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Conrad Murray: Michael Broke the Syringe!

3/16/2011 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A huge development in the Dr. Conrad Murray trial involving the death of Michael Jackson ... the defense wants a first generation fingerprint of a broken syringe found in MJ's bedroom the day he died ... and our sources say they think it could prove that Michael killed himself.


Dr. Murray's lawyers were in court this AM.  Among other things, they lasered in on a broken syringe that had rolled under Michael's deathbed.  The defense wants a first generation fingerprint to determine who was handling it.

Defense sources tell us ... Dr. Murray insists he did not break the syringe.  As TMZ first reported ... the defense believes MJ caused his own death by giving himself a massive overdose of Propofol while Murray was out of the room.

Defense sources say ... there were only two people in the room, and since Murray did not break the syringe, Michael must have handled it.

The defense is asking that the FBI deliver the first generation fingerprint.



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#375 Eleonora49 Michael was the first person that came to my mind when I heard of the tragedy in Japan... he would be one of the first to lend a hand. That is what he was all about.....sad he is gone...what I so admired about him was all that he would do without having to be in the spotlight.. unlike others that always have to have a show about how generous they are! I live by "it's the soul that matters"! Love your posts!

1278 days ago


that was not michael jackson in the this is it concert video !!! i repeat that was not michael jackson in the this is it concert video !!! freeze frame his face in the video,, then go and get a good magnifying glass and examine his face !! you should surely be convinced then,,, if not examine height and body language,, it's not michael !!! remember when his dad said thats not his son in the this is it video,, immediately sony hired him and paid him 250 thousand dollars to announce the show,, this was done to shut him up !! have you ever wondered why the set is always so dark ?? to conceal the imposter !!! when you do rehearsels you do it in a brightly lit room so all mistakes can be realized,, you only have a dark set for the actual show or for one or two dress rehearsels.. did you also notice when the alleged michael wore the jacket with the pointed shoulders like an elf ,, look how short he was,,, and then when he's wearing the orange pants,, look how tall he was!! do you really think michael would allow himself to be seen as sickly and pathetic as that character was?? michael was a stone perfectionist!! get a grip wake up people you have been decieved,,and it was easy for sony to decieve you because of all the stories circulating about michael had a million plastic surgeries and he is older now,, it is one of the greatest conspiracies ever perpetrated on the masses... and you'd better believe the media know that that is not least a great many of them do.. the only reason they dont acknowledge it is because a greater story is coming and admitting that it's not the real michael would take away from the sensationalism of that story...females have good instincts,, examine the video and trust your instincts,,, THAT IS NOT THE REAL MICHAEL JACKSON !!!!

1278 days ago



1278 days ago


Perhaps a groggy Michael tried to fight off Dr. Conrat Murder as the doctor tried to place Michael's hand on the syringe...
Posted at 10:51 PM on Mar 19, 2011 by TSIG

Dr. Murray is a sociopath so it would not surprise me if in fact he did try to place Michael's hand on the syringe without his consent.

1278 days ago


Posted at 10:09 AM on Mar 21, 2011 by mysteria333

Michael is gone and you need to accept that. I wish with all my heart and soul that it was not true but it is. It is Michael in the This is It movie not an imposter. The same thing was said about Elvis and is still being said that he was/is alive.

There is no way this lengthy trial and all the pain his family has gone through is fake. I would not blame him in the least if he did fake his death, but he did not.

1278 days ago


Delusional, oh I mean duilama - I was not talking to you so butt out. And your obsession with us is worrisome.

1278 days ago


There is no history or evidence showing that MJ was a pedophile
just the opposite. Why don't you stay off MJ's boards duilama
with you untruth.You and your nic,ect.are a disgrace to the human race.

1278 days ago

Robyn Hope    

The ignorance of some people is downright disgusting!!!!!!!
Michael Jackson was the Greatest Dancer of the Century and someone said his dancing was pitiful. Ignorance is bad enough, but hate is worse, much worse.

"IhateMJ" said if given a chance, he'd piss and poop on MJ's grave. His or her comment is despicable and the epitome of disrespect for the greatest performer that ever moonwalked the earth.

1277 days ago

Robyn Hope    

My opinions are based solely on good intuition and common sense.

You always have a lot to say about other people's opinions.

I don't really welcome your disagreeable opinions.

1277 days ago


Not michael in TII, pedo, not dead???.......recycling insults and foolishness by the hateration continues because NO ONE CAN DEFEND MURRAY'S ACTIONS. THERE'S NOWAY TO DEFEND MURRAY!!!!

1277 days ago


Michael did great on the 30th anniversary & was not huffing & puffing. Also he could have handled his tour, He hadnt been doing music for a while & if you see his rehearsals in ALL of his tours he always starts off getting tired. I wouldnt have been able to do what he did on the tour & I am younger & in good shape. WHo isnt a addict in some way now. Puhp doesnt know what he is saying Dr Murray was illegally using the drug & left. THat is what it comes down to. Michael would be alive if not for Murray. He left him when you cant leave someone on that drug. I was in the hospital & stopped breathing so even more he should not have left to make a phone call. He lied from one end to the other

1277 days ago


duilama Rocks... :) Trish...

1277 days ago


Desperate Acts - Pt. 4.....
-#256: Hey r.schildt! I don't know about anyone else but when I call Murray the "Fall Guy", I'm saying he was the Trigger or HITMAN. After reviewing the facts and testimony from the Prelim, there is NO WAY I believe he wasn't one of the KEY players in this Murder....
-#266: Sweetfox, great post! You wrote: Murray was an incompetent doctor, desperate for money. He had no expertise in administering this drug but I think his need for big money plus his big ego made him believe he could handle it. A perfect patsy.
As to the perpetrators, I have my suspicions but I rather not say since there’s no way to prove it. But ask yourself these questions: (1) Who had motive? (2) Who had access? (3) Who knew when Murray was in or out of the room? (4) Who had access to the security tapes? (5) Who recommended that Michael hire the NOI for security? (6) Who recommended Dr. Murray to Michael?
Posted at 1:27 PM on Mar 18, 2011 by Sweetfox
-#271: Hey Mymjj5! I haven't seen anything about the so-called erased Surveillance Tapes either. Personally, I don't think it's true. I never heard that the LAPD actually ERASED the tapes--even in their story about it, TMZ stated that the LAPD had only viewed 4 mins. of the Tape to establish when Michael got home. Also, they never clarified if the Security Company would've retained their own copy. Would they have given the LAPD their one and only Master copy, knowing it's evidence in the death of the Biggest STAR in the world? I think not.....
-#282: Hey Human Nature! Let me say this, I LOVE the fact that you've NEVER wavered in your defense of Michael and determination to get him Justice REGARDLESS of who's involved....
Now here's my point: I've also suspected Jermy and even Randy at one point, but with Randy, I didn't have the research to back it up--just a feeling....and I do think he had MOTIVE, but with time, I've decided that there's not enough LOGIC to support the idea of him being involved....
Now Jermy, on the other hand, is a WHOLE other story. I do think he had STRONG motive and he is the common link as ytou stated between Michael and ALL of the key players in this Murder. Just the fact that Michael would've BLINDLY trusted him, thinking they may have had their differences, but he has his best interests at heart....but DID he?
I know that towards the end, Michael went to Jermy and Janet for help, and Jermy introduced him to his "friend" Tohme--who just happened to live near Janet. Then, Tohme attempted to take over Michael's life and subsequently introduced to Barrack of Colony Capital, who bought the Fortress Loan on Neverland and saved it from Foreclosure. He and Michael formed Sycamore Valley LLC with Barrack holding the majority of the Property......
Now here's where it gets tricky: as a condition for his "gift" of bailing out Neverland, Barrack required Michael to do a Tour which Michael was against at first, but then aquiesced. Barrack referred him to his buddy Anschutz, who handed Michael over to Randy Phillips--head of his AEGLive Entertainment Div. Phillips was drooling all over himself because he had tried to get Michael onstage for YEARS and had even come close only 2 yrs. earlier when Raymone Bain had tried to get Michael to do a Tour for him. Anyway, the advance money exchanged hands, the announcement was made, Peter Lopez--Michael's lawyer at that time was fired (more likely by Tohme) and a bogus AEG lawyer was hired who helped draw up the BOGUS AEG contract that virtually had Michael paying for everything, everybody and performing 50 concerts, to boot, while AEG simply sat back and raked in the dough....of course we know at some point, the culprits changed their game plan about bleeding Michael dry during the Tour, and decided they were better off without him being ALIVE....
So IMO, Murray was given and the staff were given their marching orders at that point and the rest, unfortunately is history.....
And what of Jermy? Here's the thing, I'm not sure that I think Jermy was actually fully aware of every facet of the conspiracy. He may have been used as a pawn to gain Michael's confidence so that they could move in and do their thing, or he may have been one of the actual shot callers...
One thing that I'm still uncertain about is the whole NOI connection. Most of the culprits involved--with the exception of Murray, have a NOI or Muslim connection....and maybe Murray has a PAST with them for all we know.....
I really pray for Jermy's sake that he didn't have anything to do with it. I know he and Michael had a lifelong struggle over the fact that Michael was exactly where Jermy thought HE should've been....had it not been for a "fluke", in his own words. I also know that when Michael fled Bahrain abruptly and broke his promise to Prince Abdullah, Jermy was left holding the bag since he was the one who introduced them. Did Jermy feel he needed to do something to "save face" with his spiritual brethren?
All I know is that when I watched Jermy on the Brother's Reality Show, something about him made me have contempt for him and later, SCARED of him....remembering it even now gives me the creeps.....
-#287: Hey MiMi! I do think that Jermy's so-called "ex-communication" to Africa and Europe is what he WANTS for some reason.....
-#288: r.schildt, you're right. At the Prelim, the EMT's stated they were in the ambulance and ready to go but Murray told them he needed to get something upstairs, and he made them wait for another 15 mins or so while he was up there probably resetting the crime scene to backup his story.....Oye
-#306: Hey Daphne! Excellent Post! You wrote: I agree. Just like what the coroner said, even if Mj did it to himself, its still a homicide. Murray made all these profofol available in the house. Based on the evidence, an enormous amount of profofol was ordered by him. What's he doing with all these profofol. He's supposed to be a cardiologist. Any doctors ought to know that it should not be used in a house setting. Hope he will crack & come forth with the truth. Why should he go to jail alone, bring them all down.
Posted at 11:08 AM on Mar 19, 2011 by Daphne
-#359: Tara, not sure why you're bringing up all of this family CRAP, but FYI, Sony does NOT need Joe to make them look bad, they do that ALL BY THEMSELVES! And for the record, most people with any sense have learned to take Joe with a grain of salt.....
As for Sony "saving Michael's butt" as you put it, you may want to revisit your MUSIC HISTORY, dear. Not sure how old you are, but even my 12 yr. old niece knows that "Thriller" is the greatest selling album of all time, with "Bad" and "Dangerous" not very far behind since they are STILL selling to this fact, ALL of Michael's albums are doing well--even Invincible (which had already sold more than most artists of it's day) has become a hot contender. This is the reason why Sony fought tooth and nail, and tried every trick in the book to keep Michael with them. It's the reason why they refinanced his portion of the ATV--not because they wanted to help him so badly, but because they wanted to keep him tied to them....
Even the new "Michael" CD they CONCOCTED is further proof that they can't seem to function WITHOUT MICHAEL!! And now they're merging with Universal in the hopes that it will save their tarnished name but alas, they will STILL be SONY the UNholy.....
-#364: ELA, thanks so much for educating the RESEARCH-IMPAIRED about the true origins of Michael's dependancy on pain meds.....
-#380: SBM, what's wrong, did I get your number or what? LOL x 500!! I stand by everything I stated. I'm an American so I KNOW whereof I speak--we are a bunch of "Scribes and Pharisees, HYPOCRITS ALL!!!"
And for the record, I could CARE LESS what you have in your Medicine cabinet, but I do care that people are judging a man who wasn't a saint, but was the BEST thing to ever come out of this country, yet all many here do is YAP about a bunch of GOSSIP that he was a habitual if they were in his house taking the drugs with him. These same people want to point fingers and call him an addict, yet they don't even realize that many of their own children are on drugs as a result of the whole "Take a Percoset" mentality and a generation obsessed with a show like "WEEDS". My point wasn't to be the moral police here, but this country HAS to learn to quit throwing stones when they live in a GLASS HOUSE.....
Now regarding TII, what's your point? I went to the movie 8-10 times with various friends and had no problem with it. Sure, I saw the same people cheering Michael on in support and love, but where were many of these people during the 2005 Trial?
Thing is, I'm no "Bandwaggoner" when it comes to Michael or anything else for that matter. I've loved and supported him since his career began so I'm not going to be impressed by a few "Go Mikes" like you. Reason why is because I know that when TII came out, Michael was the "THING"--everything was about him because of his death, when he had been the same GIFTED, GENIUS, MEGA ENTERTAINER for almost HALF A CENTURY....WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!
BTW: The EPITOME of my point here is the whole Charlie Sheen debacle. Now, they're trying to say his NONSENSE is eclipsing Michael's death.....really? I didn't notice an INTERNET CRASH or the WORLD COME TO A STOP because of SHEEN....RUBBISH! Yes, he has a lot of people DUPED into watching what he does next, but what do you expect? We live in a REALITY TV SOCIETY with a fetish for enjoying watching people FAIL instead of hoping they WIN and wishing the best for them.....Chew on THAT.....
As for understanding Michael wanting "out", we don't have to because he didn't. He wasn't a person who came from a place of "NO", and he had his 3 beloved children and God to keep him content....
-#376: Hey Mymjj5! Thanks girl, it was MY pleasure to do it for MY Michael!!
-#383: Hey Daphne! I know what you mean. I think you understand because you haven't been fed a lot of the smoke and BS we have in this country. Make no mistake, I'm not against my country, but that doesn't mean I turn a blind eye to it's SINS.....
-#386: omg, thanks for the kind words and for your honest post. Wish there were more like you here....
-#401: Robyn, not really concerned about WHAT you welcome. I stand by what I posted about you and your NONSENSE and will continue unless you one day get a clue and realize any person with even an ounce of sense knows that you are no TRUE fan.....and I didn't even have to see that HORRIBLE POEM of yours as PROOF....
People like you are worst than the so-called Haters--at least with them, we know the problem....but then, darkness can't hide for long....ask your buddy Trish, the only person fooled by a fool, is the FOOL himself.....don't worry, you'll get it.....
In the estimable words of, you have my permission to WITHDRAW.....
No Peace till Justice!

1277 days ago


Your ignorance is showing again duilama. The children said they
lied and Michael was found innocent in a court of law. He was
extorted and blackmailed by greedy parents. In wikipedia it
says he was accused and found 100% innocent in a court of law.
This repres.king made this silly statement with no proof because
I read he is a racist and Michael was highly honored. BTW this
repres.king looks like a pedo,LOL. Why don't you just stay away
from MJ's boards with your untruth duilama. You don't like
MJ so it doesn't make sense for you to be on his boards.

Justice For MJ
Love You Forever MJ

1277 days ago


Cherwood i read all your posts and i am learning things i didn't know.If it's not too much trouble could you please tell me who put Tohme in charge of Michael's finances?

1277 days ago
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