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Conrad Murray: Michael Broke the Syringe!

3/16/2011 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A huge development in the Dr. Conrad Murray trial involving the death of Michael Jackson ... the defense wants a first generation fingerprint of a broken syringe found in MJ's bedroom the day he died ... and our sources say they think it could prove that Michael killed himself.


Dr. Murray's lawyers were in court this AM.  Among other things, they lasered in on a broken syringe that had rolled under Michael's deathbed.  The defense wants a first generation fingerprint to determine who was handling it.

Defense sources tell us ... Dr. Murray insists he did not break the syringe.  As TMZ first reported ... the defense believes MJ caused his own death by giving himself a massive overdose of Propofol while Murray was out of the room.

Defense sources say ... there were only two people in the room, and since Murray did not break the syringe, Michael must have handled it.

The defense is asking that the FBI deliver the first generation fingerprint.



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duilama stay off MJ's boards. You don't like him so stay away
from his boards. You and your nics etc. and untruths go away,
and stop annoying us. You are a disgrace to the human race.

1282 days ago


Michael did not end his own life. He was not selfish that way and had three wonderful children whom he loved with all of his heart and soul. I watched This Is It plenty of times and only saw a man who was looking forward to getting back on the stage and showing us what he still had going on.

Nope, Murray killed him through pure negligence and recklessness.

1282 days ago


Hey Chic, I know it is so annoying that all the cloners and just plain hateful people come on these boards just to cause trouble. They never really have anything to say. Rehash the same garbage time after time. They come on here for one reason and that is just to get a rise out of us. I don't care anymore. They are not worth my time or yours. We "rabids" out number them anyway:)

1282 days ago


Phantom your Movie is sooooooo Funny Thank you !!!!!!!

1282 days ago

Robyn Hope    

I am a Michael Jackson fan, but you'd never see me holding a sign that says "justice for Michael" --- because HE GOT JUSTICE.
MJ abused his body and paid the ultimate price --- sadly, but what happened to him he brought on himself, for whatever reason. So, what happened to him is JUST!!!!!

1282 days ago

Robyn Hope    

He had enough of it all
The hangers-on
The pressures to perform
The sleepless nights
The expectations and frustrations
It's too much'n such

Don't you see he wanted out and needed out
Better than disappoint his fans
Because he could no longer be
What they wanted him to be
Better to be remembered
In his younger years
Not the pressures and fears of his middle years

Don't you see he had to flee
He couldn't voice he had no choice
It hurt him so, was time to go
'Cause he had enough of it all
To play a game he couldn't win
It's not a sin
He was so ready to go

Please understand
He'd defend his very best
Til the end

Farewell, my fans ---I love you all
May you remember me
For what I used to be
Is what MJ would say, in his special way.

1282 days ago


Phantom of the Opera, ROTFLMFAO that one old man just kept moving his legs like he didn't it was a skunk..LOL. LOVE it.

1282 days ago


by Robyn Hope


Although you are entitled to your opinion, there is no way Michael planned his demise.

You are way off base in your views. And that poem you allegedly penned is a disgrace to his memory and legacy.

Not too difficult to see why you were booted from

1282 days ago


mimi, i have to agree there is no way michael ended his own life!!!! not in a million yrs...sue from tampa

1282 days ago


DUILAMA, YOU ARE ALWAYS HATING ON PEOPLE??? NO ONE WAS TALKING TO YOU MIMI ADDRESSED ROBYN HOPE!!!!why are you so negative all the time about everything you post on any of your threads... geezzzzz get a grip and relax its just a tabloid website, its not like anyone cares what you think one expects you to reason with us, we just dont care about you or your comments when you are so damn mean about need for a war to break out dont you think we have enough of that in this world today already??? sue from tampa

1282 days ago


nice try cloner but no cigar!!!! hahahhahahha...sue from tampa

1282 days ago


OMG!!! that was so funny i forgot to laugh... now who is the dumb azz????good grief... sue from tampa

1282 days ago


To #355 Kimbo

That is a bold faced lie!

Sue from Tampa

Save your breath. Talking to the haters is the same as talking to air! Don't waste your time or your energy or anything else with them.

1282 days ago


thankyou for the tip!!!! yea its pretty much a lost cause, it is just to sad that there is so much hate on these boards!!!!rip michael we love you more----sue from tampa

1282 days ago


Good gosh, and their is 1 hater on here (will not say name but doesnt start with a "o") that calls fans rabid? hahaha. oh no baby, you have that beaten by a hundred miles. give everybody a hint. starts with a "d" and sure they have others they go by but will not list them.

Posted at 4:20 PM on Mar 19, 2011 by kim

Don't forget the one that starts with an "i" as in "idiot". Hahaha. Watch, cloning will start soon. LOL x 2.

1281 days ago
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