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Teen Bully Video Fallout

Both Kids Suspended

3/16/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the video that has taken over the Internet -- an Australian kid, fed up with being bullied, viciously body slams his tormentor -- and TMZ has learned BOTH kids were reprimanded for their actions.   

Australian Bully
TMZ spoke with a family member of one of the kids ... who told us the bully was suspended for twenty-one days following the incident and the kid being bullied was suspended for 4 -- since he was violent as well.  

We're also told the kid on the receiving end of the vicious body slam did not suffer any serious injuries ... despite the fact he came off the ground with a severe limp.

  Sources tell us the kid who was being bullied is handling the media attention surprisingly well -- and is "very happy" he's received so much support.  



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The parents of this bully should give him even worse when they see the video. They should make sure that nothing like this ever happens again. Punk got everything he deserved. Butt whipped and humiliated for everyone to see just as he and his punk friends deserved. Bet he had a tough time showing his face after that. It is sad that this kid had to step to his level to defend himself. I don't believe in violence but I do believe in justice.


1308 days ago

shawn diller    

I was a bully once if my parents would of got me help sooner i porbably wouldnt of been one,Bipolar i am and cant change it all i can do is try and stop this towards the younger generation..btw all the people i have hurt in my school days IM SORRY...and for u my son u did the right thing dont let them **** with u...........

1307 days ago


The bully's actions were unequivocally wrong, however this was a completely unnecessary amount of force and violence used to stop the tormenting.

The excessive amounts of force used by most cowards, often by the use of some sort of weaponry.

ABSOLUTELY they should have both been suspended, and they both need intervention from adults, in one case to stop the bullying behavior, and in the other to prevent the unhealthy build up of extreme amounts of neurotic rage.

1306 days ago


wow!!! That was amazing! I'm glad the big boy stuck up for himself. the body slam was awesome but he should be thankfull he didnt get hurt worse then he did. I do belive that the big boy should of not gotten suspended. he took matters in his own hands since schools wont. Way To GO BIG BOY!!!!

1305 days ago


So, it was Ok for Richard Gale to bully Casey Haynes with all the other kids looking on. No one stepped in to assist Casey until after he stood up for himself. What type of home training is going on in Richard's home?

1305 days ago


Thats what happens when you mess with someone whos arms are bigger than your legs. Stickboy is lucky Baby Huey isn't like him or he'd be in a body cast.

1305 days ago


So the bigger guy was suspended for NOT standing there and allowing this little turd to continue to hit him while his little punk buddies watch and egg it on? Unbelievable!!

Hey bigger guy! You did the right thing and that little **** deserved what he received!

Bullying is wrong but asking someone to stand there and take it without protecting themseves is far more wrong.

1304 days ago


I think its bull****!!!! That little punk hit him 8 or 9 times before he stood up for his self!!!! And he got suspended for self defense!!!!! Really?????????????????? I went threw that in high school, i got jumped by 3 big girls, i weighed 90 pounds, these girls weighed 175 or more! And i could never get help, not from the teachers or the principal! I ended up quittin school over these bitches, and yes i still have hard feelings but had not been for these girls i would of graduated school and went to college.

So now i tell my children if someone puts a hand on you fight back! Stand up for yourself! My mother always told me dont fight back dont stand up for yourself and it got me no where!!!!!!

That boy did what he sould of and DAMN the school for taking action against him, when clearly he took several blows before he reacted!!!!!

1303 days ago

t acree    

ha ha ha that's what he gets good job big guy what goes up must come down

1303 days ago

Ashley Geiger    

I don't think that the kid that body slammed the other small kid should be suspended for defending himself. That is crap, if I was being bullied I would MOST DEFINATELY do the same thing that other kid did. No way in the world is another kid gonna come up to me talking crap punching me in my face and not get hit for it. NOOO WAY. Tht kid the defended himself should have not gotten suspended, if that other kid didn't start none there wouldn't be none. Naamean? It was his fault (the smaller kid) that he get body slammed, He was the one going up talking crap to the other kid and punching him in the face when he clearly did nothing wrong. The biggger kid shouldn't have gotten suspended, for self defence that is total BULL CRAP!

1300 days ago


To GLP:The big boy tryed to deflect the blows multibal times. He only used force as a last result.I am not supporting the use of violent action whatsoever but this was in self defense therefore I personaly belive that he should not be suspended.

1291 days ago


The kid holding the camera should have gotten suspended too.

1276 days ago


Good for you kid. The school should have suspended the bully & the kids who were watching this happen & supporting this act. I am not for violence at all but all to often schools are blind to these type of kids usually because of who their parents are. I hope this bully gets his ass kicked again I'm sure this wasn't his only offense. As for the billied kid he shouldn't have been suspended at all, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. The bully wouldn't have stopped even if the school had stepped in.

1251 days ago


wow! this is unbelive able

1223 days ago


We should not reward bullying. Say for example if our president tells a bunch of lies to start a war against innocent people, we should not re-elect him, but rather impeach him and criminally charge him.

820 days ago
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