

As for being suspended>>>> I understand why they suspended both kids. Think about it people!! You can't condone fighting even if it is to defend yourself. If you say it's OK to fight back then the kid who shows to up at school with a gun to face his bully will feel he did the right thing!

1282 days ago


Same thing happened to my son. He was being bullied until he went after the kid one day. They both got suspended - my son for less time than the other kid. And the bullying stopped from that day on.

1282 days ago


The little punk bully was so agressive towards the other guy because he had that tall guy with him. See how the tall guy jumps in when the body slam occures. The girl even jumps into the scene to tell him to back off. It is soooo obvious that this little punck a*# kid was only like that because he had someone to help him if he gets in a jam. What a tool. You got served....and in front of millions. Not so tough now are you you stupid little nothing. And the only thing that would have made this better is the guy getting picked on just going after the tall guy and slamming him to....only to then scream..."ANYBODY ELSE". I think his days of being bullied are over!

1282 days ago


I hate that little jerk bullying that poor kid!!!!!! I LOVE when he body slams that brat to the ground... lmao...

1282 days ago


Good for the kid that slams the little peckerwood tormenting him ! Violence is never the answer but sometimes it is the needed response.

1282 days ago


This is the ONLY WAY to handle a bully! Can't believe he was sucker punched and did nothing; well, glad he woke up - you rock, little one! I am quite sure the bully will think twice before bullying anyone again! :)

1282 days ago


Bravo kid, bravo.

1282 days ago


I'm not sure which boy you mean when you say "the kid being bullied". Remember we don't know what happened to cause this fight and any violence is an awful thing to see in school.

1282 days ago
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