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Conrad Murray: Michael Broke the Syringe!

3/16/2011 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A huge development in the Dr. Conrad Murray trial involving the death of Michael Jackson ... the defense wants a first generation fingerprint of a broken syringe found in MJ's bedroom the day he died ... and our sources say they think it could prove that Michael killed himself.


Dr. Murray's lawyers were in court this AM.  Among other things, they lasered in on a broken syringe that had rolled under Michael's deathbed.  The defense wants a first generation fingerprint to determine who was handling it.

Defense sources tell us ... Dr. Murray insists he did not break the syringe.  As TMZ first reported ... the defense believes MJ caused his own death by giving himself a massive overdose of Propofol while Murray was out of the room.

Defense sources say ... there were only two people in the room, and since Murray did not break the syringe, Michael must have handled it.

The defense is asking that the FBI deliver the first generation fingerprint.



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let's get back to he very srange mood Murray was in during his phone recoreded calls while MJ was under the drug. With a drugged out mood as he sounded, he doesn't remember anything. He was so careless with everything else, including having all kinds of drugs around and hurrying to scurry them up, the syringe rolled under the bed while is was in a hurry to cover up by picking up items fast. He forgot the syringe as it rolled under the bed and he ran out of the house with the rest of the items.

1318 days ago



During testimony at the Premininary Hearings it was stated that the syringe was not broken, but disconnected.

The needle was found on the floor and the syringe was found on the nightstand.

1318 days ago


Posted at 1:20 PM on Mar 16, 2011 by Siggisis

Hey Siggi! Agree wtih you 1000%! No way Michael injected himself and as for the fingerprints on the syringe - gimme a break! That would prove nothing. If they did find Michael's fingerprints on it there could be a million reasons why - one being that Murray planted them there. Sounds crazy? Nope, considering how he has lied and concealed so many things throughout this whole nightmare. Would not put anything past him.

1318 days ago



Lengthy questionnaire will examine potential jurors’ views in trial of Michael Jackson doctor


Posted at 1:59 PM on Mar 16, 2011 by MiMi

Curious to see the questions - but I can wait. :-)

1318 days ago



During testimony at the Premininary Hearings it was stated that the syringe was not broken, but disconnected.

The needle was found on the floor and the syringe was found on the nightstand.

Posted at 2:18 PM on Mar 16, 2011 by MiMi

Interesting MiMi. Good catch!

1318 days ago


I feel sorry for Dr.Murry. You dont mess with those Jacksons. You watch . They will get him ,this you can be sure!!! He killed an angel.

1318 days ago


I do not believe Michael woke and injected himself.Michael was given a series of drugs before the "propofol"so Michael would have NEVER been alert enough to inject himself,plus the fact,Dr Murray ordered a clean up before calling 911 this doc is one sleazeball.

1318 days ago

tiger is a fraud    

Wacko Jacko, the pedophile flunky got his justice! He's rotting in hell. Oh happy day!

1318 days ago


Freedom of expression, OK.
It's crazy the number of people who leave comments to express their opinions, whereas they know absolutely nothing. YOU don't know the truth, so I suggest to avoid speculating for nothing.

Peace, V


1318 days ago


The freak overdosed, he was a junkie...the family is nothing better than a bunch of ghouls that lived off him all his life, and now want to prosper off his death...

he was talented in the 80's and turned into a freakshow after that

It cracks me up how everyone thinks this guy still has a huge fan base, only a handful of people at his funeral...not the over whelming crowds that was anticipated! His freak family spends all their time over seas, where there may be still be a fan base for him, and if their is, those leeches are bleeding them for every cent.

1318 days ago

I Hate MJ    

Wacko Jacko won't be backo.

1318 days ago


Posted at 2:36 PM on Mar 16, 2011 by OhWell

Were you sick, OhPoof?

1318 days ago

Master Po    

Justice for MJ!!
Unseen footage!

Video of Conrad leaving

Video of MJ arriving

1318 days ago


I know it's hard to wait for the trial before coming to conclusions. I'm a Michael Jackson fan and before the trial starts my "opinion" of what happened span all the way from murder, to he's still alive, to MJ (and this is really hard to say) did it himself because he was trapped and knew he couldn't do the concerts and was broke.

Trying to wait for the medical and expert testimony and evidence.

Miss you Michael

1318 days ago
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